Thursday, December 18, 2008

Any other remedies?

Hey I am back. As promised, I made my Mom come back to the blogging world with a blog worth post. Thanks to all Mommy friends for encouraging her.

Incommunicado Problems
I am a non-stop entertainment. I talk enough to make everyone go bonkers. I talk five languages, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi, and English. English is my basic mode of communication. I switch between languages based on my mood. Sometimes I talk in Tamil, sometimes in Telugu. Poor mom, she doesn’t know Telugu. She only knows to add “ooo” to every Tamil word and she thinks that in this way she can master Telugu. Do you agree guys?
It takes times for her to decode my mind. You may be knowing the reason: Her processor is inept and slow. When I say something she thinks something else. I get furious with such vapid attitude and start crying loudly. My mom tells me to repeat the word again, but I cry and repeat and thus the more I cry the more she doesn’t understand. I cry loudly, loud enough to wake my neighbors. I throw tantrums. When I say “magi” she understands it as “micky”….
The way she handles this is: After a while, she also pretends to cry with me. I know she pretends, but I cannot even withstand her actions, I stop crying, kiss her and console her…And both of us happy.

Humpty Dumpty
Whenever I fall down for fun, I say Humpty Dumpty. But whenever I fall accidently I get annoyed, tortured and I start yelling at the object that made me fall. I bring that BIG BLACK LAKADI (The one that my Grandma uses to scare me) and beat the floor, sofa, or whatever that made me fall. My mom says, they are not responsible and I have to be more careful, but who cares, I simply beat them. Beating my Mom, when I am angry is also not rare in Aryan’s household. So the bottom line is :My Mom stays away from me when I am angry. Aryan—The angry young boy.

Eating alone is fun as long as you know how to fool your care takers. In daycare, they give us food and encourage us to eat alone. When they are not monitoring me, I slowly slip the food down and clear my plate and say “Oh Humpty Dumpty”. Pushpa maid takes the plate and goes, but Uma madam she refills it again passing a scornful look for putting the food down. I tepidly eat again. Seeing my Humpty dumpty game, my follower Adithya imitated. Yesterday we did this together and said “humpty dumpty” and were laughing and giggling and the after effect: “Uma Madam complained about me to my Mom”. But don’t worry yaar, soon will make her also join my Humpty Dumpty team.

Anything related to my life is color dependent. I need blue dress, black stick, brown biscuit, blue gems….heeehhhh my life is colorful…

Any tantrums in Aryan’s household end with the following three remedies:

1.Lion Roaring—Still works now, I stop crying if lion or tiger roars. I go behind them with Ladaki to beat them. However, I have never found one, I hear only roaring!!!!!
2.Mamma’s crying drama—I stop crying and console her.
3.Mamma’s drama to got to office.—Even at night, when I cries she takes her bag and go out, I run behind her saying, “No Mama don’t go, I will stop crying.” I wonder why these offices are open at night and how she can go to office in her blue nighty?

Do you have any other remedies to suggest my Mom?

Ok, friends. Happy New Year. I am going to Trivandrum for a long vacation now. Will be back next year….Till then “Alvidha”. (a new word that I learned from Disney Channel)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Bye

Thanks Preethi Mommy. You always give me awards and make my life easy. This probes my mom to post often. HUGS to you. Thanks to ASHA mommy also for giving this award.

Now what to say, sometimes you are stuck with words. So many good mommy friends I have in this blogging world. How can I ever think about stop blogging???
But my Mom is crazy sometimes. I am sure I will make her come back…Till then, please don’t forget this little me. All of you have been my strength through out my blogging world….

NOTE: To all the mommy’s, having girl kids: I can be your future Son-in-Law…..Believe me, I am a very good boy. I just need a girl with a BLUE EYE…heeeehhhee

So now time to pass this award:

1.Swathi Mommy—She is awarded already. But she is my Mom’s Twin sister.
2.K3 mommy—She already got it, but she is a Mom whose thoughts are stable.
3.2 b’s Mom—Ahh..what to say, the Mom whom my Mom admires.. She is already awarded.
4.Mummyjann mommy—She is so loving and caring. Babbu is the best.
5.Timepass Akka, now promoted to Timepass Mommy—Have not visited her blog for a long time, but Timepass Mommy just think over, I can be a prospective Son-In-Law…
6.MNamma—I love M and N akkas
7.Noonie Mommy—My friend KB is all so cute and I would like to be his follower…..

Now comes my Million dollar friend award:

Swathi mommy gave this to me and I would like to give this to Preethi mommy even though she already got it. She is my MILLION DOLLAR FRIEND….I hope once I meet Nanthu.

Now this 100th post is my Birthday bash post. Lot to write, but most of it got faded from my Mom’s run time memory. We celebrated birthday on Sep 2nd, one day before Vinayaka Chaturthi. My Mom and Papa got Pineapple cake and we cut the cake in the Daycare
Time to thank everyone for the birthday wishes..

Here is the gift that I got from Swati Mommy.

I loved the gift...Tigger is my favourite cartoon. How did you know that Swathi Mommy? Thanks a lot.....

I can list the gifts that I got from my Chella patti:
1. Bluepillow
2. Blue cartoon bedsheet
3. Two black cars
4. Water color
5. Crayons
6. 4 blue fishes
7. Blue dresses
8. Red pillow
9. A book filled with car stickers
10. Water game
11. Toy animal set with giraffe…...ahh so many more things are to be added....
My Chella pati couriered these gifts from Trivandrum.

Then, I got a big blue elephant from my Periappa.

So with all goodie goodie things I am ending my 100th post and this blog journey. If possible will resurrect after some months.

Bye everyone….Please don’t forget me........

Yours lovingly
Age: 2 yr one month....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tomorrow is my Birthday. I will be 2 yrs old. Even though it falls on August 27th, my Mamma and Papa decided to celebrate on Sep 3rd, because my Papa’s Grandmother passed away and we are not supposed to celebrate till the end of this Month. Moreover September 3rd is the Vinayaka Chaturthi day and I was born on that day two years back…
(No wonder everyone in my household calls me as Ganesha)

OK back to the topic…..
Nowadays my favorite quote is “What is this?’’
Any thing and everything I see, I ask this question to my Mom. “WHAT IS THIS??”.

She keeps on replying one by one. Sometimes she doesn’t know the answer and she tells me to go and ask Papa.
Yesterday I was asking her this question again and again…..pointing towards one object or the other; she simply replied “NOTHING” to all my questions.

Is all the things in this world is called “NOTHING”?

Another incident is about my intensity of affection that I have towards blue color…
Yesterday when I pooped, I noticed its color. I was not “BLUE”….I asked my Mom for BLUE SHI. She said, SHI doesn’t come in Blue. I was not convinced…I thought if I keep on saying “Come come blue shi, come and see Aryan”, it will come. So I repeated those words again and again…..

But BLUE SHI never came?????
Wondering what to do.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back or not…..

My Mom has decided to stop blogging. God knows why. She is crazy many a times…
Anyway I will somehow pull her till the 100th post and that post will be about my Birthday which falls on August 27th, 2008. I will be two years old.
What can I do, I cannot write post alone right.

1. Even though now I can recognize and say ABC till Z, I guess that is not enough for me to write post alone without her help.
2. Even though I can say 1-20 on my own I guess that is not enough for me to write posts alone without her help.
3. Even though I can manage and eat alone with a spoon, without making extreme fuss, that doesn’t qualify me to blog.
4. Even though I can sing bollywood songs like “Paappu can dance shalla” and “Bachena he hasseeno” with right tone and vibration, I am still unqualified….
5. Even though I can call my Mom by her name to grab attention, I am unqualified.
6. Even though I can relate and remember all the stories that are told to me (Alibaba and 40 thieves, Monkey and cat, Tarzan, Pati and vadai, Ganapathi story etc etc), I cannot do a post of my own…….
7. Even though I decide when to sleep, when and what to eat, I am not grown enough it seems…..
The bottom line is: I am NOT grown enough to write post without my Mom’s help….
Mommy friends do you have any solution to this??????

My blog friends…Thanks thanks thanks a lot for reading this blog..and I am really happy to have good virtual friends…..I cannot forgot a single person with whom I interacted with…..No words to thank all of you…HUGS to everyone…...

Ok…anyway as this is the 98th post, you have to bear with me for 2 more which will happen soon…

NB: You know what, my Mom is very capricious. I hope she changes her mind soon.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Month

This is my blogging friends’ Birthday month.
1.Kocchunni—He is so sweet and he loves green, like how I love Blue color. He is my friend com big brother and I would like to follow his steps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOCCHUNNI…..It falls on July 14th.
2.Chubby Aryan—He is like me. Exactly like me, in terms of liking stars, in terms of singing bollywood songs, in terms of crying for a haircut, in terms of being cranky and not leaving Mom when she comes from office….blah blah blah…HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUBBY ARYAN. It falls on 21st July. May be I am posting this early. But whoever sees this please don’t forget to wish my friends...

