Monday, December 28, 2009

Me and my Mamma-Part 3

Aryan : Mamma, can you please wear another dress.
Mamma: Why?
Aryan: I don’t like the color of this dress.
Mamma: It is ok, I am not changing now.
Aryan: Then I am “katti” with you; I am not talking with you now.
Papa: Mamma, his girlfriend is going to have a tough time!!!!

Aryan: Mamma, why do you always cook?
Mamma: Who else will cook Aryan?
Aryan: Can you please tell Papa to cook?

Aryan while peeing: Mamma, when you do your Shoo Shoo..I will NOT stand near to you like this and disturb you.
Mamma: ahhh…Ok I am standing outside. Just make sure you flush.
Aryan: Yes, I will do that.
Mamma silently goes out of the rest room……

Mamma needs to wake up and understand that I am no longer an infant....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Party time!!!

My Mamma is the cruelest creature in this world.

In the morning, I asked one hundred times: Are u also going to be with me for my Christmas Party.

She said: “Yes” and made me get ready.

Now when we reached school:

She said, “Let us ask the teacher whether I can be in”.

Slowly in a sham manner with sign languages she asked my teacher, she dropped me, and went away somewhere with my papa…

Holidays are only for them or what?

I cried my level use. Somehow, later on Sujatha madam pacified me.

She is indeed a baa shiii…..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me and My Mamma-Part 2

I have five friends in my each hand:
Ring man
And Short man
I love them a lot and always sing about them.
Yesterday my Mom was shouting at me for some reason.
I warned her: Mamma, don’t point fingers with Pointer!!! I was just practicing to use my new vocabulary. Well, it worked and mamma stopped pointing fingers on me.
Mamma: Aryan, very difficult to get an auto. We are getting late to school and office.
Aryan: Call an auto and tell the driver that we need to go to “V IT” park. Give him Rs 50. Then we can go. That is it. Don’t worry!!!
Mamma (wondering): When did this guy know that my office is at V IT park?
Aryan: Mamma, get me a blue bus.
Mamma: Ok
Aryan: Not a toy bus, I need big blue bus
Mamma: Why?
Aryan: After school, I will drive and come to your office. I will pick you from your office in my big blue bus. Ok?
Mamma: You are small now, how you can drive?
Aryan: “IF” I grow big, I will drive.
Mamma: NOT “IF” Aryan. You should say “WHEN” I grow big. Anyway you will grow in few years.
Aryan: I am three yrs right? I am still not big Mamma?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me and my Mamma

Aryan: Your cooking finished?
Mamma : No, Aryan. It will take some more time.
Aryan: Close that vessel and cook. The curry will be cooked fast if you close it.
Mamma thinking: What ever I told him long before, he is recollecting giving the same lecture to me!!!!! I guess this guy needs to join some docent training session.
Aryan: Mamma, your hairs are dirty?
Mamma: Yes, Aryan. What to do now?
Aryan: You either take hair bath or cut all your hairs. See how I cut my hairs. Now I am looking good, like a prince!!!!!
Aryan: Mamma, which movie we are going?
Mamma: “KURBAN”
Aryan: What will be there in that movie?
Mamma: Something something Aryan. Maybe a car and an aeroplane!!!
Aryan: Leave it, I am not coming.
Mamma, thinking: How to convince him now???
Aryan: Mamma, inga konjam varaya please? (Can you come here, please?)
Mamma: Busy Aryan, apparam varen (I am busy, will come after sometime)
Aryan: Nee aeppothan en koda konjam time spend pannuvai? (When will u ever spend some time with me?????)
Aryan: Ok, don’t come.
Mamma running and coming: Yes, Aryan what do you want?
Sometimes, ignoring my mamma works the best.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The outcome is:

I became one peacock……blue peacock with long feathers….

When my turn came, I climbed on the stage and called, “ Mamma, Mamma”. Peacock’s Mamma also climbed the stage.

I held the microphone and asked my Mamma, “What should I say Mamma?”
She prompted “Say, I am a peacock and I am a National bird”
Like a parrot, I said the same.
Then asked her again” Mamma, what should I say now?”
She said, “Say I can dance”
I said the same thing.
When I said this, everyone shouted “Dance peacock Dance”

Then I attempted to dance and ran away from the stage.

Overall, it was fun. The program ended with some songs and the school management gave certificates to all the kids. My parents really liked the way it was organized. Kudos to them.

I could see most of my friends in tribal, Krishna, and Narada outfit. Few beautiful girls choose to be fairy, butterfly, Mother Teresa, Lady Bird. I could see Monkey, Pirate, Spiderman, Gabber Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose. One pair chooses to be Adam and eve. One little boy opted for “Grape bunch”. His Mamma made that costume for him.

Will post the pictures soon…

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fancy Dress Saga

Day one
Mamma: What do you want to become for fancy dress?
Aryan: A Superman?

Day two
Mamma: Getting Superman costume is difficult, what else you want to become?
Aryan: Ok, make me one Ducky

Day three
Mamma: Ducky requires lots of efforts. Think about something else Aryan.
Aryan: Ok, then I will become one SUN. It gives light and I will have supreme power.

Day four
Mamma: Sun dress I cannot get it…I need to do something with thermocol and I have no time for it. Do you want to become anything else?

Aryan (this is getting into heights): Have you seen Mowgli wearing any dress? He just wears underwear…make me Mowgli OK?

Oh god, when will my mamma learn to make a decision and stick to it rather that thinking thinking thinking…….

Friends…after the fancy-dress on Saturday, I will tell you what I became.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

PTM and Celebrations

My Mamma Papa's marriage Anniversary celebration started with my Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM). We planned to go to temple and reach my school by 11 AM. But we got late and thus we twisted the plan and went to school directly. In my school, my Mamma and Pappa got to hear some information about Phonetics and language games that will be introduced in next month lesson plan.

My Overall Assessment:
Strengths: I am very good at expressing my thoughts, I wait for my turn to do the activities, I am a good team player, and I am more interested in observing others.
Weakness: I am lazy to write. I need to improve more on it. Sometimes, I am very uninterested to do some activities. They are very true about my weakness; I am lazy to write.

