Friday, November 19, 2010

New-Entry: Arjun

Swaram akka already announced about a new entry in my household. My brother, Arjun.

He is kind of odd. He always cries and sleeps. The sad part is; I cannot spend much time with my Mamma after this new entry.

I don’t even bother to spend time with my brother, but I make sure my Mamma spends time with me and makes me ready for school.

November 13th was children’s day carnival at my school. My thatha got on fish costume, my Mamma found it girlish and thus she and Pappa made one shark mask for my face. Will post the picture later.

Mamma’s office friends visited my house. It was nice talking with them. But, after they left, I started crying as they didn’t get any gift for me. They got lots of gifts for Arjun. They got one big bed, dresses, mittens, socks, cap, baby gift set…..etc etc…I felt very sad. My Mamma had already anticipated this scenario and she had already got one Kinderjoy chocolate. She knows all the ways to pacify me and make me happy!!!!! I love you mamma

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tell me Why series

Mamma, why number 13 is not there in a clock?

Mamma, why should we sleep at night? I like to be an owl.

Mamma, why should we allow this baby to come out of your tummy? Let it be inside. You look nice with big tummy!!!!

Mamma, why I don’t have moustache?

Mamma, why and why should I go to school?

For most of my questions, my mamma doesn’t have answers. Do you guys have?

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Aryan: What noise? Water flowing somewhere?

Pappa: No, it is baby’s heartbeat.

Aryan: ok.

Pappa: Do you want to say anything to baby?

Aryan: Baby, you be there in mamma’s tummy. Don’t come out!!!

Pappa: Will this be a boy or girl?

Mamma: Aryan what do you think?

Aryan: Once it comes out we will know it mamma. You wait till then!!!!
Mamma: Will you play with the baby after it is born.

Aryan: What do you mean by “Born”.

Mamma: Ok, after it comes out of my tummy?

Aryan: No I will not play. I will throw it in the trash bin!!
Mamma was very angry with me today morning. I was also equally angry with her. We both fought with each other and decided not to talk.

Aryan (in a crying tone): Wait, till my brother comes from your tummy. I will tell him to punch you!!!!

Mamma (smiling): Aryan, you are a big boy. You don’t need to seek his help; instead you should be dependent on your own. And moreover, what is this. You are teaching him to hurt others?

Aryan: But mamma, how can I punch you. You are my sweet mamma. I will tell him to punch you.

Mamma doesn’t know what to reply.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mamma-Pappa- Any difference?

Yesterday, at 10:30 PM:

Aryan, “ Mamma, I think I did not eat proper dinner.”

Mamma, “ If you are feeling hungry, please ask Pappa to give you some food. I am not feeling well now. Let me sleep.”

I went to Pappa. He was watching Cricket.

Aryan, “Pappa, I think I did not eat proper dinner.”

Pappa, “ It is OK, tommorrow you can eat proper dinner.”

Aryan, “ I did not eat vegetables. I only ate rice.”

Pappa, “ It is fine Aryan, go and sleep. Tommorrow you can eat vegetables.”

I came running to my Mamma. Mamma was listening to all these conversations. As soon as I came near to her, she said, “ Aryan, you should ask explicitly to your Pappa. Otherwise, he doesn’t understand. Tell him that you want food. Then he will heat it and give you.” I understood that there are a lot of differences between Mamma and Pappa!!! Does everyone feel the same?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Helping Hand

It was the week of helping the needy people. As a part of it, every kid was asked to share a toy, which can be given to those kids who don’t have any.

I was reluctant to share. It took almost 3-4 days of constant gyan and brainstorming from my mamma and at last she convinced me to share.

I decided to donate my favorite Big Blue Car that my periyamma got. As soon I decided to give one, I thought I would give one more…and soon I wanted to give all my toys to them.

Mamma, “It is ok Aryan, you keep some toys with you. You don’t have to share everything.”

Aryan, “It is ok Mamma. You can take care of me and my needs. Those kids don’t have anyone. And moreover you only told me right; if I give more, god will make sure that I get more.

Today evening can please get me more toys?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Updates

Weekend was good with festivals and poojas. Saturday we got Ganesha idol and performed the pooja.

We went to Swaram akka’s house. She had performed a wonderful pooja with all sorts of decorations. She gave so may fancy stuffs and sarees to my Mom and Aayi. I got kaju katli and ladoos from Su mamma. Before leaving, I asked for a fruit and took one guava. Overall I enjoyed and was happy to see the eversmiling vibrant Swaram akka again. Their house was filled with friends and kids, thus I choose to tailgate my mamma most of the times.