Updates: I can say ABC …upto G. Can also recognize those letters if asked in order…If my Mom shows B and asks me what is this..I say A, because ABC starts with A not with B…my Mom doesn’t know anything many a times… Soon I would start typing posts without her help or else what...Such a long never ending break she takes...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My Mom is cruel. She updates my blog, but she doesn’t get time to read my mommy friends blog? When I asked her what happened to my friend Chubby Aryan, she says she did not read……because she is held up with something else…god knows when this break will finish. She said Chubby aryan eats star potatoes....

The tenure of the break is extended from July to August. That is, she will be into active blogging only after first week of August..…too much this is. I am being deprived from knowing about my mommy friends.

Ok another milestone

I have learned to say “NO”

Incident One—Yesterday papa came from office and told me to get ready. Mama was busy cooking, My Papa took me to the cupboard where my cloths are kept. I chose to wear a BLUE shirt that my periyamma got. (Blue is a part and parcel of my life. I sleep with blue crayons, blue cardboard stars that my Chella patti made, blue car, blue bedsheet, ……what not.) Then I wore my blue shoe and went out with Papa. Mama thought we are going for an ice-cream, she waved her hands and went to cook. Papa took me to a studio. He wanted to take passport size photo of mine. He told me to sit and pose; I simply waved my hand and said “NO”. Again he asked me, thinking that a 20 months old kid cannot make decisions. But again I said “NO” and walked away.

My Papa was surprised as to the fact that” I cannot even pronounce my name, still I can make my own decisions” Poor papa learned that I have my own choices and thus ended up getting me ice-cream and we went home.

Incident two—“Aryan come for food” My mom said. I replied, “NO”. Mama said. What?. I said, “NO Food”. She was baffled. She, Papa and Chella patti ate and I was playing around. When I was hungry, I went to kitchen, took one spoon and plate and asked mama to give me food.

So that is me, the little Aryan who is growing into a little dependent boy. My mom no longer needs to decide when I need food, when I should stop eating, when I should take head bath, , when I should sleep, what dress I should wear, what biscuit I should eat ….blah blah blah…I know when I should do all these things..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MBA, Little sister, and Forgetful Mommy

OK I am on break, but I thought I will write some updates because my virtual mommies miss me a lot. Preethi Mommy made me come back. Thanks a lot to Preethi mommy because she officially declared that I am good……

NEWS: Yeppie Yeppie…I have a little sister now……Wait Mommies, don’t think otherwise.
My Mom’s cousin delivered a Baby girl on June 17th. We went to Bangalore, two months before for the baby shower.

The next thing is: My Mom is doing MBA, means Managing Brilliant ARYAN. What is the use? She hardly remembers where she keeps my toys
Let me narrate:
Last weekend we went to Nagpur to see my Nagpur Grandma, because she had undergone a surgery. (She is fine now). It was a short trip.
Now when my MOM takes my toys to places, why can’t she remember where she keeps my things? She misplaced my BLACK CAR and FIRETRUCK book. You know how much it means to me????
When we came back to Hyderabad, I asked my Mom to give me my Black car. She searched in the house and said she did not get it from Nagpur. This is the second time she is doing this. Once when we went to Bangalore, she forgot my giraffe and my Grandpa had to courier it later…
Now what will happen to Black CAR….I became very sad and started showing my true colors: That is, I lie down and cry, squirm like a snake. No one can pacify me for about 10 minutes…..
Then my papa made another black car with some broken tyres. I was kind of pacified and then became normal. After sometime I saw the bag that we took to Nagpur. I pulled my Mom near to that and asked her to see in that bag.
I said” Mama shee Back CAa”………”
That was the first sentence I said, and I talked in English… (The mystery of which language I will talk got solved. Talked in English, not Marathi, not Tamil)
Ok back to story. When she was searching for the black car in the bag, I remembered my FIRE TRUCK Book. When I asked her…She said the same. She left it in Nagpur……
OH God, please give her more memory power. IF this is the way she does her MBA (Managing Brilliant Aryan), soon she will fail in my test

Monday, June 2, 2008

Break Time

So many things are happening in life. My mom is very busy. I don’t feel like narrating also. I am just taking a break. Will be back after one or two months. Till then bye to mommy friends.
Few gossips of the blog world
1. Preethi Mommy is back from vacation.
2. Timepass akka got promoted to Timepass Mommy on May 20th
3. Cantloupe’s Mom presented her a Baby girl to play with; this also happened on May 20th.
4. 2 B’s Mom is moved to a new house…
5. Noon mommy's worry about KB's health has gone and as usual her worry about KB's food has started.
5. Chubby Aryan has shown his traits of an artist. Soon his master piece will be exhibited.
6. Last but not the least…I stated singing Bollywood songs. My Papa hates it…I always sing dard iissko, dard iisko……if my Papa is happy when I am saying one to ten, he should be happy listening to bollywood songs from my mouth. What say mommies???

Monday, May 26, 2008

Life Goes on...

My Mom is busy with her office work and she devotes more time in office instead of working and blogging for me. Does she work more in office because they pay her? Well I don’t give her a paycheck, but don’t I give her a mixed dose of happiness and frustrations?? I can say happiness more….(Heee….All that comes out of my mouth is not true)
Ok the point is, today she left early to office. I hardly got up and had my tea and she was gone. I cried little when she went and later I was happy with my Chella patti.

When my chella patti says, Johny Jhony..I say “Yesh Papa”…
When she says, Stop says the red light…..I say “Go shaiys”

Note I have mastered to say two letters together instead of just abbreviating one word by itself.

We had a gala time and I was playing Ring Ring a roses with my Chella Patti. Everytime I play this game with her, I make sure that we play it again and again and she also falls with me each time when the rhyme finishes.

Soon the time passed and my Chella patti began to dress, she combed her hair, wore another saree .I guessed something fishy.

Yes, Even though my Mom went to office without dropping me to day-care, my Chella patti is planning to drop me.!!!!!!

I cried and did all dramas, but she dropped me and said, “After I go back to Trivandrum, what will you do dear? So please don’t break your daily routines just because I came. I came to take care of you only in the evenings”.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My life…Aryan—Is so important to my….?

“Aryan come out”. That was Uma madam. I came out of the day-care and what did I see…
Can you guess…?

Yes, I saw my Chella pati. She was standing outside and waiting to take me home from day-care. I ran towards her and climbed on her. She is the one who always carries me.

I was all surprised and amazed. She came from Trivandrum, just to take care of me in the evening. When they read on the blog that I am being scolded by my Papa, my grandfather couldn’t take it. He told my Chella patti to come and take care of me, in spite of he being alone. He logic was, as he is big boy, he can fend himself while I need my Chella patti now. (So writing on blog does help a lot)
There she came..and I am happy and jumping with joy.
Thanks Thatha…and ofcourse thanks my dear Chella pati not for the train that you got from Trivandrum, but for the love that you shower and the importance that you give me in your life. Otherwise how can you leave my Grandpa alone in Trivandrum on your marriage day (Today-22nd may) you being married to him for 31yrs…

Happy anniversary…my dear grandparents.

All Mommy friends please do wish my Chella patti on her anniversary. She is great and I have no words to extol her virtues.

NB: 1. Another person who is relieved by the arrival of my Chella pati is my Papa. He no longer needs to take care of me. Hearing this my Nagpur grandma was also very happy.
2. To make the things easy for my Chella Patti's train journey of 31hrs, my Periyamma from Kochi came to station and gave her food when the train reached Kochi and my Mom's chitti(My Chella pati's sister)from Coimbatore gave her food when the train reached Coimbatore.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guessing Game

I saw in Aryan Times about a guessing game and I thought I would also hoist a game like that…
Here we go:
What do the following words mean to me?

Edited to add—Hint requested by Swathi Mommy
1.All words are short form of the real word. For example CAA—Means CAR to me. Dea—Means Dear to me….I guess you must have understood my pattern now…..
2.One word can have more than one meaning. Depends on the circumstances. You can guess anyone of them and it should be fine.


Any of my friends can pick this game....

So here are the answers

Coocco— Crockraoch
Sho— Shoe or Soap. Depends on the situataion
Babu— Bubble
Boo—Blue (The blue crayon that I roam with)
ShiiShii—Two meaning. One when I want to poop, other when I want my Mom to sit with me. Based on my face expression she understands this…

Periyammas Score—3/7..Between for badboy it is BAAboo
Cantaloupes Ammas Score—4/7
K3 Mom—3/7
Swathi Mommy—3/7. One good things is she could guess my BLUE craziness...

