Friday, May 25, 2007


Are you guys waiting to see my photo? Isn’t it a little boring to read about me and my habits when you don’t get to see me? My remote girlfriend Lorna, wanted to see my pictures. Mom had send my pictures to China but Lorna Zhang will be happy to see me in my blog.

One fine morning my mom was telling to my father that she would bang his head if he doesn’t get a camera. She wanted to create my PORTFOLIO.

She wanted snaps with different styles and emotions like:

A group photo of me and my toys,
A photo when I am in the bath tub and enjoying the hot water bath.
One, when I am on my belly
Another one when I am crawling
Another one when I am squealing with delight
Another one when I am cranky
Another one when I sleep peacefully, A snap of me and my cradle
Another on when I am basking in my Papa’s hand.

Oh, it is a never ending list. At last being bugged with her lecture my father got her a good Digital camera. Now Mom is behind me clicking snaps one after another and recording what I do.

Anyway the idea of taking photo amuses me. I enjoy when they click, me being the center of attraction.

Do they have to take so many photos?
Yes I hope. Because you, the readers, are eager to see me. Aren’t you?

So here you get to see Aryan— the great.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan!

Very good blog and good writing. Keep it up! Add some more content. You look cute:)

Anonymous said...

Aryan!!! I read your blog... Just waiting for new posts.
Share your experiences.... What is happening at your end... How are your GFs? We are also planning to start writing about our kid. It is very good way to keep things for future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

Waiting for your new posts...add them soon...