Another point was: I am over matured for my age. It can be strength and weakness I guess.

After the PTM, my parent’s anniversary celebrations started. I really enjoyed the food at Eat street, the Merry go round horses and other games, our family sketch, the next day breakfast buffet at OKRA restaurant etc etc.
Overall, I had great fun at Marriot.

Sunday afternoon we came home, the anniversary celebration ended with a movie “ Ajab prem ki…..” which was running in the nearby theatre. Neither I understood, nor I liked the movie.

My Mamma’s dress:

Mamma: Aryan, How I am looking in Jeans and shirt?
Aryan: Not at all good, Mamma’s don’t wear jeans. Only boys wear. Can you wear some Salwar please?
Mamma: Girls wear jeans Aryan. Have you not seen you school madam wearing one.
Aryan: She is my school madam not my Mamma. Mammas don’t wear jeans.
Mamma: Well, she is also your friend, K’s, mamma.
Aryan (thinking what to say): You don’t wear, it is uncomfortable for you. OKAY?

Note: Friends, My Mamma needs suggestions and ideas for a Fancy dress day, held by my school on 14/11/09.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Emotions

Shampooing is the activity that I hate the most. Every morning I have a quarrelling session with my Mamma, convincing her not to give me head bath and not to use Shampoo.

Using face wash and face cream are secondary things that I hate.

Recently I have got few rashes on my face, which leads my Mamma to be over protective and wash my face often followed face cream.

Yesterday when she was giving me bath, I just got pissed off with the way she handles my face. I started crying crying crying….non-stop for 15-20 minutes I cried and my Mamma chose to ignore.

I was in the bathroom all drenched, while she simply left me alone and finished her morning chores. Later on she came and pacified me. Though I was not pacified, I somehow left the topic and went to school.

Now, in the evening, again the same saga started.

Mamma: Aryan come, wash face, and apply cream. (Doesn’t she understand that I have my own individuality?)
Aryan: No I am not washing it now.

She insisted few times and she went to kitchen for cooking.

After sometime I approached her for helping me fix some puzzles.

She simply said: “You are not listening to me, why should I listen to you?”
Aryan: “Sorry mamma, I will listen to you, but will not wash face.”
Mamma: “Then I will also listen to you, but will not play puzzles with you” (This is Tit for Tat or what???? What is she planning to do? )

After that our terms deteriorated more and somehow she managed to feed me some food.
When papa came, again I approached her for some help and she tried to be over smart by ignoring me.

I just felt very very SAD. For the first time in three yrs, I am feeling this serious SAD emotion. I hope you understand…

I sat on the sofa and did not talk to anyone for 15-20 min.

Papa asked: Aryan, what happened?
Aryan: Mamma doesn’t love me, she scolds me a lot. I am SAD!!!
Papa: What, you are Sad? Who told Mamma doesn’t love you?
Aryan: Aryan told myself !!!
Papa: Ok, Mamma come here and say sorry to Aryan.
Mamma: Sorry, Aryan, let us have a mutual understanding by listening to each other!!!
Aryan: No, you go away. Papa we will buy new Mamma from shop.
Mamma: Sorry dear, come let me hug you.

When she hugged I busted with all tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t continue to be SAD without crying. It was a mixed emotion, a feeling of love, insecurity, sadness, inferiority…..

Somehow got pacified and I slept. But, I still have that grudge with my Mamma now… When will this feeling disappear? Even Mamma is eager to know that!!!! Can anyone help?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vacation Updates

It was an impromptu decision by my parents to go to Nagpur by hiring a cab. Well, the reason was, my Aayi and Baba missed us a lot and they wanted me to be with them for Diwali.

All set go…..

We had a gala time for the three days when we were in Nagpur.

• We went to many temples. I saw one big sleeping hanuman god. Then I saw one gigantic ganapathi god with a big belly.
• I played with my cousins: Shithija (the trainer), Shruthi, and Divya. (Ringa ringa roses and train train were my favorite games).
• As usual, I could see, cows, donkeys, goats, buffalo, pigeon, parrots, bullock cart, cycle rickshaw etc etc. I enjoyed every bit of it.
• I was little scared for lighting crackers, but managed to show some courage.
• We lighted mud diyas and my badi mamma drew a couple of beautiful rangolis…(Blue color used more ). My mom forgot to take some snaps…
• Saw two movies, “All the Best” and “BLUE” (But couldn’t see much shark in it)

Random conversations

1. At Hanuman Temple

Aryan: Papa, what are they doing?
Papa: They are giving bath to Hanuman god.
Aryan: Head bath?
Papa: Yes, and see Hanuman god is not crying while taking head bath. So when you take head bath you should not cry. You should call hanuman god and he will give you all the strength.
Aryan: Ok, I will not cry during head bath and will call hanuman god for strength.
Aryan, after sometime: So when should I call Ganapthi god? When I feel sacred of thunder?
Papa: Ok, yes call Ganapthi god when you feel scared.
Aryan: When should I call Saibaba god?
Papa: Call when you are sad.
Aryan: When should I call Saraswathi god?
Papa: ahhhh….call everyone whenever you want please…..

2. On the day of Diwali

Aryan: Mamma, where is my new dress?
Mamma: We didn’t get time to get new one. Wear this, tomm I will get a new one.
Aryan: But mamma, today is Diwali right?
Mamma: Ok, let us ask Baba, if he has got new one.
Baba: Sorry, Aryan. In midst of cleaning the house and painting, I didn’t get time to get a new dress.
Aryan: Baba, today is diwali right? And for diwali we should wear new dress. Isn’t?
Baba (Feeling very sentimental): Ok, let me go and get it now.
Hearing this conversation; my badai papa, went and got one new dress in midst of Lakshmi pooja.
Then my Baba, went and got two new dresses for me. Fish dress and car dress.
My one question about not getting new dress on diwali day has so much weightage???
Well, it was not intentional. My mamma told, we wear new dress on Diwali, so thought will ask them.

3. Shopping with Baba’s friend

My baba has a very very close friend called Pittalwar Kakkaji. He is such an intelligent person that My Mom and Pappa admire him a lot.

