Thursday, January 22, 2015

Community Helpers

Topic of the month was community helpers....

Agenda was to get dressed like a community helper and speak about the same.

My mom wanted me to be a Doctor
My grandfather wanted me to be a Police
My father wanted me to be a Firefighter

But, I was determined..I didn't want to change my mind at all....

I just like to sweep.  No convincing worked!!!!

I became a "Street Sweeper", who works for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)

Howzzz that!!!
Swach Bharat Mahan!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

It is me-Arjun. Mom, being lazy is not updating this blog. Here are the updates in bulk.

Stage Show
On Dec 19th, I had an Opera in my school. The theme was "Happiness".
I was all happy before getting dressed for the show.

After they made me a fairy, I became sad. I never liked the idea of putting lipstick and having fairy wings.....

The first thing I asked my Mamma was to rub the lipstick....
Anyway it went well. Mamma and Papa came to see my show.

The Speaker in Me
My non-stop talkative nature fetched me an award. I got the best speaker of the month award.
When my Mom asked, for which topic I spoke, I didn't know. In fact she also doesn't know for what topic I got the award!!!!!!! For Aryan Dada, she used to keep tab of all competition and she would make Dada practice at home. With me, she is carefree...Thank god.

The Writer in Me
I was a slow writer, I hardly could write 1-10. Now I have improved. I can write up to 50.
However at times my brain becomes "ULTA" (opposite). During that time, I always write everything as a mirror image. One day my teacher was surprised to see all the numbers written in the mirror image way.

The Gourmet in Me
I need to eat different kind of food items all the time. Now, I am crazy about "blue berry". Who will get that fruit for me?

The loving nature in Me
I love my Mamma, Papa and Dada so much. If they look sad, I try to do some tricks and make them happy!!!

Happiness reminds me....

Happy new year to all of you...Well for me, it is just another year.

For Aryan Dada, my mom bugs him to make some resolutions, however I don't even understand what it means!!!

Take care friends!!!1