Monday, December 16, 2013

School, Number, and Avatars…


My Mom’s principle is to put both of us in same school. Hence, we tried in Dada’s school.

We went for the orientation and interactive session. During the interactive session they asked me few questions.

Teacher: Which fruit you like?

My reply was: Papaya

Teacher: You don’t like Banana?

My reply: Cough will come if I eat Banana

Teacher: Ok, tell me which vegetable you like?

My reply: Cabbage!!

Teacher: You really like it?

My reply: I don’t like it!!!! I simply told you.

At the end, teacher gave me a chocolate, I asked for two. I wanted to give one to my Dada. However, I ate it myself.

Anyway, I got admission in my Dada’s school!!! Dada is so happy and acting like a big bro now!!

Number Invention

Dada: Arjun, you don’t know numbers also correctly!!!!

Arjun: Dada, I know everything

Dada: Tell me what comes after 10

Arjun: eleventeen

Dada: Come on, it is eleven. There is no number called eleventeen….

Arjun: Eleventeen is there Dada…you go and check in your books!!!

Dada: Mamma, why this Arjun is inventing his own number?

Mamma: Arjun, we don’t have eleventeen number.

Arjun: Mamma, if it is not there, then you add it fast….. I want eleventeen number!!!!

The story never ends….


Nowadays…..I go so much into my avatar that I forget my real name …..and chose not to tell others..

The other day, one Aunty asked me: What is your name?

Dada replied: Arjun is his name.

I replied: No Dada….. I am spider – The Boggie Woggie spider!!!!!

Ideally anyone should ask me, who I am on that particular day and what my name is!!!!

Anyway as my mom cannot predict what name I will tell others on that particular day….I can keep her at muse always!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Updates so far

I love my Sameena Madam. Often, I keep blabbering about her to my Mom.
Whatever I have learned in the school are the effect of Sameena madam’s teachings…Thank you Sameena Madam.

My Mom’s role in teaching me was seldom as compared to what she did with Dada.

She is still busy with Dada, making him read chapter books, making him do long division, making him write cleanly, making him read Hindi books (oh god some mercy please), making him participate in every dumb CCA activities…..ahh poor Dada.
Not sure how I will handle so much pressure from my Mom when it comes to me!!!


Saturday, we had relatives at my place. Apparently they are my Uncle and Aunt, who recently moved to Hyderabad. I tried to behave well, except for the fact that I wanted to go to their house the end!!!

As usual Mom cooked some convincing story and made me stay back…I am wondering when she will relieve me from her clutches!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WoodCutter Story

When Dada was 3 yrs, papa told him a story similar to the woodcutter story. The story of” Mama falling in a river”. Here goes the story:
One day my Mom was standing on the bank of a river, suddenly she fell down in the river. Then, out of the river, a god came and asked.

Aryan, is this your Mamma? God was showing a woman, whose name was KK (Kareena Kapoor). Aryan said No.

Aryan, is this your Mamma? This time the god was showing a woman, whose name was again KK (Katrina Kaif). Aryan said No.

Aryan, is this your Mamma? This time the god showed his/my Mamma, wearing her blue nighty. Aryan dada said Yes. He ran and hugged her it seems.

For his honesty god gave him all the three Mamma’s …ahh what a bad story. God is planning to give him three Mamma’s where he is not able to manage with one. And moreover, whatever said and done, deep in his heart, Aryan Dada just like this blue nighty Mamma.

Dada hoped this story never comes true… even my Mamma wished the same, however Pappa was of the different opine!!!!!!

Anyway the moral of the story: Mama should not stand on the bank of any river.

When I am 3, my mamma thought she would say the same thing.

Here it is:

Mamma, “ Arjun’s Mamma fell on the river”

Arjun, “ WHYYYYYYY?”

Mamma, “I don’t know why. She just fell. Listen now. So a god came out of the river. He showed KK and asked, is this your Mamma?”

Arjun, “ I will tell God to go back. “

Arjun, “ God …….you don’t know how my Mamma looks also? I will myself jump in the river and find her out. I will find you Mamma, I will find you…Don’t worry…You are good na!!!”