Kakkaji: Aryan coming with me to confectionary? I will get some cake for you.
Aryan: Ok, let me change and come.
I sat with him in the Motorbike and went to a nearby confectionary.
Aryan: I want cake and ladooo biscuits.
Kakkaji: Ok, we got them packed. Now what else you want?
Aryan: No nothing.
Kakkaji: Just go, see, and tell me. Pick anything that you feel like eating.
Aryan: No nothing.
Kakkaji: Not even blue gems?
Aryan: No, you said you will get cake right?
Kakkaji: Ok, let us get some gems and chocolates.
Aryan: No, I don’t want.
Kakkaji: See, you have three of your cousin sisters at home, so let us get some chocolates for them.
Aryan: Ok, then you can get it.

After coming home, I just ate the cake, shared it with Shitija, and also gave all the chocolates to my cousins. I didn’t even touch the gems.

My logic is simple. Once I say NO, nothing can change my decision.

Well, a three yr old should know to say “NO”. Don’t you feel so?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another name for me

“I am a little caterpillar; short and sweet…
This is my tail and this is my antenna…(I hope caterpillars have antennas!!!)
When I come out of my cocoon, I will become one butterfly….
Which color butterfly? Can you please tell me ????"

I like to sing the above poem in the tunes of “I am a little teapot…short and spout….” (Friends, if you don't know this song, come home for exclusive training....)

Question: How did I get this caterpillar name????

The answer: Radhika aunty (Anisha’s Mom) gave me this new name. After that, I was so happy; I was running around giggling whenever I hear her calling me Caterpillar!!!!! Isn’t it so good????? Thanks Anisha's Mom.

Today is blue day in my school. Infact, for me it doesn’t matter. I am always in BLUE and I make sure my Mom is also in BLUE. They should simply inform us when it is NOT a blue day……

Mamma’s Day out

A party organised by my school for all Mammas. It was on 10/9/09. Kids are supposed to sit at home with my Pappas and Mammas are supposed to go to school.
I liked this logic, where Mammas go to school.

As it was a Saturday, Mamma’s office was closed and thus she decided to go. She made breakfast, fed me, and left home by 10 A M. It was a potpourri, where each mamma needs to cook one of the dishes from the menu list. My mamma and cooking???? They are poles apart. She decided to get some sweets from Keshav Reddy shop…thanks to that confectionary opposite to our house.

I was at home with Pappa. I did not disturb him at all. I saw some animal Cds and watched cricket with him. Aryan is a Goo shi now. (Good boy in my code language)
At 1’ o clock, Pappa called Mamma.

Pappa: When are you coming?
Mamma: Another 1 hr?
Pappa: What, Aryan is hungry?
Mamma: Give him Maggie.

Pappa made Maggie. I ate honey loops, Maggie, chips…all those foods that my Mamma tries to avoid from me.

At 2:30, she enters the house happy and smiling.

Party Synopsis: They had a beauty workshop for young mommies, followed by lots of games, activities, prizes/lucky draws…My Mamma also grabbed a James Bond CD (tan…. ta ….daan,, ta ….daaan) as a prize. She got to meet so many masti mommies: Manasa’s mamma, Aarav’s mamma, Sadana’s mamma, Mohit’s mamma, Kush’s mamma, Anshu’s mamma, Anisha’s mamma, Utsav’s mamma, Sandhya Madam and four more mamma’s. (She remembers their name and face, but forgot their kid’s name. Sorry mommies for this faux pas. My mamma seriously needs a memory back up).

My mamma enjoyed a lot and I hope my school organizes such Mamma parties often, where I can also join and see what all these mommies are up to. Well, on such occasions I will not guarantee that I will be a Goo Shii….

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holiday Status Report

Me, being a Host

1.Y aunty with M friend— Y aunty and M friend came home during holidays. I was waiting for their visit. For the first time, my school friend was coming to my house and I was little not sure how to react. They got a beautiful book for me along with blue gems. Thank you Y aunty for the gifts. Together we played in the tent and also I shared my mud truck. But, when the turn came to play and share with my Tetra cycle, I cried …and refused. You know, I need to learn more in this aspect of sharing……

2.R Uncle visit—R Uncle works with my Mom in her office. He dropped with his wife, M aunty. I cannot claim I was a very good boy when they visited. Like a tail, I was always behind my Mamma. R uncle asked me about green dress akka and Monkey episode (Well it has become so famous!!!) R uncle also gave me a very innovative gift—“A difference puzzle, which puzzled me a lot”. I love it and I play with it very often.

“Why everybody bring gifts when they come home?” I asked this question to my Mom after they left. Well, my Mom chooses to ignore such stuff and she did the same here. She should have given me a convincing answer. She needs to learn a lot about how to manage me. I don’t think she can get the MBA (Managing Brilliant Aryan) certificate in near future. The MBA course evolution history is here. I am happy anyway. Thanks R Uncle and M Aunty.

3.My cousins—My cousins, Shruthi and Shithija, came home. I loved playing with them.

Shitija is so much enthusiastic and thrilling that I am dumbstruck with her activities. She never leaves anything untouched or unexplored. Though one yr younger than me, she gave me climbing exercise training session. Now I climb on the wardrobes, grills, windows, dining table, computer table,…..I loved her training session.

Shruthi is bigger than me by two yrs and she knows lot of stuffs. She reads and writes pretty well and is mostly engaged with this activity.

Altogether we had a gala time and I miss them now.

Name game

I have found a new name to my Mom—Mamma Shark

Reason one: Recently she took me to a shopping mall where I saw a big Aquarium. I asked her where is Shark? She pointed towards one big black fish and said, “This is Shark”. (Well, later from my Papa I understood that we don’t get to see Sharks in aquarium.)

Reason two: The other day, she wore one black dress. Completely black dress. First, I called her elephant, and then I called her Shark. I could recall that Black Shark that I saw in Aquarium. So now I call her “Mamma Shark”.

Every day morning when I wake up, I ask her: Mamma Shark, Mamma Shark, no need to go to school today?

Mamma Shark: Aryan fish, you have to go to school today.

