Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Day ... 17th Jan 2007


Today let me describe myself. I am 62 cm long, weighing 7 kg. I was 50 cm and 3kg when I was born. Did I grow fast…..No no, now that I am 4 and half months old it should be alright.

Born on the auspicious day of ‘Vinakaya Chaturthi’, I am feeling lucky. When I was in my mom’s womb, I used to kick her and made sure to come out on this day because once my father had mentioned that I would be born on August 27th 2006.

I like to watch people around me, especially watch what my father does. TV is boring, as I don’t watch much. But standing and climbing on my grandma’s lap is interesting. My mom plays with me, but on and off she goes to kitchen. That time, she expects me to be alone and watch the big fan above. The vision of fan is not all that interesting when you watch that everyday. Do you feel it amusing?
That is the time I scream. I shout and make so much noise that at last she comes. If my grandma is around, I don’t have to shout much. She will pick me up even before I reach my peak.

Best moments in a day- Is when I get lukewarm water bath at 8:00 clock in the morning. I enjoy it. After that, I get the cream applied and then need to drink Visyneral drops (Vitamin drops).

Oh now it is sleepy time. Wait till tomorrow for more experience

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