Next day, we had pooja at our apartment premises. There were some games arranged for kids. Lemon and Spoon, running race, musical chairs, and Fish bowl. I didn’t win in any of those games and thus didn’t get any prize. Unlike other mammas, who were behind their kids and explaining the games, my mamma was busy organizing the games and taking pictures. (Well, advantage of she being in organizing committee is that: she arranged for participation prizes for all the kids!!!! ) The good part is: I enjoyed running and jumping and that is what my mamma was looking for, rather than giving me a notion of fetching a prize.

After the game was over, I asked my mamma.

Aryan, “Mamma, why did I not win.”

Mamma, “There are other kids who play better. In a game, everyone cannot be a winner.”

Aryan, “But mamma, why I am always a loser?”

Mamma, “It is Ok Aryan, you enjoyed right. That is what we need.”

Aryan, “When I grow big like Pappa, will I become a winner?”

Ahh, forgot to say another thing. For fish bowl, I was supposed to imitate a person. Can you guess who I imitated? Spider Man!!! I went to the stage and said loudly, with “great power, comes great responsibility!!!!”

Evening, I was playing with other kids in the apartment. They were older kids and were bullying me. They took me to one corner, pressed me hard, and were punching me. My Mamma was planning to interfere only at the end. But before even my Mamma could interfere, I used my Magic word “ Sorry”. As soon as I said sorry, they asked me to say sorry again. I said five times. Soon I became their friends. Now they deviated their attention towards Abilash and Sharash. I told Abilash to say sorry, but he didn’t listen to me. So he ended up getting hurt. Poor Abilash.

Thanks to my teachers and Mamma, who taught me those magical words.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In lieu of teacher's day, my mamma helped me to make two greeting cards for my teachers. She was inspired by Shruti Aunty idea. Thanks Shruti Aunty for your creativeness

Now the photos of my Birthday party:

It was my Baba's effort.

A card from Wonder 6. Swaram akka, Kanagu anna, Sharash, and Ablilash's gifts:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Boy 2

After school, I went to Wonder 6 Daycare. My Aayi and Baba had reached there. They had got sweets to distribute in daycare, as Wonder 6 discourages chocolate distribution.

Sujatha madam had made an excellent card for me. Yamini aunty also called me to wish.

Around 4 P M, mamma came and picked me from daycare. When I reached home, I was astounded by the decoration that Baba had done. He decorated the house with balloons and lights. It was so sweet of him.

Pappa came home by 7 and I was playing with papa. By 7:30, Abilash and Sharsh came home with their mamma’s and I started playing with him. We cut the cake and I tend to be a good boy, distributing the cake and other snacks.

Well, my eyes were on the gifs that they got. (My mamma says that I am such a shameless mannerless boy, but can’t help. I get very excited, when I see something wrapped in gift wrapper).

When they gave me gifts, I said thank you and gave them the return gifts that my mamma had got it.

They had got one building set, a CD, a pencil box set, and a vehicle book. Thanks a lot my friends.

Then it was time for Swaram akka to come. After my dinner she came. She wore a blue dress and had a small sparkling blue bindi. She was looking cute!!!! Infact I told this to my mamma, later on.

Swaram akka asked, “ Mamma told you are happy to hear that we are coming. Are you happy?”

Aryan, “ No I am not!!!!”

Mamma, “ What Aryan!!!”

I giggled and went away. It was fun to pull each other legs.

Swaram akka asked, “Where is my return gifts”

Aryan, “ I don’t give return gifts to big people.”

Swaram akka had got loads of gifts for me. I even forgot to say thank you to her after seeing the gifts. She helped me open the wrapper and I was very excited to see so many gifts.

A set of two karadi tales books about krishna with CD.
A jungle book puzzle set
A locomotive assembling set (This is really marvelous)
A small cute ecofriendly bat and ball.

Thanks a lot Swaram akka and Kanagu anna. Kanagu anna called me to wish, but I was behaving like one lord. I did not talk to him. Hope he is not angry with me.

Soon Su Mama came and all of them had dinner. Aayi had prepared yummy dinner.

Overall it was such a memorable birthday. I will post the photos of my gifts soon!!!

Thanks to everybody who made my day!!!

Edited to Add: I forgot about the return gift I gave to Swaram Akka. One white Balloon... Infact as I didn't wrap it in a gift wrapper I totally forgot about it. Swaram akka next time I will do that!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was city tour from school. They took me around Hyderabad and showed me Hussain Sagar, Bhagavan Buddha , tank bund……etc etc.

No wonder they were taking about pearls and Hyderabadi biriyani…..

This week is the week of “people who help us”.

My mamma asked, “Who helps you the most Aryan?”

Aryan, “My Mamma helps me the most.”

Pappa, “He is one Mamma boy. God knows when he will be out of your spell.”

Then I told them about the other people who help us, like doctor, postman…..

Next week is the week of Musical Instruments.
Oh forgot to mention. Today is my birthday.