Aryan Fish: Mamma Shark, you are a baa Shi…( Baa Bad boy in my code language)

Mamma Shark: Call me Shark, baa shi, elephant, or whatever; you have to GO to school.

Can’t help, but just listen to her………

More and more to write, but Mom is trying to be busy bossy….

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dress Up day

It was dress up day on 23/9/09 in my school. My mamma got me a brand new white kurtha. I liked it and agreed to wear it also. But the next day when I wore it, I felt very uncomfortable.

Two things were bothering me:
1.The textile had some odd luster
2.The textile had some unknown smell (Mamma says, it is the smell of newness)

Within in a fraction of seconds I decided that I am not going to wear it. I told Mamma to remove it. She insisted that it is dress up day in school and I need to wear it.

Mamma: Please Aryan, why don’t you wear it?

Aryan: NO I am not. I am uncomfortable in it and it smells. (Next time I hope she decides not to buy such fancy stuffs and impose on me.)

Mamma: Then what dress you want?

Aryan: I want “Butthathan” dress. (The T-shirt that I am wearing in Mr Snowwhite picture. It is having a ghost picture, which gives me more power.)

Mamma: Ok, let change it.

I was wondering why my Mamma gave up immediately without arguing much? She changed my dress and packed my new dress in my bag and dropped me in school.

Afternoon, she gets a call from my caretaker.

Y aunty: (My caretaker’s name starts with “Y”) : Aryan is down with fever. Can you please come and take him home.

Mamma: Ok, coming now.

So now you understood. Fever was the reason for my Mamma to give up easily. She must have sensed it in the morning itself that I was feeling tired. So she agreed to make me wear what I wanted.

Though I hate Fever and its associated Crocin, I like to have such reasons by which I can tame my Mamma. Any idea from my friends???.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Award Time

Uma Aunty gave this award to me. I guess she got impressed by my looks…thank you thank you.

Now passing this award to newly discovered blogging friends. Here, I give this to all lively and interesting blogs that I've newly discovered.

Smitha Aunty
Lost world Akka (she has already got it)
Nova Akka
Shruthi Aunty
Shruthi Aunty 2 (Lil’P)
Pixie Akka
Meira Akka
BDA, you have become my old friend, but still this award holds true for you.

NOTE: These days my mom is very lazy and forgetful. She forgets to trim my nails. Yesterday I pierced her and she understood the importance of trimming my nails. Why Moms don’t have memory backup?? Now, if she has forgotten to pass this award to any new blogger friends, believe me I am innocent in this.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am Mr Snow White

Here is my snap, posting upon request from my fans. thank you thank you....thank you everybody.
Mr Snow White name copyright is given to lostworld akka. Thanks for the new name.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


For a long time, I have been longing to travel in Blue Bus. This Sunday my Mom and Grandparents decided to full- fill my wish. (For a change). The price I had pay for it was my “hair”. They bribed me a tour on bus, if I agree for a haircut. Ok, agreed.

Sunday morning; me, my Baba, and my Mamma went to Salon. The first salon owner said that I cry too much and he denied my entry. (He has learnt a lesson from his past experiences. Good job). I wished all Salon owners do the same. Deep in my heart I was rejoicing this entry withhold.

The next place was a new one. So he agreed to cut my hair. I thought I should teach him a lesson too. As soon as he sprinkled water, I started my crying saga, not only crying, it is kind of screaming and beating the hair dresser. Somehow I should carve a niche about my capabilities and teach him a lesson so that he doesn’t cut my hair again.

Well, soon he finished job of cutting and I finished my job of crying. All of us, garnished with tiny hairs, went home for a shower.

As soon as the shower was over, my Mamma changed her stand.

Mamma: “Aryan, You cried so much that now we are not taking you in Bus.”

Aryan: “Please Mamma, I will not cry again.”

Mamma: “Every time you say the same thing.”

Aryan: “Next time I will not cry Mamma, please mamma take me out in Bus.”

Mamma: “Let us see next time. Moreover, it is raining outside.”

Aryan in fully angry: “Mamma , take me out Now.”

Mamma: “No, not now.”

Aryan, extremely angry: “Mamma, I will throw you out and beat you. Wait, I will cut your hair now.”

With my threatening, she got convinced and they took me out in the evening in a Bus. Bus safari requires a new post altogether.

NB: After haircut, I feel I am more handsome now. Like Snow white’s step mother, I keep looking at the mirror atleast 10 times a day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Old is Gold

Aryan: Why are we married to this house?

Mamma: Aryan, it is not “married”, it is “moved”. We have moved to this house. Ok,
now that we have moved, now what is the problem?

Aryan: Mamma, I cannot do “Shi” in this house bathroom. I want the old house bathroom to do “SHI”. Bring it here…

Mamma: What? You expect me to bring old house bathroom???

Aryan: Yes, please!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Standing Vs Sleeping

I have an assignment to practice Standing (IIII) and Sleeping (_ _ _ _) lines at home. For the past two days, Mama sits with me to finish this assignment.

Yesterday, I drew lots and lots of standing and sleeping lines….(once in for all I wanted to finish this line saga). My mama asked me to name them, I gave all the names that I know: Mama, Papa, Aryan, Yellow Duck, Mickey, Timmy, Pati, Thatha, periyamma, Tom, Jerry, Aayi, baba, Swaram aunty (yes I remember and miss you)…….never ending list. (Guys, note my hardwork and think how many lines I drew!!! Aryan pat pat)

To be frank with you, neither I know to draw Standing nor I know to master Sleeping lines. So I am thinking to request my teacher to change the course of my assignment.
Instead of Standing and Sleeping lines, she should give me an assignment of drawing “Blue Slanting lines”, the one that I draw every day.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Aryan and Mamma, while playing puzzles.
Mamma: “Where is K for Kite?”
Aryan: “Inga illai (not here)”
Mamma: “Irukku , nee naanna paaru.” (It is here, see properly)
Aryan: “Mamma, andha “K” chatthu poyidothu?” (That “K” died?)
Mamma: “No puzzles ellam chatthu pogathu. (Puzzles don’t die)
Puzzles don’t die or what?
Aryan and Mamma during bedtime.
Mamma: “Aryan, sleep otherwise that nocturnal bird that is in god’s room will come here. Shall, I call it here? Listen, how it is making noise.”
Aryan: “Mamma can you call that watchman mama and tell him to shoo that bird away. “
How long Mamma wants to scare me like this? She should find solution to problems right???
Mamma: Please eat everything. You should finish it fast.
Aryan: No I am not eating it now. Enough for me. You eat
Mamma: Eat some more Aryan.
Aryan: No, it is “dangerous” to eat.
Mamma wondering, “What? “dangerous” to eat?” “From where you learn this Aryan?”

