Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ice-Ice baby

These days so many people try to fool me. But will the clever Aryan ever be trapped? No way

Here goes the story:

Today my Mom called me ice ice baby, not because I like Ice-Cream, but because I play with ice cubes.
My craziness to roam around the house with plastic bottle is still there. Today morning
My Mom took the bottle from my hand, took some ice cubes from fridge and dropped it inside the bottle. I stared at her. Then she started shaking the bottle. I was very much excited to see the ice cubes moving here and there in the bottle and I liked the noise it made.

Leaving me alone with this new game, my Mom went away. I roamed the whole house shaking the bottle and making the odd noise. My papa did not like this game, but my mom thought this is probably something to keep me occupied.

Ahh..what happened after some time? I could no longer see the ice cubes, and thus no noise. I was sad and cranky. I went to my Mom again. Then she went near to fridge again, took the ice cubes from the tray, opened my bottle, and put more ice cubes inside.
Ice cubes reloaded…I like it….
After some time same thing happened. Ice cubes vanished!!! So the processes of reloading continued again.

My Grandma—The silent spectator of this event came near to me. She said, “Aryan bring the bottle here”. I thought this time she is going to load the ice cubes, but instead she took some small stuff from outside (She called it pebbles) and put it inside the bottle. Closed the bottle and gave me.
At first I was excited and I didn’t understand what was happening, but the joy of shaking ice cubes bottle was better than this one.

My grandma was trying to fool me!!!! I got angry, threw the bottle and ran away. Thus my mom calls me ice ice baby….

Another name to my list.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ice-Ice Baby,

How can they fool my little Ganesha?

mnamma said...

Nice name "Ice Ice baby" :)

Anonymous said...

Cool photo to go with a cool name! Nice you didn't get fooled Aryan!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Mnamma. Even I liked the name.
Thanks noon..I am trying hard not to be fooled ....