Saturday, November 11, 2017

My brother - Aryan

Hi Friends,

This is Arjun. I am want to write about my brother, Aryan.
Aryan is studying in 6 C. His school is GIIS.
I call him Dada. He is a good brother. His birthday is on August 27th.

Thank you

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Trip to Tiruvannamalai

It all started when we got an Innova Crysta. When you have a new car, road trips are obvious, isn’t? However, me feeling carsick is another point to narrate. That I will do it later. Now, let me tell you about my trip to Tiruvannamalai.

We set of our journey at 7 AM. and reached by 10:30 AM (Stopped in between for breakfast). As I live at the south of Bangalore, which is near to Tamilnadu, going anywhere around Tamilnadu by car is quite easy. We wanted to visit a temple called Annamaliyaar, Shiva temple with Angi Linga. The temple complex covers 10 hectares, and is one of the largest in India. Near to the temple, there is a hill called Girivalam, from which Agni comes on Kartika day. There are numerous story behind this. One of the story is that of Shiva trying to show Bhrama that EGO is not relevant not even for gods.

There were so many inscriptions on the pillars and there were four gopurams. I don’t even think we roamed around the temple completely and we were tired. As it started drizzling we headed back, and just saw Ramana Maharishi’s Ashram nearby. Thankfully, we had packed Lemon rice and we could eat that on the way to Yellagiri hills, a small hill station. We saw Monkeys on the way. Arjun, my brother was feeling mountain sick!! I can’t believe he feels scared of mountains. We just checked out on some of the good places to stay and planned to stayover next time. We headed back home and reached around 7:30 PM. I was as tired as a log. However, it was a memorable trip. Probably, this is my third road trip. We had gone to Tumkur (Shivganga mountain) and Kolar- Avani (Lav Kush’s birthplace) before. Looking for more road trips!!

Best part was: My grandma got me a game called Pallankuzhi- Ancient indoor game which can be played with few cowry shells.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Class Teacher - Namita Madam

If you have a good class teacher you must be lucky. I have a good class teacher. Her name is Namita Dhar Biswas. She is the geography & class teacher of 6C. She has a good attitude and encourages me and my friends. In Geography, if I have a doubt it will be cleared in a fraction of a second. My class teacher believes in leadership and other duties and she constantly motivates us. She is always in a sunny disposition. Namita ma’am is kind and gives me a chance to be a class monitor.

We had class assembly this Saturday and we were presenting about Philippines. Madam had already shared the slides and callouts. However, we were in limbo on the day of assembly as two of the students who were supposed to talk about culture and heritage of Philippines, were coming late for the assembly. Namita madam has a knack to act according to situation and she immediately changed the plan, skipped that section and asked us to continue. This gives us confidence to face any twist in the tale. Although, I knew we didn’t perform well in the assembly; she still encouraged us and said we can try better next time. 

Overall, I am feeling lucky this year with Namita ma’am being my class teacher. Thanks Namitha Ma'am and thanks to GIIS.

My class assembly pic.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Book review - Magician's nephew

Book: Chronicles of Narnia- Magician’s Review
Author: C .S Lewis
Rating: 5 stars

Most of the people like fiction and so do I. After finishing HARRY POTTER series. I started PERCY JACKSON series but it didn’t go well with my reading style. Hence, I was in search of some good mystery series and I had asked for this book, Chronicles of Narnia- Magician’s Review, in the near by library-Unnati. 
When I was member of this Library a month ago, I had asked for this book.  They were so prompt and got this book for me within a month's time.  As soon I went to the Library, I picked it in a fraction of second and started reading it. Initially was finding little difficult, soon I got the flow of the book. Some of the main characters are Digory, Polly, Aslan, and the Witch, each one it well depicted in the book.

Uncle Andrew, a mad magician, slaves Digory and Polly and sent them to a magical world called NARNIA. It is an enchanted place and anything is possible there. Uncle Andrew, Strawberry –the horse, the witch comes along and everyone is happy. Suddenly, the witch starts to become evil and starts to attack the people of Narnia. Together, with Lion Aslan, the kids save Narnia. The main plot of this book is to face the adventures and cure Digory’s mother.

