Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am in Bad mood today- Jan 22nd

Today is Monday. Two days I was with my mom and dad. Today I have decided to trouble my Grandma. I am not going to be a good boy. My grandma is very sweet and patient. Sometimes I feel I am troubling her too much. Any way the trouble that I give her has become a part and parcel of her life.

My first problem is my EAR. It is itching so much and I am not able to scratch it with my tiny hands. My second problem is I am having dry cough and throat pain. I signaled my Mom yesterday itself about my illness, but she did not understand my code language. Yesterday my mother was asking me why I am cranky even though she is at home. But why is she not observing my body language? The bottom rule is being observative and keeping your eyes open. I will not be the same everyday. I am just waiting for my mom to come home. I am not going to talk to her tonight.

With a new ray of hope I emerged into this enchanting world and ended up to know that when you have ear infection and throat infection it pains lot. When no one understands me, pain is more excruciating.

Soon I will let you know what happens to me and my pain. . . . .

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