Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am crying the whole day. I am cranky. Water is incessantly flowing from my eyes. My eyes are red. 104c fever. My mom will come early from office..Mom mom Babababaa…

Ahh..Mommy friends I have eye infection…But neither I can drink medicine, nor I can allow my mom to apply it in my eye.

I am scared of medicine…Long before to escape from me my Mom kept a medicine bottle in her hand and was working in the computer. I did not dare to go near to her. I escaped from her …..But now I guess my Mom is not going to leave me without medication. Please can anyone help me?????

Monday, January 28, 2008

A to Z of My Mom

Hi Mommy friends…You are playing tagging game again? Swathi Mommy and Timepass Akka tagged my mom..So I am allowing her to write about her….

A - Available? – Have to think…
B - Best Friend – My sister
C - Cake or pie - Cake
D - Drink of choice – Chikku shake
E - Essential thing used everyday – Ear bud
F - Favorite Color – Yellow, Black, and sky blue
G - Gummi bears or worms – Worms??? Ahhah..
H - Hometown – Trivandrum, Kerala
I - Indulgence - Chocolates
J - January or February – Jan, my birthday month
K - Kids and names - Aryan my sweetheart
L - Life is incomplete without - Loved ones
M - Marriage Date – November 7th 2005
N - Number of siblings - One
O - Oranges or apples - Oranges
P - Phobias or fears – Driving Car
Q - Quote - At work, you think of the children you have left at home. At home, you think of the work you've left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself. Your heart is rent. I got this quote from K3 and I feel it is very good. Thanks k3 for sharing it.
R - Reason to smile - Aryan
S - Season - Spring
T - Tag three people - Wunderyearz ,e homemaker and Preethi
U - Unknown fact about me – Who will know that….???
V - Vegetable you don't like – Infact I eat all veggies…..
W - Worst habit – Sleeping too much. I can even sleep within 5 minutes..anywhere
X - X-rays you have had - Chest
Y - Your favorite food – Brinjal fry
Z - Zodiac – Capricorn.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Holding one bikki (Biscuit) in my tiny hand and roaming around the whole house is one of my timepass. After sometime if I see something interesting, I drop the bikki and go away. Many a times after I sleep, if my Mom patrols the house she gets 4-5 bikkis. According to my Mom, I waste 4-5 bikkis a day. However, according to me, I don’t waste it. I just enjoy this act and if no one is around me, I try to eat the bikki from the floor. If my Mom sees this, she scolds because I am eating the bikki from floor.

What is her problem in life? If I ask for bikki to hold and roam she doesn’t give me. If I eat the thrown bikki from floor she hates it..Ahh managing my Mom is very difficult.

Now, when I mean One bikki, why can’t she give me One???? She simply takes the bikki from the cover, breaks it into two and gives me one-half. The other day I was very angry at this behavior and I threw the half Bikki that she gave me. Then she gave me a FULL ONE bikki. I was very happy. She simply did this to see the glow in my face. And of course I blushed with a big smile..
My dear Mommy, Hugs to you…

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Favorite Song

Nowadays, whenever I hear some good songs in the TV, I dance to its tune. I got bored of listening to Nursery Rhymes.

I particularly like one song, the best. My Mom said it is from the movie JAB WE MEET. What is a movie?? God knows, but that song is the best.
It starts like YE ISHQ LAYAI..OH RAMA

I am crazy about this song. Whenever I see this song in the TV, I dance. After it is finished, I say BA BA..but that song never comes again. I really get angry sometimes and start squirming in the floor. Once I started crying because I was sad that the song did not come.

My Mom said “ Aryan, the Akka, who is dancing in the song, has gone to sleep. Akka Jo Jo pannara. Poor Akka, she should also sleep right???”

But still I was not convinced by this answer but I stopped crying and saying BA Baa..I was very sad.

Then my Mom took me near to the computer, kept the headphone in my head and played that song from the computer. Even though I could not see that Akka dancing in that song, but I could hear it.( Mom told AKKA did not come because she was SLEEPING) I was so happy so happy and was engrossed in the song. I started clapping my hands also. I listened to that song for five times. My Mom was surprised that the song made me sit in one place for 25 minutes.
After all, why is my Mom blaming me for listening to songs? When I was in her stomach, she used to listen to songs always and that too repeat the same song for so many times. Poor me!!!! I used to be bored in her stomach listening to the same old song repeatedly.

But the song from JAB WE MEET movie has made me crazy.

Whenever I am cranky, My Mom sings that song and tries to dance like that song Akka. Seeing this, I stop crying and I dance with her. Hehee..I feel very happy.

However, one question.

Mommy friends, is my Mom trying to use that song as a tool to stop my crankiness???

