Monday, August 31, 2009

My review for Timmy time

I love this cartoon. It is about a Timmy Lamb, which goes to his playschool. Timmy is going to nursery!

Url : Timmy Time
Have a look at the photo.

Small Black lamb, Timmy
Yellow duckling
Yellow Kitten
One porcupine (Could be)
Owl’s baby
Blue lamb, which always eats everything. Even a book. Can you imagine?
One little puppy
Pelican teacher
Owl teacher

STORY— The title song starts with Mamma sheep dropping him to school and in the end also Mamma sheep comes to receive him. (I like this the best, resembles my life)

The school is composed of a Pelican and an OWL as teachers. The other charcters are the students. Yellow duckling and Timmy ends up fighting mostly.The show ends up showing the activities that I do in my school; painting, cycling, playing with puzzles, sleeping, eating food, and so on.

Everytime one cucckoo clock props up to indicate the time. During lunch time, the cuckoo clock comes with a spoon and fork. During sleeping time, it comes with a pillow.

I can very well relate this cartoon with my life…me going to school and handling the situations alone. Friends, I hope you understand. Once they showed about how Timmy wants everyting in "blue color" and it exactly fits into my character.

Negative—it only comes on Saturday and Sunday or rather my Mom shows me only on those days. the other days it comes after I got to school. I wish I could see Timmy’s antics every day.

Can anyone recommend to Timmy, so that it can come before I go to school?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Updates

Saturday—Saw a movie called “Ttaan ta daa …..ta da ta da…”. Some movie, where that Main hero Mama did not die also fast…..they were only fighting fighting fighting….The best part is : I ate popcorn and brownies…

Sunday—What to say about this “beautiful aunty” along with her “bodyguard handsome mama”, who came to my house on Sunday? She was looking gorgeous in her blue attire. Oh yes, forgot to introduce. Her name is Swaram. Now on, will address them as “Blue Dress Aunty” and “Blue Pant Mama”. Their dress code was in sync with my fav color.

When they came, I was busy watching my Nursery Rhymes….you guys must be knowing how much I like it. I was engrossed in it that I didn’t bother to talk to them.
Blue Pant Mama (BPM), came near to me and was trying to tilt my attention. Efforts in vain. But, good try Mama. Pat Pat

Blue (Beautiful) Dress Aunty (BDA) was trying to capture my attention, by blocking my TV view. There I gave a furious look. She got scared and moved away. Good job Aryan!!!pat pat….….Heeeheeee…

Soon my rhymes were over and then I realized about my mean behavior towards my guest.

Thank god, all of us were chatter boxes. There is so much fun simply by talking….doing nothing else…and time flew like anything.

After sometime, I went to sleep. My Mom, as usual crocked her lullaby and I slept. After my siesta was over, I was ready for some childish snaps and soon they departed….

I loved every bit of it. BDA, when will you come again????

Now about the gifts they got for me. I loved it a lot.
Memory game— I liked it so much that when I went to sleep, I made sure that I made my Memory game also sleep. Otherwise bad wolf will take it and go na…….I like this game especially when I play with my Mom and comes to know that she has poor memory than me…. Yesterday the whole evening after the BPM and BDA left, I was busy with this game…and kept my Mom also busy.

Super Duper Blue Color Spy watch—I asked Mom, when can I wear this. She said when I grow little more big. Man, just now I have grown one more yr. How much she wants me to grow so that I can wear this hi-fi fundu blue watch?????

Kajju Kathli Sweets—Ahhh that was my mom’s bliss…She almost finished the whole packet. Can you believe it? She may eat it as breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert…what not.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aryan is Big Boy now

Today I am three yr old, but do you think I am big now. No not all. I am not big enough to brush my teeth alone, take bath alone, wear dress alone, eat alone, sleep alone, blah blah….Hope my Mama understands that these tasks cannot be mastered by a three yr old boy and hope she stops insisting me to do such stuffs alone.

Random Conversations
Aryan: Is today my Birthday?

(I asked the same statement to my mama atleast for some 20 times. Later on I myself got convinced that today is my Birthday, because my Papa, my Reshmi atthai, Shruti Thayi’s papa, My patti, My Kuttu mama, My periyamma, and My Swaram aunty (aka beautiful aunty) called me to wish happy birthday. Most of the calls got missed, because my mama’s ring tone has very low volume. Thanks everybody.)

Mama: Aryan, yes today is your birthday.

Aryan: Then mama, where did that papa go?

Mama: Aryan, not “that” papa, say “my” papa. Papa is not in town. He is out for an official trip.

Aryan: So we only have three people. Aryan, Mama, Aayi, and Baba.

Mama: Not three, it is four including you.

Aryan: Ok mama, come let us cut the cake.

Mama: Aryan we will go to Wonder 6 and then cut cake. All kids are waiting there.

Aryan: No, I am not sharing my blue gems cake with anyone.

Mama in a bemused state and hoping everything goes well there.

Then the team marches to my school, to see the surprise that they have at Wonder 6.

Here is the glimpse of the birthday cake.(NB: Cake got smashed little, but see the beauty of the blue gems.)

Birthday cake was sponsored by my Baba.

We reached the school at 10:00 AM. Radhika madam told us to wait for some time. I was incessently telling my mama, “no office no office…don’t leave me and go”. Deaf ear she is…..

As soon as we entered the school room, the kids started singing” Happy birthday to you….” I was the center ofattraction and I liked it. Ballons, Chocolates, Cake, and Mama…All of these pleased me.

Mama helped me blow the candle. Baba helped me cut the cake. I ate the piece with blue gems.!!!!

After that, no turning back ….suprises after surprises…

Surprise Number one: The greeting made by all my friends with their Thumb impression on it. Thank you my dear friends and thanks a lot my teachers.