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oil Pouring Activity

Anyone who came to Aryan’s household (Swaram Aunty) knows about one old cane type sofa that we display in our living room. I still don’t understand why my papa tries to be very careful with that outdated piece.

Yesterday I was massaging my Mom’s hair with oil. After taking the oil, I gave her the bottle. She kept it on sofa and the oil fell down. She immediately wiped it.
Later on, I asked my Mom,” Can WE tell Papa that Bad wolf poured oil here?”. (Note the WE)

Mamma, “No way Aryan, don’t ever lie. We will say that we did it”
Aryan, “NOT WE, it is “YOU”. Tell Papa that you poured it, OK????”
Mamma……in deep thought.
Pappa, “Who poured the oil here?”
Aryan, “It is Mamma, not me. I gave the bottle to her only.”
Papa did not say anything.
Why when it comes to Mamma; Papa doesn’t scold?????? Partiality!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

My review for Timmy time

I love this cartoon. It is about a Timmy Lamb, which goes to his playschool. Timmy is going to nursery!

Url : Timmy Time
Have a look at the photo.

Small Black lamb, Timmy
Yellow duckling
Yellow Kitten
One porcupine (Could be)
Owl’s baby
Blue lamb, which always eats everything. Even a book. Can you imagine?
One little puppy
Pelican teacher
Owl teacher

STORY— The title song starts with Mamma sheep dropping him to school and in the end also Mamma sheep comes to receive him. (I like this the best, resembles my life)

The school is composed of a Pelican and an OWL as teachers. The other charcters are the students. Yellow duckling and Timmy ends up fighting mostly.The show ends up showing the activities that I do in my school; painting, cycling, playing with puzzles, sleeping, eating food, and so on.

Everytime one cucckoo clock props up to indicate the time. During lunch time, the cuckoo clock comes with a spoon and fork. During sleeping time, it comes with a pillow.

I can very well relate this cartoon with my life…me going to school and handling the situations alone. Friends, I hope you understand. Once they showed about how Timmy wants everyting in "blue color" and it exactly fits into my character.

Negative—it only comes on Saturday and Sunday or rather my Mom shows me only on those days. the other days it comes after I got to school. I wish I could see Timmy’s antics every day.

Can anyone recommend to Timmy, so that it can come before I go to school?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Updates

Saturday—Saw a movie called “Ttaan ta daa …..ta da ta da…”. Some movie, where that Main hero Mama did not die also fast…..they were only fighting fighting fighting….The best part is : I ate popcorn and brownies…

Sunday—What to say about this “beautiful aunty” along with her “bodyguard handsome mama”, who came to my house on Sunday? She was looking gorgeous in her blue attire. Oh yes, forgot to introduce. Her name is Swaram. Now on, will address them as “Blue Dress Aunty” and “Blue Pant Mama”. Their dress code was in sync with my fav color.

When they came, I was busy watching my Nursery Rhymes….you guys must be knowing how much I like it. I was engrossed in it that I didn’t bother to talk to them.
Blue Pant Mama (BPM), came near to me and was trying to tilt my attention. Efforts in vain. But, good try Mama. Pat Pat

Blue (Beautiful) Dress Aunty (BDA) was trying to capture my attention, by blocking my TV view. There I gave a furious look. She got scared and moved away. Good job Aryan!!!pat pat….….Heeeheeee…

Soon my rhymes were over and then I realized about my mean behavior towards my guest.

Thank god, all of us were chatter boxes. There is so much fun simply by talking….doing nothing else…and time flew like anything.

After sometime, I went to sleep. My Mom, as usual crocked her lullaby and I slept. After my siesta was over, I was ready for some childish snaps and soon they departed….

I loved every bit of it. BDA, when will you come again????

Now about the gifts they got for me. I loved it a lot.
Memory game— I liked it so much that when I went to sleep, I made sure that I made my Memory game also sleep. Otherwise bad wolf will take it and go na…….I like this game especially when I play with my Mom and comes to know that she has poor memory than me…. Yesterday the whole evening after the BPM and BDA left, I was busy with this game…and kept my Mom also busy.

Super Duper Blue Color Spy watch—I asked Mom, when can I wear this. She said when I grow little more big. Man, just now I have grown one more yr. How much she wants me to grow so that I can wear this hi-fi fundu blue watch?????

Kajju Kathli Sweets—Ahhh that was my mom’s bliss…She almost finished the whole packet. Can you believe it? She may eat it as breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert…what not.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aryan is Big Boy now

Today I am three yr old, but do you think I am big now. No not all. I am not big enough to brush my teeth alone, take bath alone, wear dress alone, eat alone, sleep alone, blah blah….Hope my Mama understands that these tasks cannot be mastered by a three yr old boy and hope she stops insisting me to do such stuffs alone.

Random Conversations
Aryan: Is today my Birthday?

(I asked the same statement to my mama atleast for some 20 times. Later on I myself got convinced that today is my Birthday, because my Papa, my Reshmi atthai, Shruti Thayi’s papa, My patti, My Kuttu mama, My periyamma, and My Swaram aunty (aka beautiful aunty) called me to wish happy birthday. Most of the calls got missed, because my mama’s ring tone has very low volume. Thanks everybody.)

Mama: Aryan, yes today is your birthday.

Aryan: Then mama, where did that papa go?

Mama: Aryan, not “that” papa, say “my” papa. Papa is not in town. He is out for an official trip.

Aryan: So we only have three people. Aryan, Mama, Aayi, and Baba.