Periyamma,Swathi mommy and k3 amma are in second position while Cantaloupes Amma gets the first..HUGS to you...

Monday, May 12, 2008


Like mama-mia said, I am like a fevicol with my Mom. My Nagpur Grandma has gone to Nagpur and now time for another transition. My Chella Patti will come only next week and till then My Mom and my Papa will manage me…..Their management is strict, unlike my grandmas. Here is the proof:

My mom comes from office and picks me from day care and I am happy to see her. But after coming home, I don’t allow her even to go to loo. Forgot about making tea. If I want tea (Yes ,I drink tea not milk), then I allow her to make.
Then she has to sit with me and do coloring, teach me animal books , make virtual zoo with all animals, make parking lots with all my cars…etc etc etc….There is no way she can escape and enter the kitchen to cook.

After my Papa comes, my Mom thinks she can leave me with him and go for cooking, but I don’t agree to that. I simply sit on her lap and stare at Papa. Yesterday My Mom and Papa tried their level best to make me understand that I should allow my Mom to cook. But I was very adamant…Then my Mom fed me the food which was prepared in the morning and My Papa made Maggie as dinner from them. Again I was adamant that I will not allow my Mom to eat, but by now Papa’s blood started boiling. He said, “ AAARYAAN”..

Ahha..I have never seen him so angry like this. I was all scared. He said, “ Aaryyyan come her..I slowly went near to him. He said, ” Sit here and play with your toys. Mama should eat now.”

I sat near to him, was planning to cry, but Papa will scold if I cry unnecessarily. I simply sat and was looking at my toys. For the next ten minutes, I did not even utter a word. I was afraid, was angry, was sad…

My Mama had her dinner. I went near to her and looked at her for solace, but even she ignored me. She said, “Listen to Papa”.

They both are one set…and I am left alone with no one to back me. If my grandmas were there, they cook and allow my Mama to spend time with me…..They shoulder me whenever I need support…..

Oh god when will my Chella pati or Nagpur grandma come. I am in the stringent hands of Mama and Papa…


Heheeee…..I am jumping with joy…
Mummyjann mommy awarded my Mom as a nice person…I was reluctant to post this in my BLOG….(Still I secretly say thanks to Mummyjann)
Then Asha mommy awarded me as nice….Hip hip hurray…Now I will post this award and will pass to all my blogging buddies.
Here goes award:

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good
blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that
care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a
positive influence in our blogging world!"
Now it's my turn to pass on the award and let people know that I think they are nice.

From my mommy’s side:
2 Bs mommy
Angel Mama's list is never ending..Let me say from my side

One girl friend and one boy friend logic…..

Chubby Aryan’s Mom already got this award….But still I would say he is my best little friend…

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My First Vehicle—Tetracycle

My Papa got me a new Bicycle or I can say tetracycle— a bicycle with additional two small tryres. Thus my tetracycle has four tyres.
But the cycle is too big for me even though my leg touches the pedal.

Whenever Papa comes home from office, I no longer insist him to make me sit in jula, but I insist him to make me sit in cycle.
I hold the handle and papa pushes the cycle. I got round the whole house.
My Papa askes me, “Aryan, what is the color of cycle?” I say,” rrrred”.
The next question would be invariably how many tyres my cycle has..and I say FOUR.

I guess at this age, parents buy Tricylce for kids…But this was my Papa’s master plan to buy bicycle with additional tyres. The irony is Tricycle costed Rs 1600 and tetracycle costed Rs 1700 ..Just Rs 100 more for an extra tyre. My father was all excited and got the tetracycle. He claims that I can use this till age four…
Ahh…long way to go..

NB: Will post the picture soon. My Mom is lazy to click one.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Boy versus Bad Boy

My Papa asks me:
1.Aryan, you want Mama or Papa? The answer to this question depends. When Mama is giving me food or telling me a story, I say Mama. When Papa is swinging me in Jula or making me sit on cycle (Oh yes, I got my first vehicle. Will do a post about it), I say Papa. When both of them are sitting and asking me, is say..MaaPaa…or PaaMaaa

2.Aryan, Are you a good boy or bad boy. I used to say Goobo.(shortcut for goodboy) before, now I say only Baabo.( shortcut for badboy)”. Because whenever I say goobo, my Mom tells, see you are a good boy so you should eat food. Then she feeds me. Again she uses the same good boy logic to make me sleep, make me wear the dress that I don’t like, make me sit in one place and eat…all stuffs that I don’t like. Thus nowadays I myself I say Baaboo…I have declared myself to be a BAABOO (BAD Boy) and I am proud about it….What say mommies????

BTW—My Mom’s computer has gone nuts. It never ever shows any updates from the fellow bloggers and one fine day it shows some 4-5 post together. Thus I don’t have any idea about what my Mommy friends are upto. Heard from my Mom that there was a Mega Baby shower….

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is my Mom who is completeing her TAG HomeWork from Timepass Akka.....

Last Movie You Saw In A Theater:Chak De India
What Book Are You Reading:Nothing…Was reading “Memories for Geisha”, now stopped.
Favorite Board Game:Scrabble
Favorite Magazine: I don’t read magazines…..
Favorite Smells: Mud smell after rain, kerosene smell, Petrol smell.
Favorite Sound: Sound of Glass Bangles
Worst Feeling In The World: Unable to help out someone who desperately needs help
What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake?: What veggie I should make for Aryan
Favorite Fast Food Place: Keshav reddy’s Bakery
Future Child's Name:If girl, Sitara. If boy, Arjun
Finish This Statement. "If I Had A Lot Of Money I'd...”: I'd would give to everybody
Do You Drive Fast?:No, I don’t drive at all……I am scared of driving.
Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?: Yes…I sleep with Aryan…
Storms-Cool Or Scary?: Storms-Cool
What Was Your First Car?: Alto LXI
Favorite Drink:None
Finish This Statement, "If I Had The Time I Would .....”:Find ways to do study hard and reach my destiny..
Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?:I don't eat broccoli
If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice?:Brown
Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In: Chennai ,Trivandrum, Bangalore, Hyderabad
Favorite Sports To Watch:Nothing in particular
One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:She is a good timepass and has nice personality traits..
What's Under Your Bed?: Nothing…May be Aryan’s CAR…
Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?: Of course, I would like to be born to My AMMA and APPA.
Morning Person Or Night Owl?:Actually nothing. I don’t get up too early; neither do I stay too late…
Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up?:Depends
Favorite Place To Relax:Home
Favorite Pie:Apple Pie
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:Vannila
Of All The People You Tagged This To, Who's Most Likely To Respond First?:
K3 or Wunderyearz….Let us see who responds first….

Monday, April 21, 2008

PAPA –You are Sweet

I have the habit of holding something in my hand through out the day and roaming. My craziness varies depending upon my mood..
1. Sometimes I hold the Giraffe toy. If it is not in my Toy basket, I search the whole house and make a point that I find out.
2. Sometimes I hold bread and act like a breadcrumbs machine.
3. Sometimes it will be my Moms blue hair clip. I don’t pacify for a substitute clip.
4. Always I hold my Moms Red nighty. Most of you must be knowing how I hold the nighty like a treasure..
5. I have written a post about my Bikki holding..I need a full bikki..
The is never ending and everchanging..

So the point is My Mama got crayons for me. She colors the coloring book and I help her by giving the colors one by one. I can recognize blue, black, red, orange, white, brown, and green color. My favorite color is blue. I hold the blue crayons and roam the whole house…(Point to be noted)Yesterday when I was playing, I misplaced it somewhere, Then I went and asked my Mom “Cra Cra (Abbreviation from Crayons)”, She gave me the crayons box and went to kitchen. My Blue color was not there????. Thus again I asked her and not surprisingly she did not understand what I wanted. Infact she did not notice the change in my craziness choice. She was thinking I want Giraffe toy. That was my craze last week. She showed my giraffe toy, books ach and everything, but still couldn’t decode my mind.
I got irritated, I sat in one corner and started crying for 20 minutes. My Mom got worried. She thought could be my stomach is paining, could be Drrshti. She took out the drishti with salt…all bull….
Then at last she found the blue crayons and gave me. I was extremely happy and delighted. I cannot even explain my happiness….
Me happy..everyone happy…. I was holding the crayons in my hand and started my experiments with it. After sometime, the crayons broke. I went to Mama. She said go and give to papa. Papa said he will rectify and took both the pieces from my hand. Then he said..”Shoo Mantra Kali” ..and gave me the crayons back. I saw the crayon and started crying again. He was trying to fool me by just giving one piece and saying that he rectified. Doesn’t he know that I have been roaming with it the whole day and I know the size of the original crayon??? Then he took a cello tape and fixed the pieces. I was happy now…I love you Papa..I love you. You are so sweet..
Wait guys the story has not ended……

Today morning when papa dropped me in the daycare. I was having fever of 102C. I went inside the daycare crying crying….The daycare teacher called my Nagpur Grandma at 12:00 noon and told that I am cranky and thus my grandma picked me up from Daycare…This is my first summer in Hyderabad and I am somehow trying to fight it…

I came home and had my food. Then I asked my grandma for BLUE crayons. She gave me red, I threw it. Then she gave one piece of the broken blue crayons. Ahh..where is the other piece? Who removed the cello tape? I started crying again. We searched the whole house but still couldn’t find it… I was in full crankiness by this time. My Nagpur Grandma called my Mom and told her. She talked with me and told to wait till 5:30 in the evening.. I was crying again..
After sometime I stopped crying, but was feeling very sad. I sat down and was looking at my Fire truck book, thinking about my BLUE CRAYON. Suddenly Papa arrived…He came from office to give me the BLUE CRAYON. He got a new one. His office is 7-8 KM away from my house, but still in between he came and gave me the Crayon. He just kissed me and went away and told that will come late today..
I was very very very happy…..
PAPA I LOVE YOU..I love you. You are so sweet..