I got up very early. Without crying, I went to mamma. Took bath, got ready, packed my tiffin box, water bottle, and got ready all alone. NOTE: I did all these things without crying.

Then I did Namaskaram to Aayi, Baba, Mamma, and Papa.

My aayi got new Bob-the Builder dress for me. I like it very very much. My mamma got Xylophone for me. My papa got lots of activity books and one story book. Now the ratio of activity books: story books is more. They want me to do only activities or what??? Anyway I liked all my gifts.

My Thatha and chella patti called me. My badai papa, mamma and my cousins called to wish me. My Periyamma and periyappa called. My mamma’s friends: archana akka and Rajiv anna conveyed their wishes to Mamma. Swaram akka and Kanagu anna called yesterday ….Hoping Swaram akka comes home today to meet me…

Overall it was so good in the morning, until my Mamma opened the chocolate packet.
She started telling me to give to others. What????

I got so tensed. One by one all my chocolates were getting finished. She is telling me to give to my school bus friends, to my class friends. I started crying. I said I don’t want to share the chocolate. I said that we will get them mentos mint, the chocolate that I don’t like. I don't mind sharing them.

My mamma is scaring me by saying that, if we don’t share chocolates in school, all my gifts will vanish away when I come home. Do you think is it true?

Evening we have a party at home, with few of my friends. Today morning, when Mamma showed me their return gifts, I asked her:

Aryan, “Mamma, will they give us gift, so that we can return these gifts?”

Mamma, “Aryan, it doesn’t matter. Even if they don’t give, don’t ask them. We should never expect any gifts from others, we should just give.”

Seriously I never understand this concept!!!!!!!!! My mamma is hoping I will understand when I grow. Do you guys understand????? How much do you think, I should grow to understand this concept of sharing?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mamma Vs Madam

Aryan: Mamma, do you have pearls

Mamma: Pearls?

Aryan: Yes, pearl kammal (ear ring) pearl mala (necklace), pearl bangles…

Mamma: Yes I have.

Aryan: Then can you wear it today and go to office. You will be sparkling.

Mamma: But why are you saying this now.

Aryan: My madam wore pearls yesterday and she was looking very beautiful. She was sparkling.

Mamma: Ok Aryan, I will wear it.

Aryan: Thank you mamma. Onnodu officela ellavarum choluva, neenga rumba azhaga irukel endru( In your office everyone will say you are looking beautiful today!!!!)

Mamma: Ok, but when you see someone good you should also tell them. Did you tell your teacher yesterday that she was sparkling because of pearls?

Aryan: No Mamma. But if she looks beautiful today I will tell her.

Mamma: Good boy

Thus I made sure my Mamma wore her pearl set to office today. Thank god Pappa had got it for her!!!

School Saga

Last to last Tuesday, we had fun day out. We went for a field trip to Kondapur big campus. I was adichi paratinudu (Tamil word; sorry guys, I don’t know to translate) running to be first in the race. Not sure whether I reached first or not.

Then from Tuesday night, I was down with fever and cough. Three days of mamma’s office leave and working from home saga continued.
Then I went to school last Tuesday.

I have so many problems when I go to school. No one understands…

•In between the class, I feel hungry but I fear to tell my teacher.
•When naptime comes, I don’t feel sleepy and if I sleep I like to sleep for a long time.
•I get scared of one naughty boy who teases me always.
•And on top of everything, I don’t like to write. At home, I write from A-z. I can say I trace, not write. I feel comfortable tracing rather than writing on my own....anyway I have to pass this phase of life I guess…

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Magic words

Aryan, “Mamma, let me talk to you now.
Mamma, “OK, tell me what do you want to talk.”
Aryan, “Why our house is not having a V shaped or A shaped roof? Why we have all rectangle buildings.
Mamma, “When we build our independent house, we will tell Papa to make a V shaped roof.”
Aryan, “I can also help you mamma in making that house. You can use my construction toys.”
Mamma, “Thank you Aryan for sharing your toys.”

Then I suddenly went and hugged Mamma and said that the hug is for the MAGIC WORD that Mamma used now.

Mamma: Magic word. What is that?

Aryan: Yes, Mamma. Three words: THANK you, PLEASE, AND SORRY are magic words.

Mamma: Yes, from now onwards don't order me. You should say PLEASE and ask me.

Aryan (Thinking): " Insanity at its heights. Why did I say about magic words to Mamma. Now she will start bugging me to use it!!!!!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010


My class topic of this week is GERMS!!!

In the school, to demonstrate cleanliness and germs, they had given numerous examples. Table1 had set of people, who eat without washing hands and Table 2 has a set of people, who eat food after washing hands. They concluded that, people from table 2 tend to be healthier.

Then they taught about GOOD Germs and BAD Germs. This fascinated me a lot. My Mom has taught me about Bad germs, but for the first time I was hearing about GOOD germs.