This book was published in 1955, and I would recommend this book to people who love adventures and fiction as it has a good essence of both. Recommended reading age is 9+. I am waiting to pick the next one in the series.
Image courtesy: google

Aryan Vishal Karmore 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

My attempt to write a story

Under the chestnut tree, I was a lazy cat with blue eyes and black fur. I was futzed in eating the boring and useless food. My favorite time pass was to see many people roam by. Some of them were malformed and some of them make an attempt to deform me by throwing stones. I pay back by scratching them. As anon as possible, a passerby becomes a mediator to stop the fight. These fights gave me lot of nicks and bruises.

One fine day I saw an old man who had lots of humility in him. Suddenly, he ran towards me and fetched me from my place. Then we ran towards his house as it was announced in the news that a vortex is about to hit us. He saved me and I became his pet. He cleaned my bruises and nicks. From then onwards, I never got distressed. I am thankful to this man who is a great doodler and a jester in the king’s court.

Aryan Vishal

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

HR department

Arjun pointing to a person in Mamma's office
Arjun: What is that person's role in your office?

Mamma: He is in the HR department.

Arjun: What is HR department.

Mamma: Human Resources.

Arjun: What?

Mamma: Human Resources.

Arjun: What?

Mamma: HR means Human Resources.

Arjun: Mamma, I have heard about natural resources? What is human resources? Is it like we get oxygen from plants, do we get Co2/F--- or it is Po-- from human?

Mamma: Speechless!!! Little did mamma know that she should explain things, not just say corporate jargon to a 6 yr old boy, who just knows about natural resources.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

My write up-on my brother

Hi Friends,

My essay/write-up on my brother got posted in

It is a nice website and I would want to contribute to it. I think they are a bunch of good team, who really cares and appreciates kids writing. Kudos to the team...Whenever, I need a write up/essay on few topics, I search there. Student pls visits and contribute to kidsessay.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Confusion Galore

My mom gave the blog link to me after a long time. Hence, I am posting one after another. 

Can you read this: I can't decide easily. This means, I cannot decide easily.  So here are few things that I cannot decide:
1)     To Read or To play
2)     Read Percy Jackson or Tom gates
3)     Eat chicken or paneer
4)     Fight with Arjun or do my homework
5)     Play Scratch or play Captain claw
6)     Watch TV or Play mobile games
7)     Write with Octane pen or Reynolds
9)     Play football or Cricket
10)   Watch Pokemon or Animal planet
12) Write in print or write in cursive
Never ending list........

Oh that reminds me about about Hungry Shark. Let me write a review about that game as well...

Game Review: Clash Royale

Game: Andriod or iOS
Available for free

Clash Royale is a battle game in which you need to destroy the opponents tower. There is a single player mode or you can choose your friends from your clan. You can play the game by selecting cards that you get by unlocking Golden/Silver chest. We get these chests by winning a battle. To start with, some cards like, Giant/fireballs are available by default for first few battles. Cards are of different type such as: Fireball, prince, Skeleton army, rocket, giant and so on. 

You get to play in different arenas such as spell valley, bone pit etc. Game should end by finishing 11 arenas (I have not finished it though). We unlock a new arena by winning 5 consecutive battles. For controlling your game, you need to tap your card and place it in your opponent’s tower. The opponent reacts by choosing his cards. Either your card wins or his.

Overall it is good game to play and it keeps the excitement till the battle is over. Each battle can last between 3 mins to 5 mins.  You will be hooked to play the game again and again.

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My First Writing- Arjun

My Essay

Hey, this is Arjun. My Mom gives me a topic every weekend and I write few lines about it.
Here goes my writing on Pista shells


I have more than 300 Pista shells. I collect them. I gobble my Pistas very fast and I like to collect the shells. Some people nibble the Pista when it is hard. In my dream also, I think about my Pista shells. I have colored my Pista shells. In my school also I think about Pista shells. We had three packets of Pista and i have finished two of them.

NB: Mom has typed this post for me and she typed exactly what I wrote.