Friday, April 27, 2007

The Ninth Month

Yeppe..It is me. I have successfully completed my eight month. Today I am sailing in the ninth month boat. Mama told me that I was in her womb for nine months and four days. What did I do at that time? It should have been boring right?

But now I do a lot of things, here is a snapshot:

–I crawl and reach for objects that are exciting me (Almost everything excites me)
–I play with two toys simultaneously. I like those toys which make odd noise.
–I sit without support and eat food with my own tiny hand. I eat pieces of carrots and baked potato.
–I blabber mmama..dada…and grab their attention.
–I easily recognize my Mom, my Dad and my Granny.
–I don’t jump to strangers.
–I also understand the word NO. It is used when my Mom is angry with me.

Today being the beginning of ninth month let me describe about my Papa. I love my Papa. Papa is big and strong. He points towards his eyes, ears, mouth, hairs, and nose to demonstrate and teach me about the parts of a body. Every morning he holds me in his hand and I climb on his chest. He teaches me ABCD from a short picture book. I cannot sleep at night, if I don’t see my papa in the evening. He consoles me when I cry, he gives me bath when I feel hot, he plays with me whenever I want, he applies powder on me after I take bath, he rocks me when I am in the cradle, he kisses me when he is back from office. Just to summarize…He loves me very very much and I love to be with my papa. (Provided I am not hungry)

I am feeling sleepy now. Time to say a short bye.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Transition Period

So as the contract ends…thus my first granny goes to her place. Now it is my Father’s Mom’s responsibility to take care of me.

The outcome of this transition is unimaginable. But I am facing it bravely.

The day my Grandma number 2 arrived I cried looking at her. I was all attached to my first grandma. But did I ever know that she will leave me and go far away? No I didn’t. But she did exactly the same. When I was little bit comfortable with Grandma 2, she left me with her. Now I miss my first Granny.

Another outcome of the transition is the language they talk. They talk different languages. My Mom says Grandma number 1 talks Tamil, which is what my Mom talks, while Grandma number 2 talks Marathi and that is what my Father talks. Listening to what both of them say does make a difference to me. Now I don’t understand what to do. I find it very difficult to understand Grandma number 2.

What are this Tamil and Marathi? And why it is causing so much confusion to me? Can anyone help me? Do all the kids have the same problem?

I cannot communicate to my Granny 2 and let her know that I am feeling sleepy. The other day I felt so sleepy and was signaling her. My symptoms for sleep are —to squeeze my eyes, to yawn more than three times, and at last to utter the word “Inga”. Granny 2 did not understand what “Inga” meant. I felt so sad and irritated. I didn’t know what to do. I pulled her hair and bet her on her face and cheeks. I was very violent and naughty. I was trying to jump from her hands. She was not able to figure out what was going wrong with me. But patiently she sensed I am cranky and wants to sleep. So at last she put me in the cradle, rocked little and I slept.

The moral of story is—lack of proper communication causes grave problems.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My First Girlfriend

I met her for the first time in my house. Her Mom is my Mom’s friend. Her Mom came to see my Mom and thus my girlfriend came to see me. My Mom was saying that she is 40 days old. Athira is her name. She was very fair and has more hair than me. She was in her Mom’s hand. At first I felt like pulling her hair and scratching her face. But I observed and concluded that she looked different from others. She is smaller than me. Oh god, at last I saw someone who is smaller than me. I liked the way she slept. Her eyes were always closed. I went near to her and kissed her in her forehead and then tried to pull her head. She woke up and started crying. Her cry was loud and strong. My Mom stared at me and took me away. So that is the story behind my first girlfriend.

It was time for me to leave from Thiruvanthapuram. The return journey was in flight. Kingfisher Airlines is filled with bright cabin crews. I was attracted by the red color and tried to jump to one of the airhostess, but my Mom scolded me. So sad right? Sad and depressed, I went to sleep. I slept till I reached the destination. I opened my eyes when the flight landed safely.

Now I am back home, safe and secure. All ready to play with my father.

Soon I will narrate my Transition Period experience.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Do you think I am talking about Michael Crichton’s Novel—Travels? Absolutely not, My Mom would talk about it because I have seen her reading that book and thus I have heard her version of the book. But now I am talking about my Thiruvanthapuram travel experiences.

Today I met my Big Father and Big Mother. Big Mother is the term that I use for my Mom’s elder sister. And Big Father is my Big Mommy’s hubby. The best thing about my Big Mother is her hair. The soft luxurious hair lures me. I feel like pulling it and eating it. I pulled and pulled and tried to eat but couldn’t do it.

One of my traits is, not to jump into the hands of male communities apart from my father. Infact I am always associated with my Mom and my Grandma who are different from my Papa. But when I saw my Big Father, I jumped with joy. He is tall and handsome. He took me in his arms. The best advantage of being in his hand— I could tear the dangling calendar sheet (Was that the motive behind going to my Big Father? Maybe yes, maybe no.)

Then I met my Uncle. He was eager to see me. I couldn’t recognize him. Oh god, why did you give me short memory? When I was two months old, my uncle used to give me bath and I used to cry. That time I hated taking bath. Now my perception has changed.

My aunty is plum and beautiful with long hair. But her hair is oily unlike my Big Mom’s. My two cousins—Ashwathy and Sharavan were my time pass. They entertained me. Sharavan gave all his toys to me and pleased me. I was so pleased and I kissed him. Ashwathy sang a song for me.

My time to travel guys. . . I boarded the Auto. Auto is a black color three wheel object. My mother said it is a vehicle and is a mode of transportation. But what is a vehicle? So many things to understand in this world. Anyway I feel it is not as good as my Papa’s car. We visited my Uncle’s place. I met my girl friend for the second time. You would be wondering who my girl friend is? It is a surprise. Soon I will let you know. But let me tell her name. Her name is Athira. . .

I returned back home in Bus. We ran behind the bus and somehow got into it. My Mom runs quickly. Bus is bigger than Auto. It is also called a vehicle. But this is different from Auto and Car!!!!!!

There were so many people in the bus. Bus travel was very exciting. I was jumping with joy as soon as I entered the bus. My mom warned me to behave properly.

Tomorrow I will be back with my nuances of my flight travel.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Train Travel

I boarded the train. I was seeing the train for the first time. It was looking different from my house.

Slowly the train moved. It was dark all around and I felt sleepy. In midst of my sleep I got scared by another train but my Mom and my Grandma consoled me.

The next day when I woke up, I felt different. The train was moving and I could see green color everywhere outside the train. My mother told me that those are Coconut Trees. Then I saw a big water body. It was called a River. I saw a Boat in the river. I saw lots and lots of Crows. The Crow is black in color and I like the way it flies… Crow is a bird. My Mom told me that.

Then it was time for my bath, but my Mom said she cannot give me bath in train. I felt sad, but what to do? I think it was because of the scarcity of water while traveling in the train.

At last after a long journey we reached our destination. The place is called Thiruvananthapuram. My Grandfather was waiting in the Railway Station. At first I couldn’t recognize him. I just cried when he took me in his arms.

After reaching home my Mom gave me bath. I felt so much relieved after the bath.

My Grand Father’s head resembled my play football. He absolutely had no hair and thus I couldn’t pull his hair. I played with his head as I play with football. I held his head in my tiny legs and he enjoyed it.

So that is all about my train travel, tomorrow I will narrate my experience in Bus and Auto. Sooner or later I will introduce my first Girl friend.