BTW—Me and Mama are travelling to Bangalore and will be back after a couple of days..So no blogging...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Belongings

So when I am instructed by my Mom to bring my things back from daycare, what I am supposed to do with the diaper that I pooped? I just wanted to follow my Mom’s instruction. Thus I cried and insisted that they don’t throw the dirty diaper. I wanted to keep that in my bag and bring it back home to show my Mom that I am a responsible kid. After all it is my diaper…But bad luck. The daycare aunty threw it, and attempts to restore it were in vain….

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Boy

I opened my eyes….I saw the fan in the roof. Looked round to see my Mom or Papa. Both were not there, I slowly climbed down from the cot. I went to the hall. My Mom and Papa were not there too… I reached the main door. The door was ajar. I went out and sat down in the balcony. I saw chirping birds, sunny sun falling on the walls. I saw some ants moving here and there…I tried to rub the ants and was playing with the rangoli that my Mom had drawn. I sat down and was basking in the nature’s beauty…
Then suddenly…..
Aryan, Aryan, nee enga irukkai..(Ahhh..Tamil Language. My Mom shouting and asking for me). I think my Mom was worried. I got up from the balcony and went inside the house. My Mom was searching for me in the god’s room. Usually she takes me there every morning as soon as I wake up. I went near to my Mom and hugged her. She hugged me back and was very happy to see me. She asked me, Aryan where did you go? I pointed towards the balcony….(BTW, Till now I have not mastered the ART of replying in sentences. I can say only words and use body language to communicate…)
She was happy and was telling,” Aryan you have grown big dear. 19 months, 2 weeks…You no longer cry in the morning when you wake up. You climb down of the bed alone and start your day without making fuss.”

NB: 1. My Mom and Papa watched TZP. My Papa always wanted me to grow in a Boarding/Residential school. So my Mom convinced him to watch the movie. Ok watched and the moral that my Papa says is : “ All parents cannot wait for an AmirKhan to find the disability with a kid. Parents should find and help the kid.
And Papa’s question to My Mama is, “How will this movie stop me from putting Aryan in Boarding school….?”
Mamma…is again confused about convincing Papa…

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


From shrieking and crying through out the morning, I have reached a level, where I just cry for a little while in Daycare..
I Like:
—To play with Gayathri. She taught a new rhyme. “My father is a docter, doc doc doc. My Mother is a teacher, teach teach teach…..” I simply say..eech eech eech….
—To slide—I love to slide. I have mastered the art of climbing on the Slide by myself. To master this, I did some practice at home by climbing on the sofa.
—To shout— Many a times I simply shout. My mom and Papa are wondering about the changes that occurred to me…
—To swing in Jula —Ofcourse Jula episode all of you know. The Jula in the day care is not sleepy. Thank god.
—To sit on duck—I say Quack Quack Quack when I sit on the rocking duck.
—To play inside the tent—My Mom does Igloo Igloo and she puts her dupatta on my face. I feel the same way when I go inside the daycare tent…
—To play with beads—I have seen beeds on my Mom’s neck. I try to pull it. She says it is her Mangal sootr and I should not pull it. Now in daycare, I play with different colored beeds and I enjoy this.
—To play with blocks—I try to fix one block on another, but when I am not able to do that, I get angry and throw away all the blocks. My teacher scolded me for this…Pooor me..

I no longer run away from kids, instead I try to play with them. If they come near to my Mom or touch my Mom I beat them and pull their hair…
Heee….Soon I may turn into ........????
You mommys can guess..

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sleepy JULA.

Ohohoo…I totally forgot to upload the photos of my toys that my Papa got from US. Here we go.

Last week my Papa got one Jula (Swing) for me. I love to swing in it. Only my Papa rocks me in Jula, no one else rocks me. So I eagerly wait for my Papa to come from office and as soon as he comes, I don’t even allow him to remove his shoe. I point my fingers towards the Jula and say Juahha Juahha and instruct him to put me in Jula. I sit happily……rocking and blabbering some words…..

After 15- 20 minutes, My Mom comes and tells me, Aryan come on get out of the Jula. I refuse. Then she tells, Aryan Jula is sleepy and you should not disturb anyone who is feeling sleepy, so come on get out. I still refuse. Then she says, Aryan come on I will put Om Shanthi Om song, get out of the Jula. (Can’t she understand that I can listen to OM Shanthi Om song even from Jula???)
This time I hold the jula rope tightly…

Atlast she comes and pats the Jula and starts saying..”Jo jo Jula rei rei Jula…” Now this Jula is always sleepy and thus it sleeps as soon as my Mom pats it. ahhh..she somehow makes the sleepy Jula to sleep. Now what to do??? I sadly get out of the Jula and keep wondering when the Jula will wake up from sleep.

What do you say Mommy friends…?????

Thursday, March 27, 2008

One day Schedule

Everyday morning, right from brushing teeth till I wear my shoes, I cry and plead my Mom not to send me to daycare. I run and hide behind the door, sit in the god’s room, roam here and there. But still she takes me and leaves me at daycare.
I cry for half hour and when the caretaker no longer tries to pacify me, I stop crying and then start poking nose into the other kids tiffin boxes. So I forget about my MOM and Papa and play round and round and round and round....

By lunch time, my Nagpur grandma picks me up. I show Taataa to everyone, wear my shoe, make sure that I take my sipper and tiffin box and of course make sure that I take my Mom's nighty and then I go home.

You know one thing. It took three months for me to learn 1 to 10. When my Papa went to US, my Mom and my Chella patti started saying one, two, three..and we count the stairs as we climb up and down. We count my toys and anything and everything in the house hold...
Now I have learnt 1 to 10. If my Mom says 1, then I say 2, if she says 3, I say 4......

When my Mom said to my neighbor that I can say from 1 to 10, she asked immediately. “Oh they taught this is daycare?”
I was surprised, they also “teach” in daycare...Hope I learn more and more and have fun at Daycare..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vishnu CD

HHAA…Enough of daycare updates. I cry cry cry, but still my Mom leaves. So now what to do????

Today let me tell you a story.
There was an Elephant (AANNA). It went to pond, for taking bath. It took its towel and soap. When it took bath a Crocodile came. Crocodile has big mouth. It opens and gulps even Cow (Ummmbaaa). Once I saw this in discovery channel. So the crocodile came and did one Kaddiii, means it bite the Elephant’s leg. Then elephant said, “ Narayana Narayana..It was calling Vishnu Bhagawan”. Then came Vishnu Bhagawan, with a Vishnu Chakkaram. Vishnu Chakkaram resembles a CD Disc. When My Mom comes to this point of the story I run here and there and look for my play CD. I insert the CD in my little finger and run towards my Mom. I hit her with the CD on her head like Vishnu Baghawan who hits the crocodile…Thus there ends the story and Mom ends up getting hits from me. I only hit my Mom because she only tells me this story…
Sometimes I roam the whole house with the CD inserted in my finger…

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DayCare updates

Morning, my Mom got dressed. She dressed me. I was very very happy thinking that she is going to take me to her office. I showed Taaattta to my Nagpur grandma and happily went with my Mom.
Little did I know that My Mom is having hidden plans. As we walked down the road, I saw Car, Concrete mixer, my Mom plucked flowers for me and we reached the Daycare.
The care taker was ready at the door step. She grabbed me from my Mom. My Mom wanted to stay there, but the Daycare aunty did not allow my Mom to stay. As my Mom left, I cried and tried my level best so that I can escape from the strangers hands….But no hope…I cried cried, took my Mom’s nighty and at last slept in the caretakers lap. She said Jo jo jo jo..
When I opened my eyes, my Nagpur grandma was there to receive me. I ran towards her holding my Mom’s nighty. My grandma told me to put the nighty in the bag and wear my shoes. She helped me to wear my shoes; I showed Taatttaa to other kids and the caretakers. I happily went home with my grandma…