Conversations with Mamma:

Aryan: “Mamma, You know there are good germs also.”

Mamma: “ Oh, is it Aryan?”

Aryan: “Yes, mamma. They help in making CURD, DOSA, IDLI, BREAD….”

My mom was also surprised when she heard this from me. And then she started her over enthusiastic habit of loading me with lecture.

Mamma : Yes, Aryan you are right. The Germs that help in formation of curd is “Lactobacillus”

Aryan: What mamma, “lactobacilll……us”.

Mamma: Yes, Aryan.

Today morning when Mamma gave me Dosa and curd, I promptly asked her.

Aryan: “Mamma, did you add GOOD germs in my curd? That lacto…..bat one”

Mamma was wondering what to say!!!

Mamma: “ Yes, Aryan it is there.”

Aryan: “Then can you please SHOW me.”

Mamma: “Well, Aryan to see that bacteria, you need a Microscope.”

Papa: “ Mamma, it is getting late. Can you please stop your lecture and get him ready before he bombards you with more questions!!!!

Mamma helped me in getting ready and I went to school.
But I am still wondering how can I see GOOD germs? Can anyone help me?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost a month over!!!

Almost a month over and my Parents are called for!!! Yepeee….isn’t is a super achievement from my end. My parents are called for to discuss about my behavior and progress in school.

Well, do you guys remember about my assessment during November 2009 from Wonder 6?
Have a look at this post.

I will give a synopsis of it

My Overall Assessment:
Strengths: I am very good at expressing my thoughts, I wait for my turn to do the activities, I am a good team player, and I am more interested in observing others.

Weakness: I am lazy to write. I need to improve more on it. Sometimes, I am very uninterested to do some activities. They are very true about my weakness; I am lazy to write.

Well, nothing has changed since then. Even in Chirec school, my parents are called for the same story. Even now, I tend to be lazy and be in some other world and I show laziness to write.

Another point is: I show maturity, but I am still insecure…You know very hectic life style for me. Some days I am unsure, whether the daycar-in-charge will pick me from school and later on my Mom will come to pick me from daycare….blah blah…

My mom has started her Google search about slow writers and will now start getting loads of pre-writing fun activities…Oh god give me a break please!!!! Do you think it is fun to write???

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I want it from First

After dinner, my Mamma and Papa were talking and I was fighting with my blue elephant. Suddenly I felt very thirsty and asked for water. My papa poured the water in a glass and gave me. I got very angry.

Aryan: Mamma, I want water from first

Mamma: What does that mean?

Aryan: I will not tell you what it means, but I want water from first.

Mamma: I don’t understand you Aryan. Ok, I will give you from first.

Saying this, she went to kitchen, took another glass and poured new water and gave me.
Aryan fuming with anger: Go away, I want from first…..

I was very angry. I started crying or rather shrieking. My tantrums continued for 10 minutes ( According to my Mamma it is too much to shriek for 10 minutes)

By now, my papa couldn’t tolerate any more. He gave me two tights slaps…..that is it. I was fully silent. I stared at Papa and did not talk to anyone. I went to my bed.

My Mamma came behind me, wiped my tears and asked me very softly, “Aryan what do you mean by wanting water from first?”

I said, “It means, you should not talk to Papa, but talk to me more and give me water first….and be with me.” You didn’t give me water, when I asked. You were talking with papa…

Mamma (thinking), “There is no REWIND button in life my dear. How can I make him understand that, you cannot go back and think about the time gone?”

Mamma, “ It is Ok Aryan, sometimes you don’t have to get attention always. You can be Second also and it is not bad to be last. I always tell you this, and now also I am saying the same. As long as you are happy, it doesn’t matter if you are first or second.”

Aryan, “But I always want to be first Mamma”

Mamma, “Yes Aryan, you are my first kid. But for small small things you cannot be always first”

Infact I have the habit of doing everything first, If someone opens a biscuit packet, I need the biscuit first, if mamma wears a new dress, I also need to wear a new dress first……so many examples to quote.

Before, my mamma used to agree to my first tantrums most of the times, but now I guess she is saying that being second or last is better than first!!! She herself is confused. One confused soul she is!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Papa’s Birthday

It is Papa’s birthday today. I didn’t wish him in the morning. I was simply thinking about the balloons that mamma got for me. I was thinking that it is my birthday.

You know what; I have got a “J” factor associated with me. When I saw Papa wearing the new dress, which my mamma and Aayi got for him, this factor cropped in me. When I saw Papa looking good and charming while going to office, this factor cropped. When I saw my Mamma, putting Kumkum to Papa and doing Namaskaram (Bending down and touching feet) to him this factor cropped…

Atlast I declared, “Mamma today evening is my birthday. Get me new dress, sweets, blow balloons for me, put music, do namaskaram to me, and then we will cut cake…..”

