Sunday, July 24, 2011


Smiling: I squeal with delight everytime I see Aryan dada and his antics. He dances for me, makes funny noises, jumps, gives his toys (Not his favorite toy though). It is one gala time whenever I see Aryan Dada.

Climbing: Now, I am in a climbing spree. No one can hold me just like that, as I climb on them. I reach till there head!!!

Crawling: That happens only when I see something exciting around.

It is still erupting, not yet out.

Last but not the least

Shouting/Screaming: That is the only consistent thing I like to do. For anything and everything I scream. If my mamma scolds me, I understand and I cry, I scream more. One vicious circle!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I don’t do any mischiefs. With 8.20 Kg, what can I do apart from sitting on my own from a lying position and analyzing what to explore. Once I analyze and target an object, I again lay down crawl and creep to get the target. I usually target Aryan Dada’s alphabet magnets on the fridge. Then I creep under the dining table and lick some dust, sit there for some time and slowly come out. But my mom or my grandparents are always behind me, when I am exploring the things around me. Anyways, no force can stop me from getting what I want.

At times when I am bored, I simply sit and blabber” akkkkaaa..athhhaa…babbba….”.

Every time Aryan dada plays with me, I squeal with delight. He calls me, Appuaan, Mooshi Ballu, Arjunaa…and what not.

I like to be with my Papa. I like to play with his mobile phone. If he says, “Keep quiet”, I am just quiet and good.

At any given point of time, I can identify Mamma’s voice. As soon as I sense that Mamma is around, I just don’t stay with anyone. I cry to my level best and pull my Mamma towards me. Mamma’s Magnetic power I guess!!