Surprise Number two (not new): Before cutting the cake my Mom promised that she will stay with me, but after cutting the cake, she helped me eat the cake and went away to office. :-(

Surprise Number 3: My Periyappa and Periamma sent roses to me. Bunch of 12 yellow and red roses. I was marvelous. After some time, they became the scapegoat for my number counting activity.

Surprise Number 4: Papa came home at night along with a Tent. For me, it is my “Mickey Mouse Club House”. When you come home, now you know where to find me and my animal toys. I will be glued to this vicinity for some time, I guess...

Surprise Number 5: Today morning another set of fresh assorted rose flowers got delivered at home. That was a real surprise, because the order for these roses was never placed by my Periappa. They had placed one order and we got two. My Mom is following up with it and figuring out what to do with it…

So ended my birthday with merry and joy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainbow Hotel Vs Rainbow Hospital

“It is rainbow hotel papa, not rainbow hospital.” that is what my mamma told me.
Fever season for Aryan now. Every August I get fever, this is the second consecutive year I guess…They took me to rainbow hotel and I was staying there for three days…believe me it is all so boring to be in hotel.

I was totally scared.

Green dress Akka will come any time and pierce my hand, she willl give Crocin, she will give tepid sponging, she will keep some apparatus in my nose…ahhh. Once I was so irrigated and I simply bad mouthed her as “MONKEY”.
My mom said I should not say such things, but they have exceeded the limits of torturing me…..

Now never again, I will tell my mamma to take me to Hotel, I guess hospitals are better…do you think so?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mama Story

Aryan, you are not at all serious in anything. If I ask you to say alphabets, you laugh and run away, If I ask you to do some coloring, you play with the colors and throw them, If I ask you to stop giggling you continue to do that.........

……hey friends you guessed it right. It is my Mama lecturing at me.

What is her problem in life? If I am too much obedient she is having problem, if I am too much liberal and jovial she is having problem. Oh god, do we have all moms configured in this way?

The other day papa cooked up a story for me. The story of” Mama falling in a river”. Here goes the story:

One day my Mom was standing near the river, suddenly she fell down in the river. Then out of river, god came and asked me.

Aryan, is this your mama? God was showing me a woman, whose name was KK (Kareena kapoor). I said No.

Aryan, is this your Mama? This time the god was showing me a woman, whose name was again KK (Katrina Kaif). I said No.

Aryan, is this your Mama? This time god showed me my Mama, wearing her blue nighty. I said Yes. I ran and hugged her it seems.

For my Honesty god gave me all the three mama’s …ahh what a bad story. God is planning to give me three mama’s where I am not able to with manage one. And moreover, whatever said and done, deep in my heart, I just like this blue nighty Mama.

I hope this story never comes true… even my Mama is wishing the same. (Why is she wishing this?).
Moral of the story: Mama should not stand in the bank of any river.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mama when will you come?

“Aryan, come-on get up fast. We are getting late.” That was my mama yelling at me. Does she know how good it is to get up from bed without hearing this yell every day??? She doesn’t!!!!

Before I was enrolled to school, I was an early bird. I used to get up at 6 A.M and used to wake my mama by yelling at her “Mama get up fast, sun came”.
Now she has taken the role of yelling at me. Vicissitudes of life!!!! And see how much a 3 yr old (almost) boy needs to be like a robot even when he is in his somnolence.

Then I somehow brush my teeth (Otherwise worms will lease my teeth), take bath (Otherwise I will be dirty), eat food (otherwise I will have no shakti) and wear dress….This wearing dress is the saddest part. I am a simple boy who likes to wear a simple plain- full hand shirt (Without any tag in the collar that irritates me) and pant (without zip and with facility for wearing belt), while my mama wants me to wear a jazzy T-shirt and jeans pant (Man that is so tight and heavy) I am a simple boy, who like to wear a paragon slippers, while my Mama wants me to wear a Lilliput sandal……..

Ok…leave all those drama. The point is; I can decide whether I want coffee or tea (not milk or boost), whether I want dosa or magi, whether I want t-shirt or shirt, whether I want stitched pant or jeans pant, whether I want to go to a botanical park in Kondapur (Just to see three ducks) or whether I want to go to a mall and enjoy the escalator, whether I want gems or ice-cream, whether I want to be a Spiderman or Superman man!!!!

Today when she picked me from my school;

Complaint number 1: Aryan is so obedient, he accepts whatever we give, if we will tell him to sit he sits, if we tell him to stand he stands and if we tell him to eat he eats. He simply cannot refuse any orders and he is many times indecisive selecting his Montessori equipment. Aryan’s Mama, do you scold him or is he really scared? Many kids take advantage of his nature and he is not able to save himself from others….Please Aryan’s mom, he is a child, give him choices, don’t say good/bad or right/wrong. Just use abstract words like happy/sad. You need to constantly make this effort.

Complaint number 2: When Mama will come? This is the same message that comes out of my mouth after every one hour. Is this recorded? No way, I am constantly thinking when Mama will come to pick me. So after school, I simple eat food fast, sleep fast, get up and eat snacks fast, drink tea and wait for Mama. After I drink tea, usually my Mama comes… why can’t I drink it early??? One day my Caretaker said, Aryan you run and play rather than waiting for your Mama, otherwise I will take you to my home. Bad idea, didn’t like it at all. I suddenly ran here and there and told” See I am running and playing. Now fine?” After this I went and sat in the Turtle (I can get a good view of the main gate from Turtle. I have named it Tangam, the Turtle) and continued my waiting…..

Mama came and we went home.
The battle continues:
Aryan: “Mama, make filter coffee for me”
Mama: “Aryan why are your ordering me, Aryan??? Why can’t you say, Mama can you please make Filter coffee for me?”