Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Papa's Birthday

Happy Birthday Papa. I said these words as soon as I got up in the morning.
I went near to him, kissed him on his hands, and gave him the secret birthday gift that my Mamma had got.

Unlike last yrs birthday, where I had a "J" factor associated with me, this time I am behaving little matured. To see what happened last yr see here.

This time, even Mamma did not order flowers and it is low profile celeberation. Probably that is reason this J factor is missing!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you Jessey Madam

My new class teacher, Jessy Madam, told me a story. It really helps me. My mom is amazed by the amount of trust and belief that I have in my teacher. Touch wood, she wants this to continue till the end.

Well, here is the story:

There was one rabbit, which was sad and scared to go to school on the first day. His Mamma gave two kisses on his palm and said, “Whenever you miss Mamma, just keep your palm on your cheeks.” The rabbit felt happy and secure by doing this.

I am following the same now. Before I go to school, my Mamma gives me kisses on my palms and I go to school with that secure feeling.

Also, whenever I feel like talking to her, I see that no one is around, and then I use my ID card as fake phone and talk to her. I give her updates about my lunch; about my school activity…the list is unlimited.

My Mamma fears that one day I will get caught for these fake phone calls…Will I?

Monday, June 13, 2011

School Again

School time again. This time, I was not very scared. Atleast I knowing how my school life is going to be. But when Baba, was dropping me in the pick up point, I tried to convince him not to send me. Somehow nothing worked:

Aryan, " Baba, I am feeling sleepy.'
Baba, " No, you are not."

Aryan, " I am feeling tired."
Baba. " Sit there for sometime."

Aryan, " Do you think school bus will come? It is already late, let us go home."
Baba, " No, let us wait."

Aryan," Baba, I want to do potty."
Baba, " No, we are already in the pick up point, bus will come in few minutes. Go to school and do"

Aryan, " OK Baba, I will go, but tell Mamma to call and tell the teacher that I don't want to stay more in school. Only little I will go!!!
Baba, " Phew!!! Ok."