Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Orange birdie and the Black Mickey

Here, I am back. Today let me narrate an interesting conversation between the Orange Birdie and Black Mickey. They are my toys and mom gives me when I cry.

Birdie- Hi Micky how are you?
Mickey: I am sad as Aryan plays with you more. He doesn’t even take me in his tiny hands.
Birdie: Yes, he loves me more. He likes my blue nose and licks it every time and talks with me.
Mickey: Why don’t you tell Aryan to talk and play with me? Even I am his toy.
Birdie: Ok let us ask him.

With this intention in mind both my toys are waiting for my mom to bring them near to me.

But what can I do? Black Mickey is scary.. I get scared and I am not able to lick its nose.. But I will try to be nice with him also. Here after I will not throw him when my Mom gives him in my hand. Let me be in good books. Aryan is a good boy.

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