Anyway just to pacify me and make me get ready for the school, she agreed. Hope she organizes this mini party for me.

By the way, the secret flowers that Mamma ordered for Papa on his birthday got delivered yesterday itself. Any comments on this goofy mamma?

The Balloon Episode

Every Sunday, Balloon vendor comes to sell balloons. We have a look at his balloon collection from our balcony and decide on the one that I want. Then my Mamma gives me money. I climb down alone and give the money to him and get the balloon of my choice.

By looking at the balloon from balcony, my Mamma understands the cost of the balloon and gives me the exact amount.
This Sunday also he came. I wanted a small blue balloon. My mamma gave me Rs 5 and told me to go and get it.

When I went there, he said

“Tum jaho, Ek rupee kum hai. Balloon nahi hai” (You go, one rupee is less, so no balloon.)

Saying this he went away not giving me Balloon.

I felt very humiliated. I climbed upstairs crying. My Mamma and Papa ran down to talk to the Balloon vendor, but he was gone.

I cried for 10-20 minutes and my mamma pacified me somehow saying she will get more balloons in the evening.

The unanswered question that my Mamma has is:

“ Every Sunday we buy Balloons from him, even if the balloon rate has increased with the increased petroleum charges, the Balloon vendor should have told Aryan to call mamma and get more money, instead of saying No to a kid.”

But my papa thinks differently:

He says, It is OK Mamma, atleast you son will learn to cope with rejections and he will understand the value of money. Next time you give him money, he will think whether this is enough or not. With this example we will teach him the value of one rupee.”

But what I think and told Mamma after this episode is:

“Mamma, Balloon wala did not give me that small blue balloon that I wanted. Mamma, you buy that balloon for me. But from next time, we will not buy any balloons from the Balloon wala. We will go to shop and buy it directly.”

Which conclusion is better??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Irritating Day

There are days when you wake up irritated and irritate others around you. Today was one such day. I was very annoyed. I cried for everything, right from brushing teeth till wearing my shoes. My mamma‘s mood also got changed alternatively seeing my behavior. At last she bribed me that she is going to get me one book today evening if I go to school without crying.

I was little pacified.

On the way to the pickup point,

Aryan, “You know why I was crying.”

Mamma, “No, Aryan unless you tell me I cannot understand much.”

Aryan, “I was crying because I get scared to go in School bus. It goes fast and I get scared that the street dogs would get hit by my school bus.”

Mamma, “Did you dream this yesterday?”

Aryan, “No Mamma. ”

Mamma, “Ok, nothing like that would happen. You hold tightly and sit.”

Aryan, “Why don’t I stay at home today?”

Mamma, “ that was the whole point. You want to be at home.”

Aryan, “Yes.”

Mamma, “But today is not a holiday, you go now and evening I will get a book for you.”

Aryan sadly, “ OKk…Mamma”

Hope she gets me a book .

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 2

My first day at new school was memorable. After getting down from school bus, we had snacks time, where everyone ate their packed snacks.

I played a lot with sandpit and construction toys.

In the classroom, when they called my name; I was simply sitting.

The teacher told me that, whenever she calls me, I should acknowledge her by saying, “Yes, Madam”. Then I went near to her and she gave me my ID card, with Tigger tiger picture on it. I am in Tigger team.

I ate little food, as it was spicy. (I told my Mamma, to tell them to give me curd rice from tomorrow. Hope she tells and hope they listen)

After food, it was nap time. Everyone needs to take their own pillow and bed sheet and sleep for an hour. I think, I also slept…not sure….

The whole school is like one Jungle. We have ducks, aquariums, lots of animal pictures, and also ocean of kids around me…..

When it was time to leave, the kids boarded the school bus. I was waiting for my Mom. She came and picked me from school and I was glad to see her.

Now, at home I tend to play role play with my Mom. I, by default become the teacher and she a student - meekly listening to me.

Swaram Akka.... when you plan to come home, be prepared to be my student, OK?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Day

Today I got up very early, around 5:30 A. M. I was pretty much excited about my new school. I could neither eat breakfast properly nor do potty because of my excitement. I was ready by 7.

My school bus was supposed to come at 8:10. Me, Aayi, and my Mom were standing at the pickup point from 8 A.M. The mainroad was inundated with school buses. I patiently waited for my bus.

When it came, I boarded the bus, went and sat on a corner seat. I didn't even look at my Mom and Aayi. Actually I had already forgotten about them in midst of my excitement!!!!

My mom must be surprised and must be blabbering to aayi about my behaviour. Hope she understands that; I am grown up boy now and I can fend myself in any new environment!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It was so nice of Kanagu anna and my other blog friends for constantly reminding my mamma of her laziness. She likes to hibernate. She not only remains disloyal to my blog, but also doesn’t read any blogs. She keeps me oblivious of the blogosphere. Anyway how much I can crib about my Mamma? Leave it!!!

