Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dress Up day

It was dress up day on 23/9/09 in my school. My mamma got me a brand new white kurtha. I liked it and agreed to wear it also. But the next day when I wore it, I felt very uncomfortable.

Two things were bothering me:
1.The textile had some odd luster
2.The textile had some unknown smell (Mamma says, it is the smell of newness)

Within in a fraction of seconds I decided that I am not going to wear it. I told Mamma to remove it. She insisted that it is dress up day in school and I need to wear it.

Mamma: Please Aryan, why don’t you wear it?

Aryan: NO I am not. I am uncomfortable in it and it smells. (Next time I hope she decides not to buy such fancy stuffs and impose on me.)

Mamma: Then what dress you want?

Aryan: I want “Butthathan” dress. (The T-shirt that I am wearing in Mr Snowwhite picture. It is having a ghost picture, which gives me more power.)

Mamma: Ok, let change it.

I was wondering why my Mamma gave up immediately without arguing much? She changed my dress and packed my new dress in my bag and dropped me in school.

Afternoon, she gets a call from my caretaker.

Y aunty: (My caretaker’s name starts with “Y”) : Aryan is down with fever. Can you please come and take him home.

Mamma: Ok, coming now.

So now you understood. Fever was the reason for my Mamma to give up easily. She must have sensed it in the morning itself that I was feeling tired. So she agreed to make me wear what I wanted.

Though I hate Fever and its associated Crocin, I like to have such reasons by which I can tame my Mamma. Any idea from my friends???.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Award Time

Uma Aunty gave this award to me. I guess she got impressed by my looks…thank you thank you.

Now passing this award to newly discovered blogging friends. Here, I give this to all lively and interesting blogs that I've newly discovered.

Smitha Aunty
Lost world Akka (she has already got it)
Nova Akka
Shruthi Aunty
Shruthi Aunty 2 (Lil’P)
Pixie Akka
Meira Akka
BDA, you have become my old friend, but still this award holds true for you.

NOTE: These days my mom is very lazy and forgetful. She forgets to trim my nails. Yesterday I pierced her and she understood the importance of trimming my nails. Why Moms don’t have memory backup?? Now, if she has forgotten to pass this award to any new blogger friends, believe me I am innocent in this.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am Mr Snow White

Here is my snap, posting upon request from my fans. thank you thank you....thank you everybody.
Mr Snow White name copyright is given to lostworld akka. Thanks for the new name.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


For a long time, I have been longing to travel in Blue Bus. This Sunday my Mom and Grandparents decided to full- fill my wish. (For a change). The price I had pay for it was my “hair”. They bribed me a tour on bus, if I agree for a haircut. Ok, agreed.

Sunday morning; me, my Baba, and my Mamma went to Salon. The first salon owner said that I cry too much and he denied my entry. (He has learnt a lesson from his past experiences. Good job). I wished all Salon owners do the same. Deep in my heart I was rejoicing this entry withhold.

The next place was a new one. So he agreed to cut my hair. I thought I should teach him a lesson too. As soon as he sprinkled water, I started my crying saga, not only crying, it is kind of screaming and beating the hair dresser. Somehow I should carve a niche about my capabilities and teach him a lesson so that he doesn’t cut my hair again.

Well, soon he finished job of cutting and I finished my job of crying. All of us, garnished with tiny hairs, went home for a shower.

As soon as the shower was over, my Mamma changed her stand.

Mamma: “Aryan, You cried so much that now we are not taking you in Bus.”

Aryan: “Please Mamma, I will not cry again.”

Mamma: “Every time you say the same thing.”

Aryan: “Next time I will not cry Mamma, please mamma take me out in Bus.”

Mamma: “Let us see next time. Moreover, it is raining outside.”

Aryan in fully angry: “Mamma , take me out Now.”

Mamma: “No, not now.”

Aryan, extremely angry: “Mamma, I will throw you out and beat you. Wait, I will cut your hair now.”

With my threatening, she got convinced and they took me out in the evening in a Bus. Bus safari requires a new post altogether.

NB: After haircut, I feel I am more handsome now. Like Snow white’s step mother, I keep looking at the mirror atleast 10 times a day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Old is Gold

Aryan: Why are we married to this house?

Mamma: Aryan, it is not “married”, it is “moved”. We have moved to this house. Ok,
now that we have moved, now what is the problem?

Aryan: Mamma, I cannot do “Shi” in this house bathroom. I want the old house bathroom to do “SHI”. Bring it here…

Mamma: What? You expect me to bring old house bathroom???

Aryan: Yes, please!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Standing Vs Sleeping

I have an assignment to practice Standing (IIII) and Sleeping (_ _ _ _) lines at home. For the past two days, Mama sits with me to finish this assignment.

Yesterday, I drew lots and lots of standing and sleeping lines….(once in for all I wanted to finish this line saga). My mama asked me to name them, I gave all the names that I know: Mama, Papa, Aryan, Yellow Duck, Mickey, Timmy, Pati, Thatha, periyamma, Tom, Jerry, Aayi, baba, Swaram aunty (yes I remember and miss you)…….never ending list. (Guys, note my hardwork and think how many lines I drew!!! Aryan pat pat)

To be frank with you, neither I know to draw Standing nor I know to master Sleeping lines. So I am thinking to request my teacher to change the course of my assignment.
Instead of Standing and Sleeping lines, she should give me an assignment of drawing “Blue Slanting lines”, the one that I draw every day.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Aryan and Mamma, while playing puzzles.
Mamma: “Where is K for Kite?”
Aryan: “Inga illai (not here)”
Mamma: “Irukku , nee naanna paaru.” (It is here, see properly)
Aryan: “Mamma, andha “K” chatthu poyidothu?” (That “K” died?)
Mamma: “No puzzles ellam chatthu pogathu. (Puzzles don’t die)
Puzzles don’t die or what?
Aryan and Mamma during bedtime.
Mamma: “Aryan, sleep otherwise that nocturnal bird that is in god’s room will come here. Shall, I call it here? Listen, how it is making noise.”
Aryan: “Mamma can you call that watchman mama and tell him to shoo that bird away. “
How long Mamma wants to scare me like this? She should find solution to problems right???
Mamma: Please eat everything. You should finish it fast.
Aryan: No I am not eating it now. Enough for me. You eat
Mamma: Eat some more Aryan.
Aryan: No, it is “dangerous” to eat.
Mamma wondering, “What? “dangerous” to eat?” “From where you learn this Aryan?”

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oil Pouring Activity

Anyone who came to Aryan’s household (Swaram Aunty) knows about one old cane type sofa that we display in our living room. I still don’t understand why my papa tries to be very careful with that outdated piece.

Yesterday I was massaging my Mom’s hair with oil. After taking the oil, I gave her the bottle. She kept it on sofa and the oil fell down. She immediately wiped it.
Later on, I asked my Mom,” Can WE tell Papa that Bad wolf poured oil here?”. (Note the WE)

Mamma, “No way Aryan, don’t ever lie. We will say that we did it”
Aryan, “NOT WE, it is “YOU”. Tell Papa that you poured it, OK????”
Mamma……in deep thought.
Pappa, “Who poured the oil here?”
Aryan, “It is Mamma, not me. I gave the bottle to her only.”
Papa did not say anything.
Why when it comes to Mamma; Papa doesn’t scold?????? Partiality!!!!