Note: Yesterday to pacify my anger, My mom got a blue racing Car…I goes vroom……I really liked it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day Care. ..At last

Long before when my Mom was talking about daycare, I never thought it would be like this……A place where I cannot see Mama and Papa…

My Mom and Papa took me to a place called daycare. My Nagpur grandma also came with us. Papa was talking with the daycare aunty and my Mom was sitting with me. Many kids were there and My Mom started singing my favorite songs. All of us clapped and we had a nice time. I got a giraffe toy from daycare and I was happily exploring it sitting in my Mom’s lap.
Suddenly all good times came to an end. My Mom and Papa went away leaving me behind. I was carried away by someone. I cried cried cried…for 1 hr…
I guess my Mom should have anticipated this and she had packed her nighty in my daycare bag. I feel very very secured when I hold her nighty. Atlast, seeing me crying so much the daycare aunty gave me my Mamas nighty and I was holding very tight. I took her nighty and went and sat in one corner. Was blabbering Amma Amma Mom Mama..I stopped crying after sometime and was waiting for my mama to come.
My Nagpur grandma came and picked me from the daycare. Now I am at home. Completely Angry with my MOM. I will not talk to her when she comes home today. How she can drop me in a completely new place and vanish…..
Angry and Sad Aryan…

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fasting for Mom

I fasted for two days. My Mom gives breakfast in the morning, goes to office. I don’t eat lunch in the afternoon; neither do I have snacks in the evening. I simply drink water and eat two biscuits. My Nagpur Grandma is so patient; she tries her level best to feed me. I love her also, but I want my Mom to be with me. What if my Mom also goes in Ku chuku chuku train like my chella patti? Evening when my mom comes at 6:00 P.M., she feeds me cereals and I eat happily.

I am just fasting for my Mom to come home early. But my hope was shattered for the past two days. My Mom did not come early from office; but my Papa came home early and played with me. He taught me Fire Engine book, played ball with me, played jumpy with me…I LOVE YOU PAPA…..

Anyway today I have decided to stop fasting and start eating lunch during the day….Hope I eat…..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Language Problem

There was a time when I faced transition very bravely. I was happy with both the grandmas. This time it has become very very difficult.

PAPA came from US. He got five cars, one concrete mixer, one tipper lorry, one crane, one mud lorry, one tonga, one concrete mixer T shirt, and lots and lots of books. My favorite one is the fire engine book. Soon my Mom will post the photos…now she is in rigmarole because of me.

I don’t understand Marathi…My Nagpur grandma speaks Marathi and I do not understand anything…

I ask her THaaa…for something, she shows Tataaa
I asked her about KAKA (Crow) and she thinks I am talking about KAKA (Uncle in Marathi)

I only understand Tamil and English. My Mama and Papa talks in English and My Chella patti and my Mom talks in Tamil…
Now, in Koo chuku Chella patti went to TVM, when my papa came. My Nagpur grandma came to take care of me…I miss my Chella patti a lot..
Now I cry cry cry..
Yesterday I cried from 9 am to 12:00 noon… Did not eat anything the whole day and was just waiting for Mom to come from office. My Papa came early to take care of me.
Today also I am crying my level best and will try to make my Mom come home. She is super busy in office nowadays, because my Moms big boss came from US, thus she doesn’t come early…poor me

My Mom thinks that to avoid the language confusion she will put me in the Day care, where they talk English and Hindi. Yesterday my Papa and Mama went in search of one.
The funny thing is that the baby sitters in that day care talk in Telugu…Ahh one more language to confuse me….

Monday, March 10, 2008

Why my Mom Denied….

Today morning when my Mom was leaving to office, I slowly went behind her. I was just waiting for her to take her office bag from the cupboard. She took her bag, kept it on the cot and went in search of her mobile. I marched to the kitchen, took my water sipper and placed it inside her bag. Then I went to the kitchen again and was searching for biscuits. Couldn’t get one as it was in the cupboard. So I went to my Mom again.

The logic is: Whenever my Mom takes me out, she takes my sipper and one small ParlieJi biscuit packet. I thought, by keeping the sipper inside her bag, she would take me also along with her to her office..

All false hopes…She coolly kept the sipper out of her bag. She told,” Aryan I am going to office, I cannot take you. Placing sipper in my Bag doesn’t mean that I have to take you”.
I simply listened to her. I did not cry. I showed Tata tata..when she went. See I am not a cry baby right????

But why did my Mom deny me ….???

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Crazy 8 Tag for me

Crazy 8 Tag for me by Wunderyearz mommy..By now all my mommy friends know all about me….Still I thought I will take up the tag and do this. Yipee yipeee…
8 Things I am passionate about:
1. Giyaaf AKA Giraffe. That is my favorite animal. I have giraffe toy. One is very small; other one is mama giraffe and third one is of medium size. I hold the medium size giraffe and I need that toy whenever I go out of the house.....
2. Concrete mixer and Car—Equal Importance to both of them and Caa..Caa for both of them. I have some 20 car toys now. Thus now my Mom said she will no longer get car toys…
3. Flowers—plucking flowers and crushing it. My chella patti helps to pluck the Poos..
4. My Mom’s Night Dress—I love my Mom’s night dress. I hold it when my Mom is away and sleep with it.
5. Mom, Amma, Mamaa…..I am simply behind my Mom..holding her dress..and does not leave her alone I am with her whenever she is at home.
6. I love to play Uppu Chhakku (Salt Gunny bag) with my Mom.
7 . I love to play train train with my Chella patti…I love to play with her. She amuses me a lot.
8. I love to see my Chella patti making dosa..I say sooo sooo and see how she makes..Sometimes I try to imitate her.

8 Things I do that drives My Mom crazy:
1. Not allowing my Mom to even use the toilet when my Mom is back home from work . So she makes sure that she finishes her toilet needs in her office itself.
2. Making fuss for eating medicines.
3. When I try to explain something, My mom doesn’t understand. I cry and she becomes crazy.
4. I hate to take bath nowadays. I don’t know why, but my Mom gets angry for this reason.
5. I have to keep all my vehicle toys and animal toys in my bed and make them sleep before I sleep. I have a small concrete mixer, bull dozer, two buses and lot many cars. Thus there is no space for my Mom to sleep. She becomes angry and put those toys down after I sleep. The next morning I become angry because my toys are down.
6. When someone eats something, I extend my hands and ask Thaaa…Even to strangers I do that. Not that I want to eat what they are eating, I simply want to hold in my hand and crush it into pieces. My mom hates this habit. She has told me not to ask stangers.
7. I run behind cockroach and get hold of it.
8. I cry suddenly. When someone calls me a loud noise, I cry. I cannot even tolerate a little scolding…..or raised voice.

8 Things that I say often:
1. Mom and Ti(Calling Mom and my chella patti)
2. Thaaa(When I want to ask something to someone, I extend my hand and ask Thaaa..)
3. Papa
4. Kaaka(crow)
5. Kaa(Car)
6. Giyaff
7. Ohhhohh(when something disappears, something happens)
8. Eethu (Points towards a thing and asks what is it).

8 Books that I have read:
1. Vehicle Board book
2. Animal Board book
3. Number Board book
4. Vegetable Board book
5. Birds Board book
6. When Tiny was tiny book
7 Animals stories by Padma TV. I see the colorful pictures of peacocks and seahorses.
8. Big Alphabet board book. I love to see Igloo in it..and say igoo igooo…

8 songs that I listen to over and over:
1. Yeh Ishq ahai (Jab we meet)
2. Darde Disco (OSO)
3. Kaisai (OSO)
4. Om Shanthi OM (I dance raiseing my hand like SRK)
5. My Nursery rhymes.

8 Things that makes me the person I am:
1. I am introvert and shy to strangers. I cry when I see strangers. So an official stamp for me is that, “Aryan is a cry baby”. My Mom’s relatives ask my mom. “Does Aryan cry even now?” My mom says yes…
2. Loves to eat BINGO and Ice cream.
3. Very slow and very cautious. I will not rush for anything in hurry. I make sure that my Mom is with me.
4. Calm, but cries for funny things.
5. Switching on the computer, when my Mom is away. My grandma has to wonder how to switch it off.
6. Hates being carried or even touched by strangers. I simply show Tattaa and come inside my house.
7. Loves to cuddle and to be cuddled. I am loving this for the past one week.
8. Seeing animals in Discovery or Animal channels.

8 People I think should do this tag (Kids or Moms, whichever way you like to do it). I am tagging my kiddy friends. Mommy friends, if you like this tag, please take it up and do it.