Regarding my Nagpur trip— It was a fantastic vacation. Most of the times, I was busy playing with my cousins. I am the only boy in midst of three girls. So I learned to talk Hindi with feminine tense.

Now I say, “Mein Karungi”, instead of “Mein Karunga”. So my Mamma is teasing me by calling me a girl. Let her do whatever she wants. Who cares!!!

Another huge change in my life is about my new school, Chirec.

My grant entry into the school will be on June 14th. Last week my Mamma and Papa went and met my class teacher.

As usual my Mamma is more excited about my school than me.

She is asking one hundred questions one hundred times:

“Aryan, will school go in the school bus without crying? Will you be brave to talk to new faces? Will you tell them when you want to do potty? Will you talk with other kids?”

She is getting butterflies in her stomach, thinking about my first day AT SCHOOL. Poor old creature, she got used to taking tension.

Anyway I will not go to new school, if she doesn’t get me NEW bag and a pair of shoes.

I am more excited about the new school, because of the following reasons:
1.I like to wear BLUE school uniform.
2.I like to board the school bus and go to school like a big boy.
3.I like to feed ducks. The school campus has a duck pond, with three ducks in it. I am excited when I think about feeding those ducks.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

With my wonder 6 summer camp initiative, I made a card for my mamma on mother's day.
Thanks to the Wonder6 summer camp team. Recently they have launched their Website and it is pretty cool. All those who wanted to know more about my school, here it goes: Wonder6

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Blogger, AM I?

Once in a while I keep getting awards. This time, it was from Swaram akka. I think this award is floating around the whole blog world, but let me give it to my special friends:

Deeps aunty —For giving me sweet hugs and Umma.
Kanagu anna —For agreeing to be my student and learn Hindi from me.
Preeti Mommy —For making sure that she comes back to full fledged blogging soon.
Kavya’s Mom — For my lovely friend Kavya and her special antics…

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 Point Tags

Shilpa Akka tagged me and here goes the tag.

5 Gloriously Horrifyingly Dumb Movies:
Kurban—No fighting and no action. I did not understand anything; expect I liked the song Shukar allah. I asked my mom so many times, when the movie will get over. She gave one whack and made me sleep!!!

Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Khani—I couldn’t even tell the full movie name. So boring so boring. I was bugging my Mom so much that she got some Popcorns and for the rest of the movie I kept my jaws busy. From this episode I came to know that, the task of eating popcorn is tedious as your jaws pain after you eat the whole packet…

Raan —The dumbest movie I have ever seen. After all why my mamma and papa take me for such movie??? Readers, please tell them to think before they take me for a movie

Karthik calling Karthik—Why, why, why on earth I get to see no action movies!!!! And for this special movie, my Papa got a separate movie ticket for me. I sat on the seat, but couldn’t see anything. I liked the songs though.

Ttaan ta daa …..ta da ta da…—Well, I should not pronounce the name of this movie, it is censored. Readers, did you guess the movie name? Well in this movie, I could only see fighting fighting fighting, but still none of them died fast. Though it was action packed, I didn’t like it. I need some fast Hollywood kind of actions.

Now, I would like to list the movies I enjoyed (though not a part of the tag)

Blue—To see some aquatic animals
Luck—Saw some parachute actions and train blasting towards the end.
All the best—Racing car part was the best in “All the best” movie.
Prince—A super duper action packed movie. I watched the whole movie.

5 accessories you can create out of food

My mom makes Lady’s finger mountain. She cuts the lady’s fingers head and place it in my hand and I carry the mountain in my hand like hanuman
My Mom makes carrot ring and cucumber bangle for me. She thinks me to be a girl or what?
My mom gives me drumsticks to beat my toy drum.

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at
Dead, what do you mean by that?

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

My mom, My mom, My Mom, My Mom, My Mom…Not that I have five Moms, but she is the one with whom I can express my anger and love….so she has got this honors to get my beatings.

5 things you’d do to scare anybody
I scare papa, by showing him a lizard
I scare mamma, by being angry with her.
I scare my Patti, by not talking to her
I scare my giraffe toy, with a stick
I scare the entire household by creating tantrums…..:-)

Now time to tag others. Tagging anyone who likes to do it. Bloggers, if you feel like doing this interesting tag, please take this and let me know once done.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three Letters

Mamma: I am keeping this USB drive in your bag. Can you please tell your Madam to copy your school photos in this?

Aryan: What Mamma, what did you say; ABC?

Mamma: No Aryan, it is a Pen Drive for storing pictures and other files.

Aryan: What Mamma, what is Pen drive?

