Monday, February 16, 2009


I am a fan of spider man. I stand like him, I wear T-shirts with his pictures, and I try to walk like him. My mother was the one who indulged this craze in me.

The history goes like this: On one Sunday, during the mid of January she saw spider man movie which came in Star plus. I also had to watch that with her and somehow I understood what spider man is……..

Yesterday, My papa and Mama were talking. I was playing with my colors. Suddenly my Papa said, what to do, “Great Power comes with Great responsibility.” Like a lightening, something clicked in my mind. Wait what did papa say, Great power……oh…
“ PAPA SPIDERMAN SAYS THIS NOT PAPAs””. This is what I told him….

My Papa was little taken aback with my words, but he chose to keep quiet and move on……
Why was he shocked?
1.Did he expect that: When I am playing, I keep my ears and eyes shut and I am oblivious of what people are talking in the surroundings?
2.Did he expect that: I have a poor memory and I don’t recollect what my favorite movie star’s dialogue is?
3.Did he expect that: I am a dumb 2.6 yrs old kid, who simply knows to listen rather than voice my opinion in a discussion?