Kutie Brother
Friend Chubby Aryan
Apya sister

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I dance like Peacock

Trivandrum is a nice place for trees and birds. Opposite to my house there is a big tree…Very big tree. Mom calls it banyan tree. Everyday morning I used to come out of the house and look at that tree. I could see lots and lots of birds. I saw almost all the birds from my Bird board book. I saw
Hoopoe and some more birds that I couldn’t recognize..

I was very excited to see canary. It was very bright….
But oh god where is Peacock? My favorite bird!!! I couldn’t see peacock in the banyan tree!
Later on my Mom and my Chella patti took me to a near by Murugan temple. My Mom told that peacock is the mode of transportation for Murugan Swami…
There in a cage I saw two peacocks. One was swinging in the swing and the other was lying down. When my Mom said Muruga Muruga, it stretched its wings and I saw the peacock feather. I was all excited to see the peacock feather and my grandpa got some peacock features for me…My Mom tickles me with that and I enjoy it the most…

Ok back to the story…so now when you say Muruga Muruga to me…I stretch my hands and flap them. Just trying to imitate the peacock that I saw in the temple. However, I don’t have feathers like the real peacock!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why Bear Don’t Have Tail???

Ahhh…..two days before, I completed 1yr 6 months….and my Mom and Papa forgot that?????
Anyway just waiting for my Papa to come and will complain about my Mom for forgetting my successful completion of one and half year in Aryan’s household…….

Ok, I am back. I really enjoyed the trip. First we went to Airport. I saw the big plane with close-up view. I wanted to go and get hold of the wheels, but my Mom said I am too small for it. As we boarded the flight, I was little scared and was little cranky. My Mom put some ear drops and I was all annoyed for this. As we sat down, I was excited to the lights above our seat. The journey started and I was all happy looking at my book and playing with my Giraffe and Bear toy…After some time the pilot announced that we are going to land and everyone fastened the seat beat. I helped my Mom to fasten her seat belt and then the whole problem started…

The flight did not land. It did not get run way clearance it seems (What is that…I am yet to discover)…So the flight started going around and around …and My mom and my chella patti was almost giddy. My chella pati was ready to puke and My mom was holding me tight and closing her eyes…I was not all affected. (I hope that ear drops worked…). I was all bothered about why my bear toy did not have tail.

Giraffe has tail, Camel has tail, Uumba (cow) has tail, Hippo and Dear have a small tail, even a small cat has a long tail, and then why Bears don’t have a tail. I pointed towards the Bear and was asking my Mom..eethu eethu…My mom did not understand. Then I pointed towards my Giraffe toy’s tail and asked my Mom..Eethu Eethu..My mom said,” It is a tail”.
So when I asked about Bear she said bears don’t have tail…I was not convinced with this answer and again asked her eethu eethu..I asked her the same question for about 10 times. My Mom was furious and irritated. She was not able to manage herself , how can she give me explanation for the Bear’s tail disappearance????

At last my Mom said,” Aryan do you have tail?” I got up to see that. I did not have tail. Ohhh…I DID NOT HAVE TAIL. I WAS SURPRISED. So bear also will not have tail. I was pacified with this answer. But still I wanted a Bear toy with a tail….so that I can pull it.. Anyway I started playing with my Giraffe’s tail…

Why can’t my Mom and chella patti put the ear drops? They could have escaped from this giddiness right…
Anyway we landed at the Kochi Airport and my Thatha (Grandpa) was there to receive us. As promised he got 7 cars for me….I was all excited. I took all the cars from him but did not go to him….I have not seen him for around 8 months now and thus was not comfortable going to him…
Then we took a train and went to Trivandrum…My Uncle was there to receive us. We went home….

Soon I will be back with more news….about going to Beach, seeing Peacock in Murugan temple, Going with my Mom for the prayers…Playing with my Uncle’s kids..”Achu akka and Kannan anna”, bribing my Thatha for more toys……..playing with the Yellow truck that my chitti patti (My Chella patti’s sister) got me..lot more…..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

On a Break

No mood for anything. I am just cranky. When I get up in the morning, I simply cry. I get angry with my Mom. To remove my crankiness my Mom got me a big Mamma giraffe. It is tall and has a long tail. I hold it in my hand and roam the whole house.

We are traveling to my Mom place, Thiruvananthapuram (in Kerala), on Feb 16th. My Thatha (Grandfather) is working in VSSC and he told he will get me a car toy. Should he not get me a rocket????

My Mom is going to offer prayers during Attukal Pongala. This year it falls on Feb 22nd 2008 and around 25 lakhs women devotees are estimated to offer this prayer to Attukal devi

Last year on the Pongala day my Mom gave me solid food. This year she is going to leave me with my Chella patti and go to temple and offer pongala nevaidhiyam to the Attukal devi. We will be back to Hyderabad on 26th Feb. Till then, Mommy friends be nice to kiddies..
From your Lovely Little Friend
Aryan Karmore

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rain, why did you do Shoo on my dress?

“Aryan, yesterday night rain came.” When My Mom said this today morning, I was all happy and I and jumped from my jula. I instructed my ChellaPatti (TI, that is what I call her) to open the door. She took me to the balcony. I saw the rain….for the first time….It was still drizzling.

Ooohhh…My dresses were drenched in rain. Seeing this, I went inside the house and signaled my mom to come and see the drenched dress…

“Aryan, rain came and did shoo on your dress, because you don’t do shoo in the restroom. So, whenever shoo comes you should tell us and go to restroom and do it, otherwise rain will come and do shoo on all your dresses.” This was my Moms reaction…

Rain, why did you do shoo on my dress? Sometimes I forget that I should do shoo in the restroom.
Anyway I love you rain. I really love to see you…My Mom loves to play in rain. She loves the earthy smell of the first showers. She promised that when my health is good, together we will play in the rain…

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Updates and Awards

My Mom has two more tags pending. One to write about a cherished possession that rewinds her thoughts and other to write about her love story..I am not restricting her to write,she is LAZY. But she will do it soon.
She is all happy and dancing because she got an award from Swathi mommy for being the best blogging buddy…
Hip hurray…Thanks Swathi mommy for making us happy.
Now My Mom officially AWARD this to ALL MY BLOGGING BUDDIES. Each comment and every person visiting my blog makes her happy. Thanks everybody. There was a time when she thought of putting an end to this blog as she thought that no one was reading it. Then she discovered the blogging world around her…and now she is proud to take this award.

Now back to my updates
Day one:
Morning—After my convalesces, my Mom went to office. My Chella patti fed me the breakfast. As soon as she finished, I hurriedly drank some water, took my Mom’s nightdress, and went near to my jula. (I always keep my Moms nightdress with me when I sleep in jula). I asked her to put me in the jula and rock. My chella patti rocked and I slept.
Afternoon—As soon as I finished eating my lunch, I asked my chella patti to rock me in jula. Even though she knew that, I am not sleepy, she rocked me. She was thinking that I am tired and she rocked rocked and rocked…for an hour. Then she got angry and took me out and said Aryan what do you want. Why are you not sleeping…?
I did not hint her about my hidden thoughts. I just went to play…
Night—Same scenario, I want to sleep as soon as I have my food. My mom was there and she was questioning me for my quiescent behavior. My Mom rocked and I slept.

Thus I escaped from medicines…ahh big relief..

Day Two
The same drama continued till the evening. My chella patti was thinking, Pavam Aryan is so tired let him sleep. Now that he is kind of regaining his health, let me not give him medicine.
At night, when my Mom came she understood my tactics. Little did I know that even though I act as if I am feeling sleepy after food, my Mom will for sure give me medicines and then only make me sleep.
She said, “Aryan even though you are sleepy, you have to drink medicine till you are completely alright. Then only you can sleep”.

All my drama of feeling sleepy was in vain. I just managed to escape from medicine for one day. The next day my mom crushed my plans and she gave medicines promptly.

Are Mommies are smarter than kiddies!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Five Facts About Me

My favourite mommys- Noon, Cantaloupes Amma, and MummyJaan tagged my Mom. Cheating mommies cheating. This is my blog so the post will be about me. Therefore, I am taking up the tag and I am going to write about my previous post.

Rules For The Tag
Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5key words given : family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

Family: I love my Mom, my Papa, my Chella pati, and my Nagpur grandma. I have not written a posts about my chella pati and my Nagpur grandma but I have written about Mom and Papa.

Friend: This is a post about my friend Sangeetha Didi. She was staying in my house to help my Nagpur Grandma to take care of me. When my Nagpur Grandma went to Nagpur she also went because my Chella pati cannot understand her language. Once I got angry with her, but I miss her now.
Here is the post.

Yourself: All of you must be knowing about me now. Still let me point to my first introductory post.