Mama: Not three, it is four including you.

Aryan: Ok mama, come let us cut the cake.

Mama: Aryan we will go to Wonder 6 and then cut cake. All kids are waiting there.

Aryan: No, I am not sharing my blue gems cake with anyone.

Mama in a bemused state and hoping everything goes well there.

Then the team marches to my school, to see the surprise that they have at Wonder 6.

Here is the glimpse of the birthday cake.(NB: Cake got smashed little, but see the beauty of the blue gems.)

Birthday cake was sponsored by my Baba.

We reached the school at 10:00 AM. Radhika madam told us to wait for some time. I was incessently telling my mama, “no office no office…don’t leave me and go”. Deaf ear she is…..

As soon as we entered the school room, the kids started singing” Happy birthday to you….” I was the center ofattraction and I liked it. Ballons, Chocolates, Cake, and Mama…All of these pleased me.

Mama helped me blow the candle. Baba helped me cut the cake. I ate the piece with blue gems.!!!!

After that, no turning back ….suprises after surprises…

Surprise Number one: The greeting made by all my friends with their Thumb impression on it. Thank you my dear friends and thanks a lot my teachers.

Surprise Number two (not new): Before cutting the cake my Mom promised that she will stay with me, but after cutting the cake, she helped me eat the cake and went away to office. :-(

Surprise Number 3: My Periyappa and Periamma sent roses to me. Bunch of 12 yellow and red roses. I was marvelous. After some time, they became the scapegoat for my number counting activity.

Surprise Number 4: Papa came home at night along with a Tent. For me, it is my “Mickey Mouse Club House”. When you come home, now you know where to find me and my animal toys. I will be glued to this vicinity for some time, I guess...

Surprise Number 5: Today morning another set of fresh assorted rose flowers got delivered at home. That was a real surprise, because the order for these roses was never placed by my Periappa. They had placed one order and we got two. My Mom is following up with it and figuring out what to do with it…

So ended my birthday with merry and joy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainbow Hotel Vs Rainbow Hospital

“It is rainbow hotel papa, not rainbow hospital.” that is what my mamma told me.
Fever season for Aryan now. Every August I get fever, this is the second consecutive year I guess…They took me to rainbow hotel and I was staying there for three days…believe me it is all so boring to be in hotel.

I was totally scared.

Green dress Akka will come any time and pierce my hand, she willl give Crocin, she will give tepid sponging, she will keep some apparatus in my nose…ahhh. Once I was so irrigated and I simply bad mouthed her as “MONKEY”.
My mom said I should not say such things, but they have exceeded the limits of torturing me…..

Now never again, I will tell my mamma to take me to Hotel, I guess hospitals are better…do you think so?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mama Story

Aryan, you are not at all serious in anything. If I ask you to say alphabets, you laugh and run away, If I ask you to do some coloring, you play with the colors and throw them, If I ask you to stop giggling you continue to do that.........

……hey friends you guessed it right. It is my Mama lecturing at me.

What is her problem in life? If I am too much obedient she is having problem, if I am too much liberal and jovial she is having problem. Oh god, do we have all moms configured in this way?

The other day papa cooked up a story for me. The story of” Mama falling in a river”. Here goes the story:

One day my Mom was standing near the river, suddenly she fell down in the river. Then out of river, god came and asked me.

Aryan, is this your mama? God was showing me a woman, whose name was KK (Kareena kapoor). I said No.

Aryan, is this your Mama? This time the god was showing me a woman, whose name was again KK (Katrina Kaif). I said No.

Aryan, is this your Mama? This time god showed me my Mama, wearing her blue nighty. I said Yes. I ran and hugged her it seems.

For my Honesty god gave me all the three mama’s …ahh what a bad story. God is planning to give me three mama’s where I am not able to with manage one. And moreover, whatever said and done, deep in my heart, I just like this blue nighty Mama.

I hope this story never comes true… even my Mama is wishing the same. (Why is she wishing this?).
Moral of the story: Mama should not stand in the bank of any river.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mama when will you come?

“Aryan, come-on get up fast. We are getting late.” That was my mama yelling at me. Does she know how good it is to get up from bed without hearing this yell every day??? She doesn’t!!!!

Before I was enrolled to school, I was an early bird. I used to get up at 6 A.M and used to wake my mama by yelling at her “Mama get up fast, sun came”.
Now she has taken the role of yelling at me. Vicissitudes of life!!!! And see how much a 3 yr old (almost) boy needs to be like a robot even when he is in his somnolence.

Then I somehow brush my teeth (Otherwise worms will lease my teeth), take bath (Otherwise I will be dirty), eat food (otherwise I will have no shakti) and wear dress….This wearing dress is the saddest part. I am a simple boy who likes to wear a simple plain- full hand shirt (Without any tag in the collar that irritates me) and pant (without zip and with facility for wearing belt), while my mama wants me to wear a jazzy T-shirt and jeans pant (Man that is so tight and heavy) I am a simple boy, who like to wear a paragon slippers, while my Mama wants me to wear a Lilliput sandal……..

Ok…leave all those drama. The point is; I can decide whether I want coffee or tea (not milk or boost), whether I want dosa or magi, whether I want t-shirt or shirt, whether I want stitched pant or jeans pant, whether I want to go to a botanical park in Kondapur (Just to see three ducks) or whether I want to go to a mall and enjoy the escalator, whether I want gems or ice-cream, whether I want to be a Spiderman or Superman man!!!!

Today when she picked me from my school;

Complaint number 1: Aryan is so obedient, he accepts whatever we give, if we will tell him to sit he sits, if we tell him to stand he stands and if we tell him to eat he eats. He simply cannot refuse any orders and he is many times indecisive selecting his Montessori equipment. Aryan’s Mama, do you scold him or is he really scared? Many kids take advantage of his nature and he is not able to save himself from others….Please Aryan’s mom, he is a child, give him choices, don’t say good/bad or right/wrong. Just use abstract words like happy/sad. You need to constantly make this effort.

