Monday, April 22, 2013

Gajendera-The Elephant

Our mom told us the story about the Gajendera elephant and Vishnu Bhagavan.

We thought of enacting the same. I was the Gajendera, Dada was the crocodile, and Mamma was the Vishnu Bhagavan.

The story goes like this: When me, the elephant goes to take bath in a river, Dada, the crocodile bites my leg. I am supposed to call Vishnu Bhagavan and he appears before me and sacks the crocodile’s neck. Vishnu Bhagavan saves me from the crocodile.

Action, Scene 1 start:

I am taking bath; Dada is crawling and is acting like he is biting my leg. As soon as he bites, I beat him back and say, “ go crocodile go go crocodile go….”

Mamma is prompting from behind, “ Arjun call Vishnu Bhagavan.”

I said, “ No mamma, Arjun will beat the crocodile myself!!!!”

Dada (In a crying tone), “ Mamma, this guy is not acting as per the rule!!!!”

Pappa, “ Boys, it is fine to break the rules sometimes.”

Action, Scene 2 start:

I am taking bath; Dada is crawling and is acting like he is biting my leg. As soon as he bites, I say, “ Vishnu come here.”

Mamma prompting from behind, “ Arjun , you should say Vishnu Bhagavan help me. Not Vishnu come!!”

Arjun, “ Vishnu if you don’t come, I will beat you also”

Pappa, “What is happening here!!”

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mom At Home

My mom being at home is a two edged sword.

One side, she keeps bugging me.
“Aryan, practice cursive writing”
“ Aryan, do your Hindi matra words”
“Aryan, TV time is over”
“ Aryan, read this book”
“ Aryan, make an entry to the new word in the vocabulary tree”
“ Aryan, take care of Arjun”
“ Aryan, concentration is the key for perfection..Blah blah blah….”

The other side, she keeps organizing parties!!

She organized treasure hunt for the kids. It was awesome. Me, Krithi, Sanjith, Saharsh and Arjun worked a s a team to crack the clues. We did find the treasure at last, however at the end we had to listen to her preaching about importance of team work!!!

Then she organized a reading session, followed by a potluck party in my house. Come-on give me a break!! Organizing a reading session in midst of potluck party????? I swear she needs to mend her thinking!!! The reading session didn’t turn well. We were busy eating …and chatting..rather than reading …

Now she is thinking of organizing a dance party at home. Well, I feel shy to dance. Though she was teaching the easy steps to “Jumping Jumpang…..IPL song”, I think dance is not my cup of tea. Arjun is coping well with her weird ideas. He danced well and was not missing the steps!!!!

Whatever said and done, I feel peaceful when my Mom is at home!!!!!