Monday, June 28, 2010

Papa’s Birthday

It is Papa’s birthday today. I didn’t wish him in the morning. I was simply thinking about the balloons that mamma got for me. I was thinking that it is my birthday.

You know what; I have got a “J” factor associated with me. When I saw Papa wearing the new dress, which my mamma and Aayi got for him, this factor cropped in me. When I saw Papa looking good and charming while going to office, this factor cropped. When I saw my Mamma, putting Kumkum to Papa and doing Namaskaram (Bending down and touching feet) to him this factor cropped…

Atlast I declared, “Mamma today evening is my birthday. Get me new dress, sweets, blow balloons for me, put music, do namaskaram to me, and then we will cut cake…..”

Anyway just to pacify me and make me get ready for the school, she agreed. Hope she organizes this mini party for me.

By the way, the secret flowers that Mamma ordered for Papa on his birthday got delivered yesterday itself. Any comments on this goofy mamma?

The Balloon Episode

Every Sunday, Balloon vendor comes to sell balloons. We have a look at his balloon collection from our balcony and decide on the one that I want. Then my Mamma gives me money. I climb down alone and give the money to him and get the balloon of my choice.

By looking at the balloon from balcony, my Mamma understands the cost of the balloon and gives me the exact amount.
This Sunday also he came. I wanted a small blue balloon. My mamma gave me Rs 5 and told me to go and get it.

When I went there, he said

“Tum jaho, Ek rupee kum hai. Balloon nahi hai” (You go, one rupee is less, so no balloon.)

Saying this he went away not giving me Balloon.

I felt very humiliated. I climbed upstairs crying. My Mamma and Papa ran down to talk to the Balloon vendor, but he was gone.

I cried for 10-20 minutes and my mamma pacified me somehow saying she will get more balloons in the evening.

The unanswered question that my Mamma has is:

“ Every Sunday we buy Balloons from him, even if the balloon rate has increased with the increased petroleum charges, the Balloon vendor should have told Aryan to call mamma and get more money, instead of saying No to a kid.”

But my papa thinks differently:

He says, It is OK Mamma, atleast you son will learn to cope with rejections and he will understand the value of money. Next time you give him money, he will think whether this is enough or not. With this example we will teach him the value of one rupee.”

But what I think and told Mamma after this episode is:

“Mamma, Balloon wala did not give me that small blue balloon that I wanted. Mamma, you buy that balloon for me. But from next time, we will not buy any balloons from the Balloon wala. We will go to shop and buy it directly.”

Which conclusion is better??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Irritating Day

There are days when you wake up irritated and irritate others around you. Today was one such day. I was very annoyed. I cried for everything, right from brushing teeth till wearing my shoes. My mamma‘s mood also got changed alternatively seeing my behavior. At last she bribed me that she is going to get me one book today evening if I go to school without crying.

I was little pacified.

On the way to the pickup point,

Aryan, “You know why I was crying.”

Mamma, “No, Aryan unless you tell me I cannot understand much.”

Aryan, “I was crying because I get scared to go in School bus. It goes fast and I get scared that the street dogs would get hit by my school bus.”

Mamma, “Did you dream this yesterday?”

Aryan, “No Mamma. ”

Mamma, “Ok, nothing like that would happen. You hold tightly and sit.”

Aryan, “Why don’t I stay at home today?”

Mamma, “ that was the whole point. You want to be at home.”

Aryan, “Yes.”

Mamma, “But today is not a holiday, you go now and evening I will get a book for you.”

Aryan sadly, “ OKk…Mamma”

Hope she gets me a book .

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 2

My first day at new school was memorable. After getting down from school bus, we had snacks time, where everyone ate their packed snacks.

I played a lot with sandpit and construction toys.

In the classroom, when they called my name; I was simply sitting.

The teacher told me that, whenever she calls me, I should acknowledge her by saying, “Yes, Madam”. Then I went near to her and she gave me my ID card, with Tigger tiger picture on it. I am in Tigger team.

I ate little food, as it was spicy. (I told my Mamma, to tell them to give me curd rice from tomorrow. Hope she tells and hope they listen)

After food, it was nap time. Everyone needs to take their own pillow and bed sheet and sleep for an hour. I think, I also slept…not sure….

The whole school is like one Jungle. We have ducks, aquariums, lots of animal pictures, and also ocean of kids around me…..

When it was time to leave, the kids boarded the school bus. I was waiting for my Mom. She came and picked me from school and I was glad to see her.

Now, at home I tend to play role play with my Mom. I, by default become the teacher and she a student - meekly listening to me.

Swaram Akka.... when you plan to come home, be prepared to be my student, OK?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Day

Today I got up very early, around 5:30 A. M. I was pretty much excited about my new school. I could neither eat breakfast properly nor do potty because of my excitement. I was ready by 7.

My school bus was supposed to come at 8:10. Me, Aayi, and my Mom were standing at the pickup point from 8 A.M. The mainroad was inundated with school buses. I patiently waited for my bus.

When it came, I boarded the bus, went and sat on a corner seat. I didn't even look at my Mom and Aayi. Actually I had already forgotten about them in midst of my excitement!!!!

My mom must be surprised and must be blabbering to aayi about my behaviour. Hope she understands that; I am grown up boy now and I can fend myself in any new environment!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It was so nice of Kanagu anna and my other blog friends for constantly reminding my mamma of her laziness. She likes to hibernate. She not only remains disloyal to my blog, but also doesn’t read any blogs. She keeps me oblivious of the blogosphere. Anyway how much I can crib about my Mamma? Leave it!!!

Regarding my Nagpur trip— It was a fantastic vacation. Most of the times, I was busy playing with my cousins. I am the only boy in midst of three girls. So I learned to talk Hindi with feminine tense.

Now I say, “Mein Karungi”, instead of “Mein Karunga”. So my Mamma is teasing me by calling me a girl. Let her do whatever she wants. Who cares!!!

Another huge change in my life is about my new school, Chirec.

My grant entry into the school will be on June 14th. Last week my Mamma and Papa went and met my class teacher.

As usual my Mamma is more excited about my school than me.

She is asking one hundred questions one hundred times:

“Aryan, will school go in the school bus without crying? Will you be brave to talk to new faces? Will you tell them when you want to do potty? Will you talk with other kids?”

She is getting butterflies in her stomach, thinking about my first day AT SCHOOL. Poor old creature, she got used to taking tension.

Anyway I will not go to new school, if she doesn’t get me NEW bag and a pair of shoes.

I am more excited about the new school, because of the following reasons:
1.I like to wear BLUE school uniform.
2.I like to board the school bus and go to school like a big boy.
3.I like to feed ducks. The school campus has a duck pond, with three ducks in it. I am excited when I think about feeding those ducks.