Complaint number 2: When Mama will come? This is the same message that comes out of my mouth after every one hour. Is this recorded? No way, I am constantly thinking when Mama will come to pick me. So after school, I simple eat food fast, sleep fast, get up and eat snacks fast, drink tea and wait for Mama. After I drink tea, usually my Mama comes… why can’t I drink it early??? One day my Caretaker said, Aryan you run and play rather than waiting for your Mama, otherwise I will take you to my home. Bad idea, didn’t like it at all. I suddenly ran here and there and told” See I am running and playing. Now fine?” After this I went and sat in the Turtle (I can get a good view of the main gate from Turtle. I have named it Tangam, the Turtle) and continued my waiting…..

Mama came and we went home.
The battle continues:
Aryan: “Mama, make filter coffee for me”
Mama: “Aryan why are your ordering me, Aryan??? Why can’t you say, Mama can you please make Filter coffee for me?”

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Twist in my Vocabulary

Anything I say now, I add one “eeee” to it.

Ant becomes anteee (Once I saw some ants in the front balcony and shouted loud enough for my next door neighbor aunty to come and enquire whether we called her…!!!)

Papa becomes Puppy (gosh …this name is also applicable to Dog’s little one, isn’t???)

Green becomes greenny

Gems becomes gemssy. Gemssy is my favorite chocolateee now. Yesterday I made my Papa to get five big packets of Gems (According to him, it is Rs 75/- hole in his pocket, just for some stupid chocolates.)

Anyway I enjoy the eating part.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I was on vacation. Went to Nagpur to attend my Dadaji’s retirement ceremony. Enjoyed every bit of it. I got to see so many people and places when I was in Nagpur.

Another Transformation: I guess, soon I will master the Art of stammering. For Mama, I say MMMMMAmmm. So before even I say one word, my mama decodes my mind and understands it, but she chooses me to complete the sentence. I think she has improved her understanding and decoding skill after I started stammering….

Mmmammma is kind of tensed about this behavior. She talked with my new school teacher. I was happy about her tete -a -tete talk with my teacher. I expected my school teacher to say “Aryan should take a long sabbatical for a year”.

Unfortunately that was not the case. She said : Don’t worry Aryan’s mom, I will handle this change efficiently!!!!!

Bad luck …

NB: Swaram Anunty, I will do your tag soon. Thanks for tagging.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformations in me!!!

I myself didn’t know about the transformations that happen to me:
Here goes the story
From Daycare my Mama picked me in the evening and we went home.

After sometime I asked Mama for “Votai”
Mama : “What”? You want “Vada”
Aryan: “No, Votai”
Mama:” What is it? Is it some eating stuff?”
Aryan in an irritated tone: “Yes, Mama!!!! Give me Votai”
Mama: “What is that Aryan?”
Aryan crying: “Mama please give me some votia”
Aryan shouting and running here and there for Votai
Mama scared not knowing how to handle
At last Mama:”Aryan, when I come from office tomm, I will get it”. (Thinking that she can decode my mind in the night)
I am extremely bilious and runs near to water filter and ask for Votai
Mama at last decodes it: “Aryan you want water?”
Aryan: “Yes”.
Mama: “You little boy, why can’t you tell “Water, Mum, thanni, pani, neeru, neelu…anything to express your needs. You could have asked me in one of those names, instead of saying VOTAI for Water…..!!!!!!

Yes, that is true!!! I could have thought about different options….Bad memory!!!
Atlast after 45 minutes, I got come votai to drink!!!!! (the point is: I asked Votai, before taking bath, that time my Mama ignored my needs)

You see friends; I cannot pronounce “R”. So this is how it is for me:

For “Water” I now say “Votai”. I cannot say a decent “Wate (without R)”

When will I overcome this problem?

NB: Another transformation is about the change in my opinion that I had about my previous day care. The day care is far better that the new school…For the first time in 1.5 yrs , I urged my Mom to drop me in my old day care rather than dropping me in a new school…..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

My papa is so sweet. I always like to imitate him, I get dressed like him, talk like him, sleep like him, eat like him…..…
Yesterday being papa’s day, my papa asked me, what I would do on Father’s day. I simply said that I would get a cake for my papa.
But neither Mama, nor Papa took me out of the house to get a little cake for my papa.
It is ok, even without cake I love you papa (You and Mama give similar sort of reasons when you don’t get me the things that I want; so just following your pattern)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Splash Pool

This week ended with splash pool saga. Somehow I refused to sit or float in the pool. I was simply standing and splashing the water.

After half an hour, I came out and started playing with slides and swings. Girls were still playing; while we two boys chose to do more of sliding than splashing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is this real!!!!!

School is a place where Mama should sit with me and help me to play with the toys…..Isn’t it?

For the past three days that is what she was doing, but today suddenly she is saying she needs to go and be away from me….leaving me all alone in the school environment.
Beads, blocks, sandpit, toys, crafts, stitching, sketching, coloring, gardening, tower making, chapatti making..…nothing nothing is interesting and no longer exciting me without my sweet Mama….

Today I was running behind Mama to hold me and take me with her, to her office.
Seeing this melodrama, such a grave sympathetic looks I get from the surroundings…but no sympathy from my Mama…

Mama, please don’t drop me or leave me alone…I will come with you to office…I know to play with computers also, are you aware of that????
Next week; Mama is saying she will drop me alone in school bus!!!!! Gosh can someone help me???

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wonder 6 School

The world is wonderful and you can learn many things till the age of 6, good theme for my first school “Wonder 6”. Today was my first day in school. Mama was more tensed than me. She was behaving as if it is her first day in school. I guess not all Mamas are of this tension category. .. . .anyways.

For a week, she needs to assist me in getting used to the school environment for one hour and then she drops me in Rays daycare and then goes to office. I don’t like to leave my Mama. Why can’t she take me to office????

Weekend update:
1.Yesterday, my new friend of my age, K, and her Mom came to my house. K’s mom is my teacher in Wonder 6 School. I am always deceptive if any new kid or any new faces drop in to my house. I make sure that my toys are in place and I simply sit in my chair and observe them rather than talking with them. My Mom starts her hostess behavior and yesterday she advised me to assist her in giving snacks and water to the guests. I took the task of taking snacks and my Mom got water.

