Friday, April 27, 2007

The Ninth Month

Yeppe..It is me. I have successfully completed my eight month. Today I am sailing in the ninth month boat. Mama told me that I was in her womb for nine months and four days. What did I do at that time? It should have been boring right?

But now I do a lot of things, here is a snapshot:

–I crawl and reach for objects that are exciting me (Almost everything excites me)
–I play with two toys simultaneously. I like those toys which make odd noise.
–I sit without support and eat food with my own tiny hand. I eat pieces of carrots and baked potato.
–I blabber mmama..dada…and grab their attention.
–I easily recognize my Mom, my Dad and my Granny.
–I don’t jump to strangers.
–I also understand the word NO. It is used when my Mom is angry with me.

Today being the beginning of ninth month let me describe about my Papa. I love my Papa. Papa is big and strong. He points towards his eyes, ears, mouth, hairs, and nose to demonstrate and teach me about the parts of a body. Every morning he holds me in his hand and I climb on his chest. He teaches me ABCD from a short picture book. I cannot sleep at night, if I don’t see my papa in the evening. He consoles me when I cry, he gives me bath when I feel hot, he plays with me whenever I want, he applies powder on me after I take bath, he rocks me when I am in the cradle, he kisses me when he is back from office. Just to summarize…He loves me very very much and I love to be with my papa. (Provided I am not hungry)

I am feeling sleepy now. Time to say a short bye.

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Anonymous said...

You are very cute Aryan. Good Imagination