Mamma: Ok, Aryan, leave it. Just remember THREE letters “USB”.

Aryan at night, before sleeping: Mamma, today I gave that three letters to teacher, but she did not give it back.

Mamma: It is ok, she told she will copy the photos and give tomorrow.

Aryan: Copy? What is Copy?

Mamma (thinking) : Oh, I have Saturn in my mouth. Why on the hell I told him all these stuffs!!!!!

Aryan: Ok, what is that three letters? ABC?

Mamma: No Aryan, it is USB.

Aryan: Ok, tomorrow I will go to school and get back those three letters.

Hoping to get those three precious letters, I got ready early and went to school on time today!.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tit for Tat

Mamma : You are not Aryan, you are another boy called Aadhi. Why are you in this house?

Aryan (little confused and jittered): I am Aryan Mamma, see.. see.. I am your Aryan Mamma.

Mamma: No, you are not Aryan. You are Aadhi. Why are you taking Aryan’s toys?

Aryan (More scared): Mamma, please I am Aryan. See my face, see my legs, see my dress.. I am Aryan Na…Yes, Mamma I am Aryan.

Mamma: NO, you are not. Can you please go out and bring my Aryan back.

Aryan (Almost crying): Mamma, please mamma…I am your ARYAN…

Mamma: No

Aryan: Ok then, you are not Aryan’s Mamma. You are Aadhi’s Mamma. Now, You GO Out of Aryan’s house.

Mamma: What????

Aryan: Aadhi’s Mamma, why are you in Aryan’s house???

Mamma: Aryan, I am not Aadhi’ Mamma, I am Aryan’s Mamma…..Let us be friends again…

Atlast Mamma learned her lesson and decided not to fool me again.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Aryan, Mamma, and Papa

Mamma: Name our National bird
Aryan: Peacock
Mamma: Good, now name the National Flower and National Game
Aryan: Lotus and Hockey
Mamma: Fine, Now name the National Animal
Mamma: Isn’t it tiger, Aryan?
Aryan: No I like Giraffe, so it is giraffe.
Mamma: Aryan that is not the answer. India’s national animal is Tiger.
Aryan: Mamma, after Tiger’s turn, shall we give a chance to Giraffe?
Mamma (Thinking—well this is the after effect of teaching your child to take turns): OK, Aryan we will…give a chance to Giraffe after Tiger.:-)
Aryan: Thank you Mamma. You are so good.
Mamma: Blinking, not knowing what to say…….
Can she really change our National animal?
Aryan: Papa, why do you always see Cricket, Cricket, Cricket?
Papa: Aryan, why do you always see Cartoon, Cartoon, Cartoon.
Aryan: Papa, DON’T ASK ME WHY.
Papa, thinking: His Mamma is better than him in replying. Atleast she gives reasons and answers to my questions, rather than bluntly saying not to ask her any questions.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Award Time.

It is been ages since I wrote a post. Not my fault, you know how much I have to depend on my Mamma for this posting.
She is busy with her office and MA English course, and claims no time. All lame excuses you know.

Now thanks to Shruti Aunty for this award. You forced me to start blogging again.
I am so happy that my fellow bloggers remember me many a times…Thanks again. I have other pending tags and awards...will be doing it for sure. Now I pass this award to all the blogs that I know. Infact all my blogger friends are “THE BEST”.

Papa: Mamma, I wish you were an Engineer
Mamma: Why Engineers have horns or what?
Pappa: No at least you will teach my son all engineering terms rather than biology…
Mamma: You can always think about an engineering Mamma
Aryan: Papa, how many times I have told you, I want only this Mamma!!!!!!
Papa: Ok, Aryan we will not think about another Mamma.

My Mamma’s mouth is never shut. She thinks that whatever she learned in her school, I should learn now.

The after effect is: I can now identify the leaf having Chlorophyll and Xanthophylls pigments, different difficult parts of flower, types of tress (Coconut and Neem), Nocturnal birds, Three planets (Earth, Mars, and Saturn), my food pipe- wind pipe and its associated logic that I should not laugh or talk when I eat food, my stomach and its grinder, with it associated logic that I should drink water for the grinder to grind the food…blah…blah… blah……….

Well that is one side of my growth. Another side is about my Mamma complaining that my handwriting is not good and I write a word from right to left.

When I write Aryan, I write like this: NAYRA

Come on, I write from 1-20 and A-H, that itself is good enough for me. I don’t care whether left to write or right to left.

Can anyone tell Mamma that rather than concentrating on my studies, she should concentrate on her studies now!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shiridi Trip

Weekend was hectic as we went a place called Shiridi for Sai Baba’s Dharshan.