Friday, January 18, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Hi Mommy friends, today I completed my one year existence in this blog kingdom. I have gained lots of mommy friends during this blogging journey. Thanks a lot to all mommy bloggers. Thanks a ton to my sweet periyamma. She misses me a lot (as she is not in Hyderabad) and she feels very good to read my pranks…Thank you everyone for supporting me and encouraging me to write more more. Hope to continue this journey for a long time…(That is in the hands of my Mom. Sometimes she is lazy to write. What can I do, I don’t know computer??)

Of course, THANK YOU Papa for giving me the idea to create my own blog.

With puppy and hugs..
Name : Aryan Karmore
Gender: Male Toddler
Age: 16 months , 3 weeks and 1day old
Occupation: Currently managing my Mom and my Chella patti

Thursday, January 17, 2008

General Updates

I am not well. With my runny nose, I am running around the whole house. Yesterday my Mom came early from office. However, today she is not coming yet. I am waiting here.

As usual, Dosa was today’s breakfast. To help my Chella patti, as soon as she kept the dosa tava on the gas burner, I looked around for the stick by which she flip-flaps the dosa. I found that and gave it to her. She was happy and kissed me in return.

Yesterday I saw one CD Rom on top of the table. Took that away, went near to the computer, and tried to insert the CD inside. I was not sure where to insert that. Long before I have seen my papa taking it out from the computer and he only gave me the CD for playing.

Anyway, seeing my effort to insert the CD into the CD disc, my Mom said I am not grown enough to do that job. When I can insert a CD Rom into the CD disc of the computer. When I grow as tall as a Giraffe???

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My mom gives me bath in a baby bathtub. During my bath, every time she tells me to stand up so that she can apply soap in my bottom part, I do not listen to her. I fear that if I get up she will take me out of the tub and throw the water.

Today suddenly while giving bath she said, “Aryan, see Giraffe came yesterday night when you were sleeping. It told me that Aryan is a good boy provided he stands up during bath and allows his Mom to apply soap in his bottom part”.

I was surprised when I heard that. I really missed seeing the giraffe. My Mom did not wake me up. Therefore, to be in the good books of giraffe, I immediately got up and made my Mom’s job easy.

Oh Giraffe when will you come again..?? Please do not come when I am sleeping. I love your tail rather than your neck. Will pull your tail when you come again.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Whenever I want to call someone or something near to me, I show signals with my hand and say “Ba Ba”. My Mom says, “Aryan VA Va and I go near to her.” But, I cannot pronounce “Va. Va”, I can only say “Ba..Ba”. (I am damn sure, when my Nagpur Grandma comes, she will be confused to see me talking in Tamil. Infact “Ba..Ba.” in Marathi means Papa. Ahh I am already confused..Ok that is another never-ending story…)

So, I shake my hand towards my Mom and say Ba..Ba, My mom comes near to me.

I shake my hand towards my Chella Patti and say Ba..Ba, My Chella pati comes near me.

Sometime, when I shake my hand towards crows and say Ba..Ba, the crows also fly away.

But when I shake my hand towards a CAR toy that is under the sofa and say BA..BA, it doesn’t come near to me!! How can I go under the sofa and take the CAR toy. Why the CAR doesn’t come towards me?

Yesterday I tried calling the CAR many a times and it did not come, I got very angry and I threw the other CAR that was in my hand. My Mom was angry at this behavior and she rolled her eyes. I get scared when I see her angry face. I started crying and she ignored and went away. Later she took the CAR, which was below the sofa, and gave it to me. She made me pick the CAR that I threw. She said that I should not throw any toy because it will break. She also told me that she would get me a remote CAR. If I press the button, the CAR will come near to me. Can I get a remote Mom so that I will always press the button and she will be always near to me?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Concrete Mixer

When my Periyamma commented about collecting Hot wheel car toys, I remembered about Concrete mixer. I love that vehicle very very much. I see its picture from my vehicle book. Yesterday three real Concrete mixers came near to my house. My Chella Patti took me out of the house and I was seeing them.
When my Mom asks me, how the Concrete mixer rotates, I show actions with my hand and make brrbbrrrrr..brrbbbrrrrrr sound

My Papa was saying he would get a real Car after he comes from US. Papa can you get me a real Concrete mixer???

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Little Chef and his Team

There is team building activity happening between me and my Chella patti in my household.
Everyday my Chella patti asks my Mom,

“What do you want for breakfast?”

My Mom replies, “Anything that you make.”

Then the team members, me and my Chella patti, go inside the kitchen and start making dosa. My Chella patti takes me in one hand and then with the other hand she makes dosa. I love to watch the sound that comes when dosa is made. Sssooo..sssooo. I mimic this sound Sssooo sssooooo. Teaming up with Chella patti and making dosa is my latest craze.