K’s mom had come for a house visit and wanted to spend some time with me to see how I get adjusted. My mama was nonstop chatter box explaining about me and my habits to my new teacher, while I was busy observing the surroundings.

After a while they were about to leave and they reached near the main door.

I went and asked Mama.: “Mama, did they take her Cap?”

Mama said: “I don’t know”

Then Mama asked K’s Mom: “K’s Mom did you take K’s cap”

She replied:” Yes I did. Thank you Aryan for reminding. ”

Then K’s Mom said to my Mama” Your kid is a good at grasping the things……”

Mama looked at me and smiled.

K’s cap was so attractive, with a shining blue lace….that I couldn’t keep my eyes out from it. Why do only girls have such good caps/hats?
Sometimes isn’t it boring to be a boy? No hats, No Bindi’s, No hairbands, No earrings, No lipsticks……..

2.Yesterday, my Mama took me out to buy a Lollipop. Mr Pop lollipop is totally out of stock in every shop ….We went in a city bus, because of the following reasons:
-For a long time I was craving to go in a city bus. I feel so good to sit in a city bus and travel. Why can’t Papa get on Bus for me?
-To buy Rs 2 lollipop, my Mom did not want to hire a Rs 20 auto. According to her it is not a bad logic, but I neither understand logic, nor maths….so the first reasons is the best for me.

3.My Mama didn’t want any jazz purchase before going to Wonder6. She simply sensed that my sipper needs a change and thus just got a sipper that suits me the best. Thank you….and hope she also senses that I need a belt, a watch, a sandal…etc etc like Papa….because I like to get dressed like Papa.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Conversations

1.Papa and Aryan talking

Papa: Do you want to become an Engineer, when you grow big?
Aryan: NO
Papa: Do you want to become a Doctor, when you grow?
Aryan: NO way Papa
Papa: Then what do you want to become?
Aryan: I want to become a Prince. That is it.
Papa thinking: ??? Which century this guy is in???

2.Aryan and Mama watching TV
Mama: Aryan, see this is “Vishal”. See how he is dancing.
Aryan: No mama, this is not “Vishal”. This is “TV Vishal”. Vishal is my Papa. Mama, you don’t know this much also????

3.Aryan at his Day care
Aryan in a sad tone: “A”, why did you cut your hair? (“A” is a girl of his age)
A: ???
Aryan: Did you cry when you went to Saloon?
Aryan: You are a good girl, but I will cry if a go to Saloon. Mamma says, that is why I am a bad boy.

Somtimes it is good to be a Bad boy. Isn't?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Special

1. Stones are erecting on my head. Mama said it I because of summer and she advised me to drink more water. The after effect: I am always in the rest room…..

2. Oye Summer Summer Oye : I am in summer camp and have made a mouse, a caterpillar and a fan. Thanks Uma madam. My Mom is yet to see my master pieces; I can bring it home at the end of summer camp only.

3. I am a “Banian chaddi wala” at home…no fancy dresses….the temperature is shooting up high. It is 45 C.

4. I am in the mood of frequent hair cuts for an ease feeling. (Though I cry and try to run away when I reach the Saloon).

5. Last but not the least: I have been enrolled for Montessori System of education and will be attending the classes from June 15th. My Mom says; selecting a school is tougher than selecting a MBA college? True? False?

Monday, February 16, 2009


I am a fan of spider man. I stand like him, I wear T-shirts with his pictures, and I try to walk like him. My mother was the one who indulged this craze in me.

The history goes like this: On one Sunday, during the mid of January she saw spider man movie which came in Star plus. I also had to watch that with her and somehow I understood what spider man is……..

Yesterday, My papa and Mama were talking. I was playing with my colors. Suddenly my Papa said, what to do, “Great Power comes with Great responsibility.” Like a lightening, something clicked in my mind. Wait what did papa say, Great power……oh…
“ PAPA SPIDERMAN SAYS THIS NOT PAPAs””. This is what I told him….

My Papa was little taken aback with my words, but he chose to keep quiet and move on……
Why was he shocked?
1.Did he expect that: When I am playing, I keep my ears and eyes shut and I am oblivious of what people are talking in the surroundings?
2.Did he expect that: I have a poor memory and I don’t recollect what my favorite movie star’s dialogue is?
3.Did he expect that: I am a dumb 2.6 yrs old kid, who simply knows to listen rather than voice my opinion in a discussion?

Monday, January 19, 2009


My Mom was saying that I should drink more water, otherwise stomach will pain when I poop. Don’t you think this is getting into heights????

The problem is, she feeds me full stomach telling all fancy stories and immediately after that she expects me to drink water. Yesterday I refused.
She said:” Aryan, Mama sad if you don’t drink water….”. She went to one corner of the room, sat there, and started crying. I couldn’t see her sadness. Even though I know she becomes sad to get the things done from me, I just drank the whole glass of water to see the artificial happiness that glows on her face.

My Mama thinks that I am oblivious about her melodrama, but Mama why don’t you understand that when I need to get things done from you (like not sending me to day care), I will also hoist the same Happy-Sad drama..

What do you say friends?

Monday, January 5, 2009

To Mama with Love.

Last year, my Mom wrote a sweet letter in this blog. That was my New Year gift. This year she totally forgot to write such lovely letters. Here is a synopsis of last year’s letter:
"Oh my dear Aryan..I love you. May this year be full of blossoms in your life. You will learn to talk properly, you will learn to eat by yourself, you will learn to behave socially with other kids, you will learn to sleep alone, you will learn to play more…..oh no so many milestones ahead”

The bottom line is, whatever my Mom wanted, I have achieved it last year. Most importantly I got adjusted with daycare. I talk, walk, eat, smile, cry etc etc. Behave socially (though I don’t share any of my toys), sleep alone, got weaned, play more………

So now this year, let me write a letter to my Mom.

My dear Mama,

I am your flower, your essence of life, your beauty and of course your beast….Why do you get angry when I throw tantrums? When I get angry, Mama, please try to be calm and except my beatings. When you get angry, I will cry calmly and I don’t expect you to beat me, because you love me so much….

Can we embrace this strategy as our New Year resolution?