Your love: Ahhh..she is sweet, cute and is having lots of hair. Her name is Athira. Oh I wish I could see her again. Opps she will be one year by Feb 9th 2008. Read my love story. I just managed to kiss her.

Anything you like: I love music, giraffe, concrete mixer (As a fact any vehicles), nursery rhymes…..To see my mom dancing and playing with me, to hear my Chella patti’s story..Read my Giraffe post..

Now tagging time. This time, I am tagging only Akkas not Mommys. I will give chocolates (as I promised before) and will tag:

Timepass Akka
Rayshma Akka (I know she is already tagged)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Poo ...Message

I am back with a bang. My health has improved. I do not have fever. Thank you everyone for your prayers…

You know what, not only my Mom but even I can also play tagging games…
Preethi Mommy made my day and she tagged me. She gave me flowers and positive vibes…..I love flowers ..

Everyday morning I pull my chella patti’s hand and tell her to take me down. There is a tree near by and we pluck flowers from it. I say poo..pooo..for flowers and hold it in my hand. After sometime, I crush those flowers and throw that away. My Mom told that I should not crush flowers and told me to give the flowers to god. What will god do with flowers???

For past few days, I did not go to pluck flowers and was sad. Thus, today morning my Mom told me that Preethi mommy has given me flowers and it is in the computer. I ran behind my Mom and switched on the computer. I was very happy to see the flowers in the computer.
Preethi Mommy, even though I did not crush the computer flowers I gave one puppy to it.

Now, I am going to give these flowers to my Mommy friends. I am sure they will feel happy to see this poo.

First of all, along with a puppy I will give this positive poo to my Periyamma. She doesn’t blog, but I am just blogging for her. All my posts are intended for her because she motivates me to write.

Now to my mommy friends…

I am tagging my favorite Mommy friends…

Noon Mommy—She is so so sweet and I really like the way she patiently deals with my big brother KB. Noon mommy, take my poo and give to others…

MummyJaan—She is one naughty mommy who tries her tricks with my sister Apya…She invited me to her house…HUGS to you…Mummyjann, take my poo and give to others….

2’b Mommy—I miss you a lot nowadays…She is busy. I will make dosa for her..2B’s Mommy, take my poo and give to other mommys….

K3 Mommy—Ahhh..I am bribing her for the yellow truck that Kutie has…K3 Mommy, take my poo and give me truck..hehhehehe

Wunderyearz—This flower is for jelly, my sweet little sister…

Swathi mommy—I am sure chubby Aryan will love the flowers that I give him…Swathi mommy when you are back from marriage take my poo…

Note: Other mommy friends, I will give you chocolates the next time when I play the tagging game. No crying OK…

Monday, February 4, 2008

I am sick

Thank you all mommy friends...for your prayers..
Eye infection stopped and lung congestion started...Mom took me for nebulization three chest injection...And two bottles crocin and Ibugesic finished..Still I am bed ridden or I can say Moms lap ridden. When will I recover? All my favourite food is no longer favourite..I have not eaten anything for the past 7 days...
With Luv
Crying Aryan...

NB: Oh I forgot to add. Hearing my pathetic condition, my Grandparents came from Nagpur to Hyderabad to see me. But can they drink my medicines...???? No right. Just the majority of people who are involved in the Drama of giving me medicine have increased now.
My Mom puts me in her lap and tries to give medicine, My Chella patti holds my head, my Nagpur Grandma holds my hands and my Grandfather sometimes try to close my nostril for smooth intake of the medicine...
The whole idea is really smooth!!!!!!
Papaaaa where are you???? When will you come???

Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am crying the whole day. I am cranky. Water is incessantly flowing from my eyes. My eyes are red. 104c fever. My mom will come early from office..Mom mom Babababaa…

Ahh..Mommy friends I have eye infection…But neither I can drink medicine, nor I can allow my mom to apply it in my eye.

I am scared of medicine…Long before to escape from me my Mom kept a medicine bottle in her hand and was working in the computer. I did not dare to go near to her. I escaped from her …..But now I guess my Mom is not going to leave me without medication. Please can anyone help me?????

Monday, January 28, 2008

A to Z of My Mom

Hi Mommy friends…You are playing tagging game again? Swathi Mommy and Timepass Akka tagged my mom..So I am allowing her to write about her….

A - Available? – Have to think…
B - Best Friend – My sister
C - Cake or pie - Cake
D - Drink of choice – Chikku shake
E - Essential thing used everyday – Ear bud
F - Favorite Color – Yellow, Black, and sky blue
G - Gummi bears or worms – Worms??? Ahhah..
H - Hometown – Trivandrum, Kerala
I - Indulgence - Chocolates
J - January or February – Jan, my birthday month
K - Kids and names - Aryan my sweetheart
L - Life is incomplete without - Loved ones
M - Marriage Date – November 7th 2005
N - Number of siblings - One
O - Oranges or apples - Oranges
P - Phobias or fears – Driving Car
Q - Quote - At work, you think of the children you have left at home. At home, you think of the work you've left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself. Your heart is rent. I got this quote from K3 and I feel it is very good. Thanks k3 for sharing it.
R - Reason to smile - Aryan
S - Season - Spring
T - Tag three people - Wunderyearz ,e homemaker and Preethi
U - Unknown fact about me – Who will know that….???
V - Vegetable you don't like – Infact I eat all veggies…..
W - Worst habit – Sleeping too much. I can even sleep within 5 minutes..anywhere
X - X-rays you have had - Chest
Y - Your favorite food – Brinjal fry
Z - Zodiac – Capricorn.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Holding one bikki (Biscuit) in my tiny hand and roaming around the whole house is one of my timepass. After sometime if I see something interesting, I drop the bikki and go away. Many a times after I sleep, if my Mom patrols the house she gets 4-5 bikkis. According to my Mom, I waste 4-5 bikkis a day. However, according to me, I don’t waste it. I just enjoy this act and if no one is around me, I try to eat the bikki from the floor. If my Mom sees this, she scolds because I am eating the bikki from floor.

What is her problem in life? If I ask for bikki to hold and roam she doesn’t give me. If I eat the thrown bikki from floor she hates it..Ahh managing my Mom is very difficult.

Now, when I mean One bikki, why can’t she give me One???? She simply takes the bikki from the cover, breaks it into two and gives me one-half. The other day I was very angry at this behavior and I threw the half Bikki that she gave me. Then she gave me a FULL ONE bikki. I was very happy. She simply did this to see the glow in my face. And of course I blushed with a big smile..
My dear Mommy, Hugs to you…

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Favorite Song

Nowadays, whenever I hear some good songs in the TV, I dance to its tune. I got bored of listening to Nursery Rhymes.

I particularly like one song, the best. My Mom said it is from the movie JAB WE MEET. What is a movie?? God knows, but that song is the best.
It starts like YE ISHQ LAYAI..OH RAMA

I am crazy about this song. Whenever I see this song in the TV, I dance. After it is finished, I say BA BA..but that song never comes again. I really get angry sometimes and start squirming in the floor. Once I started crying because I was sad that the song did not come.

My Mom said “ Aryan, the Akka, who is dancing in the song, has gone to sleep. Akka Jo Jo pannara. Poor Akka, she should also sleep right???”

But still I was not convinced by this answer but I stopped crying and saying BA Baa..I was very sad.

Then my Mom took me near to the computer, kept the headphone in my head and played that song from the computer. Even though I could not see that Akka dancing in that song, but I could hear it.( Mom told AKKA did not come because she was SLEEPING) I was so happy so happy and was engrossed in the song. I started clapping my hands also. I listened to that song for five times. My Mom was surprised that the song made me sit in one place for 25 minutes.
After all, why is my Mom blaming me for listening to songs? When I was in her stomach, she used to listen to songs always and that too repeat the same song for so many times. Poor me!!!! I used to be bored in her stomach listening to the same old song repeatedly.

But the song from JAB WE MEET movie has made me crazy.

Whenever I am cranky, My Mom sings that song and tries to dance like that song Akka. Seeing this, I stop crying and I dance with her. Hehee..I feel very happy.

However, one question.

Mommy friends, is my Mom trying to use that song as a tool to stop my crankiness???

Friday, January 18, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Hi Mommy friends, today I completed my one year existence in this blog kingdom. I have gained lots of mommy friends during this blogging journey. Thanks a lot to all mommy bloggers. Thanks a ton to my sweet periyamma. She misses me a lot (as she is not in Hyderabad) and she feels very good to read my pranks…Thank you everyone for supporting me and encouraging me to write more more. Hope to continue this journey for a long time…(That is in the hands of my Mom. Sometimes she is lazy to write. What can I do, I don’t know computer??)

Of course, THANK YOU Papa for giving me the idea to create my own blog.