Today my Chella patti asked my Mom” What do you want for breakfast?”
My Mom replied, “Oh no, not dosa again. I have been eating dosa for three days”

Then as usual we, the team marched inside the kitchen. I started making ssooo sssoo noise and was pointing towards dosa tava…
And my chella pati ended up making dosa and my Mom ended up eating it.
Hehehe…What a good partner I have in my team!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Group Photo of My Toys

There was a photo clicking session before my papa went to US. Papa, My Mom, and me went to a photo studio for this. Whenever I feel like seeing my Papa, I look at our group photo. The photo frame is already in a dilapidated condition. I hope it does not get extinct before my papa comes back…

Suddenly a thought clicked my Mom. All of a sudden, she was all excited and started arranging all my toys one by one. I did not know what she was up to. As she started to arrange the toys….I started to remove the toys..
Then she told me not to take any toys until she takes Photo. I kind of understood when I heard the word “photo” and thus started helping her in the process.

Then at last the toys were arranged. My favorite Orange Birdie with blue nose was placed beside the green ducky. I used to love the orange birdie very very much when I was small. I wrote a post on this long before.

All the Cars were placed in the front row. Animals in the second row and my nursery rhymes CD on top of the elephant toy. Mommy friends, here is the photo…

Opps my Mom missed to take the snap of my tommy doggie.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Miss Muffet and Master Aryan

Little Miss Muffet.
Sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey
Then their came a spider, who sat down beside her..
Frighten Miss Muffet away….

Whenever I see this Nursery rhyme, I ask my Mom to give me a spoon and a bowl. I have seen Miss Muffet eating her curds and whey…and I like to imitate her..

The other day, my Mom gave me a bowl of curd and she customized the rhyme for me. Here it goes:

Little Master Aryan..
Sat on a floor mat, eating his curds and curds…
Then their came a cockroach, who sat down beside him
And Aryan hit the cockroach away…

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mosquito Killing Mission

The other day I did not sleep. Mosquitoes have invaded our house, especially in my room.

What is a Mosquito???
My Mom told that mosquito is an insect. She showed me a dead mosquito. I also saw one flying around my head.

Even though my Mom switches on the mosquito repellant in the evening, the mosquitoes creep some how. One mosquito bit me all over my face and my body. So yesterday, my Mom was very angry at the mosquitoes. She started killing it. When it flies, she runs behind it and claps her hand. The mosquito gets trapped in her hand and it dies. I thought I should also help my Mom in the Mosquito killing mission. Thus when she claps, I also run behind her, raise my hands and clap.

However, no mosquito gets trapped in my hand. How can I improve my mosquito killing skills???

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New year wish, To son with love..

Dear Aryan,

You were born on 27 August 2006, a day I cannot forget in my life. A Sunday , a Vinayaka chathurthi day…My adorable darling, from that moment I am with you. I cannot think of a life without you….

How nice I feel:
When I see the happiness in your face after I come from office
When you run behind me saying Mom Mom..
When you hold my dress and roam the whole house waiting for me to come from office
When you search for me and look at my photo at least some 10 times a day.

How bad I feel:
When you cry for no reason and when you try to be stubborn. When I scold you for this behavior and when you still come to me and cry for my scolding…
When you fall down and hurt yourself.
When you are sick and tried.
When you don’t eat properly
When I leave you in daycare (Still I have not left you in day care)

Oh my dear Aryan..I love you. May this year be full of blossoms in your life. You will learn to talk properly, you will learn to eat by yourself, you will learn to behave socially with other kids, you will learn to sleep alone, you will learn to play more…..oh no so many milestones ahead…

Aryan’s Mom

My Vocabulary-II

When my Mom's laziness vanished, she decided to post more about my vocabulary. What to do, I cannot operate computer by myself??

Word: Hippa
Meaning: Hippopotamus
Used: When I play with my yellow Hippa toy that my Periamma got me.

Word: ish
Meaning: Fish
Used: When I take bath in my bath tub and play with my Fish toy

Word: aatthaa..
Used: When someone asks me, Where is that object, I point my hand towards that particular object and say aattha..

Word: Eethu?
Used: When I want to know about the name of a particular object, I point my hand towards that particular object and I ask Eethu question to my Mom.
Sometimes my Mom tries to escape from my Eethu question. The other day I was picking the alphabets one by one and asking her this question. This session went for an hour. After this episode, for two days, the alphabet toy was not to been seen anywhere in the house. Later on I came to know that my Mom hid that toy somewhere to escape from eethu question.

Word: Dammaa
Used: When my Chella Patti asks me this question“ How did the food fall from crow’s mouth”, I say Dammaa…