Thursday, December 18, 2008

Any other remedies?

Hey I am back. As promised, I made my Mom come back to the blogging world with a blog worth post. Thanks to all Mommy friends for encouraging her.

Incommunicado Problems
I am a non-stop entertainment. I talk enough to make everyone go bonkers. I talk five languages, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi, and English. English is my basic mode of communication. I switch between languages based on my mood. Sometimes I talk in Tamil, sometimes in Telugu. Poor mom, she doesn’t know Telugu. She only knows to add “ooo” to every Tamil word and she thinks that in this way she can master Telugu. Do you agree guys?
It takes times for her to decode my mind. You may be knowing the reason: Her processor is inept and slow. When I say something she thinks something else. I get furious with such vapid attitude and start crying loudly. My mom tells me to repeat the word again, but I cry and repeat and thus the more I cry the more she doesn’t understand. I cry loudly, loud enough to wake my neighbors. I throw tantrums. When I say “magi” she understands it as “micky”….
The way she handles this is: After a while, she also pretends to cry with me. I know she pretends, but I cannot even withstand her actions, I stop crying, kiss her and console her…And both of us happy.

Humpty Dumpty
Whenever I fall down for fun, I say Humpty Dumpty. But whenever I fall accidently I get annoyed, tortured and I start yelling at the object that made me fall. I bring that BIG BLACK LAKADI (The one that my Grandma uses to scare me) and beat the floor, sofa, or whatever that made me fall. My mom says, they are not responsible and I have to be more careful, but who cares, I simply beat them. Beating my Mom, when I am angry is also not rare in Aryan’s household. So the bottom line is :My Mom stays away from me when I am angry. Aryan—The angry young boy.

Eating alone is fun as long as you know how to fool your care takers. In daycare, they give us food and encourage us to eat alone. When they are not monitoring me, I slowly slip the food down and clear my plate and say “Oh Humpty Dumpty”. Pushpa maid takes the plate and goes, but Uma madam she refills it again passing a scornful look for putting the food down. I tepidly eat again. Seeing my Humpty dumpty game, my follower Adithya imitated. Yesterday we did this together and said “humpty dumpty” and were laughing and giggling and the after effect: “Uma Madam complained about me to my Mom”. But don’t worry yaar, soon will make her also join my Humpty Dumpty team.

Anything related to my life is color dependent. I need blue dress, black stick, brown biscuit, blue gems….heeehhhh my life is colorful…

Any tantrums in Aryan’s household end with the following three remedies:

1.Lion Roaring—Still works now, I stop crying if lion or tiger roars. I go behind them with Ladaki to beat them. However, I have never found one, I hear only roaring!!!!!
2.Mamma’s crying drama—I stop crying and console her.
3.Mamma’s drama to got to office.—Even at night, when I cries she takes her bag and go out, I run behind her saying, “No Mama don’t go, I will stop crying.” I wonder why these offices are open at night and how she can go to office in her blue nighty?

Do you have any other remedies to suggest my Mom?

Ok, friends. Happy New Year. I am going to Trivandrum for a long vacation now. Will be back next year….Till then “Alvidha”. (a new word that I learned from Disney Channel)