With puppy and hugs..
Name : Aryan Karmore
Gender: Male Toddler
Age: 16 months , 3 weeks and 1day old
Occupation: Currently managing my Mom and my Chella patti

Thursday, January 17, 2008

General Updates

I am not well. With my runny nose, I am running around the whole house. Yesterday my Mom came early from office. However, today she is not coming yet. I am waiting here.

As usual, Dosa was today’s breakfast. To help my Chella patti, as soon as she kept the dosa tava on the gas burner, I looked around for the stick by which she flip-flaps the dosa. I found that and gave it to her. She was happy and kissed me in return.

Yesterday I saw one CD Rom on top of the table. Took that away, went near to the computer, and tried to insert the CD inside. I was not sure where to insert that. Long before I have seen my papa taking it out from the computer and he only gave me the CD for playing.

Anyway, seeing my effort to insert the CD into the CD disc, my Mom said I am not grown enough to do that job. When I can insert a CD Rom into the CD disc of the computer. When I grow as tall as a Giraffe???

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My mom gives me bath in a baby bathtub. During my bath, every time she tells me to stand up so that she can apply soap in my bottom part, I do not listen to her. I fear that if I get up she will take me out of the tub and throw the water.

Today suddenly while giving bath she said, “Aryan, see Giraffe came yesterday night when you were sleeping. It told me that Aryan is a good boy provided he stands up during bath and allows his Mom to apply soap in his bottom part”.

I was surprised when I heard that. I really missed seeing the giraffe. My Mom did not wake me up. Therefore, to be in the good books of giraffe, I immediately got up and made my Mom’s job easy.

Oh Giraffe when will you come again..?? Please do not come when I am sleeping. I love your tail rather than your neck. Will pull your tail when you come again.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Whenever I want to call someone or something near to me, I show signals with my hand and say “Ba Ba”. My Mom says, “Aryan VA Va and I go near to her.” But, I cannot pronounce “Va. Va”, I can only say “Ba..Ba”. (I am damn sure, when my Nagpur Grandma comes, she will be confused to see me talking in Tamil. Infact “Ba..Ba.” in Marathi means Papa. Ahh I am already confused..Ok that is another never-ending story…)

So, I shake my hand towards my Mom and say Ba..Ba, My mom comes near to me.

I shake my hand towards my Chella Patti and say Ba..Ba, My Chella pati comes near me.

Sometime, when I shake my hand towards crows and say Ba..Ba, the crows also fly away.

But when I shake my hand towards a CAR toy that is under the sofa and say BA..BA, it doesn’t come near to me!! How can I go under the sofa and take the CAR toy. Why the CAR doesn’t come towards me?

Yesterday I tried calling the CAR many a times and it did not come, I got very angry and I threw the other CAR that was in my hand. My Mom was angry at this behavior and she rolled her eyes. I get scared when I see her angry face. I started crying and she ignored and went away. Later she took the CAR, which was below the sofa, and gave it to me. She made me pick the CAR that I threw. She said that I should not throw any toy because it will break. She also told me that she would get me a remote CAR. If I press the button, the CAR will come near to me. Can I get a remote Mom so that I will always press the button and she will be always near to me?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Concrete Mixer

When my Periyamma commented about collecting Hot wheel car toys, I remembered about Concrete mixer. I love that vehicle very very much. I see its picture from my vehicle book. Yesterday three real Concrete mixers came near to my house. My Chella Patti took me out of the house and I was seeing them.
When my Mom asks me, how the Concrete mixer rotates, I show actions with my hand and make brrbbrrrrr..brrbbbrrrrrr sound

My Papa was saying he would get a real Car after he comes from US. Papa can you get me a real Concrete mixer???

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Little Chef and his Team

There is team building activity happening between me and my Chella patti in my household.
Everyday my Chella patti asks my Mom,

“What do you want for breakfast?”

My Mom replies, “Anything that you make.”

Then the team members, me and my Chella patti, go inside the kitchen and start making dosa. My Chella patti takes me in one hand and then with the other hand she makes dosa. I love to watch the sound that comes when dosa is made. Sssooo..sssooo. I mimic this sound Sssooo sssooooo. Teaming up with Chella patti and making dosa is my latest craze.

Today my Chella patti asked my Mom” What do you want for breakfast?”
My Mom replied, “Oh no, not dosa again. I have been eating dosa for three days”

Then as usual we, the team marched inside the kitchen. I started making ssooo sssoo noise and was pointing towards dosa tava…
And my chella pati ended up making dosa and my Mom ended up eating it.
Hehehe…What a good partner I have in my team!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Group Photo of My Toys

There was a photo clicking session before my papa went to US. Papa, My Mom, and me went to a photo studio for this. Whenever I feel like seeing my Papa, I look at our group photo. The photo frame is already in a dilapidated condition. I hope it does not get extinct before my papa comes back…

Suddenly a thought clicked my Mom. All of a sudden, she was all excited and started arranging all my toys one by one. I did not know what she was up to. As she started to arrange the toys….I started to remove the toys..
Then she told me not to take any toys until she takes Photo. I kind of understood when I heard the word “photo” and thus started helping her in the process.

Then at last the toys were arranged. My favorite Orange Birdie with blue nose was placed beside the green ducky. I used to love the orange birdie very very much when I was small. I wrote a post on this long before.

All the Cars were placed in the front row. Animals in the second row and my nursery rhymes CD on top of the elephant toy. Mommy friends, here is the photo…

Opps my Mom missed to take the snap of my tommy doggie.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Miss Muffet and Master Aryan

Little Miss Muffet.
Sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey
Then their came a spider, who sat down beside her..
Frighten Miss Muffet away….

Whenever I see this Nursery rhyme, I ask my Mom to give me a spoon and a bowl. I have seen Miss Muffet eating her curds and whey…and I like to imitate her..

The other day, my Mom gave me a bowl of curd and she customized the rhyme for me. Here it goes:

Little Master Aryan..
Sat on a floor mat, eating his curds and curds…
Then their came a cockroach, who sat down beside him
And Aryan hit the cockroach away…

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mosquito Killing Mission

The other day I did not sleep. Mosquitoes have invaded our house, especially in my room.

What is a Mosquito???
My Mom told that mosquito is an insect. She showed me a dead mosquito. I also saw one flying around my head.

Even though my Mom switches on the mosquito repellant in the evening, the mosquitoes creep some how. One mosquito bit me all over my face and my body. So yesterday, my Mom was very angry at the mosquitoes. She started killing it. When it flies, she runs behind it and claps her hand. The mosquito gets trapped in her hand and it dies. I thought I should also help my Mom in the Mosquito killing mission. Thus when she claps, I also run behind her, raise my hands and clap.

However, no mosquito gets trapped in my hand. How can I improve my mosquito killing skills???

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New year wish, To son with love..

Dear Aryan,

You were born on 27 August 2006, a day I cannot forget in my life. A Sunday , a Vinayaka chathurthi day…My adorable darling, from that moment I am with you. I cannot think of a life without you….

How nice I feel:
When I see the happiness in your face after I come from office
When you run behind me saying Mom Mom..
When you hold my dress and roam the whole house waiting for me to come from office
When you search for me and look at my photo at least some 10 times a day.

How bad I feel:
When you cry for no reason and when you try to be stubborn. When I scold you for this behavior and when you still come to me and cry for my scolding…
When you fall down and hurt yourself.
When you are sick and tried.
When you don’t eat properly
When I leave you in daycare (Still I have not left you in day care)

Oh my dear Aryan..I love you. May this year be full of blossoms in your life. You will learn to talk properly, you will learn to eat by yourself, you will learn to behave socially with other kids, you will learn to sleep alone, you will learn to play more…..oh no so many milestones ahead…

Aryan’s Mom

My Vocabulary-II

When my Mom's laziness vanished, she decided to post more about my vocabulary. What to do, I cannot operate computer by myself??

Word: Hippa
Meaning: Hippopotamus
Used: When I play with my yellow Hippa toy that my Periamma got me.

Word: ish
Meaning: Fish
Used: When I take bath in my bath tub and play with my Fish toy

Word: aatthaa..
Used: When someone asks me, Where is that object, I point my hand towards that particular object and say aattha..

Word: Eethu?
Used: When I want to know about the name of a particular object, I point my hand towards that particular object and I ask Eethu question to my Mom.
Sometimes my Mom tries to escape from my Eethu question. The other day I was picking the alphabets one by one and asking her this question. This session went for an hour. After this episode, for two days, the alphabet toy was not to been seen anywhere in the house. Later on I came to know that my Mom hid that toy somewhere to escape from eethu question.

Word: Dammaa
Used: When my Chella Patti asks me this question“ How did the food fall from crow’s mouth”, I say Dammaa…