Saturday morning we went to my friend, Mohits’ house. We had lunch there and I played a lot with my friend. At 3 :30 PM we came home. Our train was at 6:10 Pm. Papa left the house at 4 P M as he had to collect the tickets one hr before. Mamma was busy cooking the night food and feeding me evening snacks. As usual we got late.

We left home are 5:15 and caught an auto. But Hyderabad traffic was at its best and we got late. Mamma was so tensed that she was almost about to cry and thought that we would miss the train.

I told her, “ Mamma don’t worry, papa got the tickets and he can stop the train. He has supreme power!!!”

Mamma: “I wish he had.”

Somehow we reached at 6:07 PM and sat inside the train.

The next day we went and stood in the Dharshan queue.It was 11 A M. Then we got to know that till 1 PM they would not allow inside. We came from the queue and had lunch, then again at 1:30 P M went and stood. We stood for almost three and half hours and at last at 5 PM , we got dharshan. Well, my mamma and papa was holding me and I didn’t had to stand in the queue.

Saibaba was so big and filled with flowers, but I didn’t understand anything as I was squeezed and pushed.

Night we caught another train and reached Hyderabad on Monday morning. But my stomach was upset from Sunday night. Because of stomach upset I had to poop 5 times during my train travel. My mom was extremely irritated and she was nagging and shouting at me. She even said that she is not going to give me any food till we reach home.

I told her, “Don’t be angry with me. It is Ok Mamma, sometimes it happens.”

Can anyone tell my Mom that "when to poop and when not to poop is beyond my control"?

Edited to Add: Forgot to mention about two akkas and one mama whom we met during our train travel. It was fun talking to them. One Akka even told me that she would take me an exhibition on 26th. I asked my mom on 26th morning about it, but my mom choose not to answer....

Friday, January 15, 2010

I am back.

Me and my mamma went to Trivandrum, my Mom’s native place.

On Jan 1st I reached chitti patti’s house at Coimbatore by 10 A M. I played with Chittappa and Ramya akka. By Afternoon Mamma’s shopping saga started and I accompanied her. On our way back home chittappa got some ice-creams. I took the honors of holding them. When I was about to enter the house, the vegetable vendor asked me to give one ice-cream to him. I was confused. I went near to him. He asked me again. I slowly took one and gave it to him along with an ice-cream stick.

My mamma was happy for this and she said that I should continue to share with others. Well, she doesn’t understand that; Not all the time, I like to share………
Evening we went to Marudhamalai temple and at night took a train to Trivandrum.
At Trivandrum, Chella patti, thatha, kuttu mamma, Achu akka, Kannan anna, Deepa mami, everyone were waiting for my arrival. Soon my periyamma joined us from Chennai. Altogether it was so much fun.

My periyamma plays with me a lot and thus I named her “Fun periyamma”.

Going to temple and visiting relatives were our main tasks. Not that exciting for me, but for my Mamma, yes it was exciting.

But Kuttu mamma’s house visit was fun. I saw two cats named “Kunju and Chakki”. I was busy running behind them and also playing with Achu akka and Kannan anna.

At night, suddenly I woke up.

Aryan: “Mamma, Where is Kunja cat, is it outside the house?”

Mamma: “Yes.”

Aryan: “Mamma, Where is Chakki cat, is it outside?”

Mamma: “Yes Aryan, you sleep now.”

Aryan in a scary tone: “Mamma, then which cat is this?”

Mamma: “No, there is not cat here.”

Aryan: “Can you please look here?”

Mamma: ahhhh….yes, how did this cat come here?

My Mamma sleeps like a log, she didn’t even realize that a cat came inside the house. You see how much I should take care of my Mamma.

The next day my Mamma’s school best friend, with whom she studied for 12 yrs dropped in along with her husband. They are meeting after 10 yrs….You can imagine how much they must have talked!!!!! I also did my little talking part with them and they gifted me a giraffe…Thanks to them and to this blog, by which they know that I love giraffe….:-)

On my Mom’s birthday, we went to beach. My periyamma had got me a sand castle toy. Almost for two hours we were at the beach making sand castles. Initially I was scared of water, but later on I wanted to jump and swim in the sea!!!!

Days passed so fast….and it was time to pack my things. I felt sad leaving them, but no choice.
When returning back to Hyderabad there was a break journey at Chennai, At Chennai Airport, I was feeling very tired and sleepy. I saw one empty chair. I went and sat on it.

Then I asked my Mamma: “Mamma, where will you sit?”

Mamma: “I will stand, you sit. It is fine with me.”

Then I got down from my chair and went near to a man who was sitting one chair away from me. Some bags were kept in the chair next to me.

Aryan: Uncle, Can you please keep this bag down and give space for my Mamma to sit?
Uncle: He smiled and he removed the bags.

He himself got up and told us to sit. Thanks to him. Somehow I secured a seat for my Mamma also.

After 12 days we reached hyd……..