Hence, I choose to save my Mamma myself!!!! I didn’t wait for god to give me all the three Mamma’s…..

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Avatars..

I like to play many avatars..

One day I become Vishnu Bhagvan: and roam around the whole house with a handmade Vishnu Chakram

One day I am a “Maharaja”- Recently my Mom dressed me in traditional attire for Diwali festival at school and I claimed myself to be a Maharaja. That day my Mom took me to a restaurant. She said I would get a chance to meet all her office friends/ colleagues. As soon as I heard the word- “office friend”, I said, “Abba I will only go to Archana aunty..She is good na….”

I saw Archana aunty and immediately went to her. She was so nice; she made me sit with her and gave me watermelon. I had a good lunch. I tried to be as good as I can and not show my true colors!!!!

One day I like to be “Bob- the builder”- I keep building houses with all the pillows and Bedsheet. My Mom’s cot is always occupied with my wonderful houses made of pillow/bedsheets!!

The day I become “caterpillar” is the toughest for all. When I am a caterpillar, I eat lot…I need all types of fruits, ice-cream, I am a Hungry caterpillar. Sometimes I demand for the food items that I see in my “The very hungry caterpillar” book.

Then at night, I reach a pupa stage and ask my Mom to cover me like a cocoon with the bedsheet. Next morning, when I become a butterfly, no one should call me Arjun. They should only call me “ Arjun Butterfly”

Now, as you all know how much weak my Mom’s memory is. She invariably ends up calling me Arjun. I start crying…and the funny part is she doesn’t understand why I cry. Then everyone starts racking their brains to decode what happened..

Pappa says, “Arjun you want to sleep more”…I cry again

Dada says, “Arjun you want to stay at home and not go to school”…I cry with more loudness

Aayi says, “Arjun come and brush teeth”….I throw pillows on her

Baba says, “Arjun I will give you Kaju Katli”….I start shrieking now..How can butterflies eat something, they can only drink…!!

Mamma says, “Arjun come I will tell Ugly Duckling story”….Ahh …when will she stop doing this!!!

I feel so irritated that I start making cocoon again with the bedsheet…then somehow it clicks my Mom…She says “Arjun BUTTERFLY”. The moment I hear this…I stop crying. Arjun Butterfly, “Abba can you plzzz give me Honey”

Mom searches for the honey bottle.

Pappa gets irritated with the whole episode. He screams at Mom for wasting time in the morning on such trivial issue.

Aayi-Baba is confused to the core about what is happening…

Dada blames that I am the crankiest kid in this world

And I rejoice being a butterfly.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Arjun is 3!!!

Arjun is growing!!!! He is already three. My mom thought of skipping his birthday party as he was not keeping well, however Papa was determined to celebrate his birthday he made sure he got the best cake and cookies from Karachi Bakery…

Anyway Arjun was clever enough to invite everyone whomever he met, especially MY friends….He simply says, “ Come for my birthday and give me gip…(Gift!!)”

Evening the cake cutting was done and he enjoyed being the hero…..He loved the Teddy presented by “ShaKa- My Neighbor”

My Mom presented him a craft book. Out of it, we made a firetruck.


Mama’s bugging never stops…..All of sudden she asked me write a Poem (Archana Aunty’s Idea!!). Coincidence or what, my Madam also asked all of us to give some write-ups/drawing for the school magazine.

I wrote a poem….my Mom helped me a little. Not sure whether it will be selected for school Magazine; however it is selected for my Blog!!!

The funny star

I am a funny star

Having a funny shape

People call my Sun

But I am a hot hot bun

I like yummy ice-cream

I look at it every time

But as I look at it

It melts like a snow

My palace in the universe, me being the King

Moon is the queen

Little stars are my children

The Planets are my soldier!!

by Aryan Vishal Karmore

Monday, September 16, 2013

Handwriting Saga

When Mom constantly scolds me for not writing neatly and when I started getting not so good grades for handwriting, I was devising a plan to get rid my mom’s scolding!! The plan was to escape from her interrogation when she comes from office!!!!
The other day when she came from office, I scampered to the play area. She called me twice; I didn’t want to meet her.
When I came home reluctantly, the first question she asked was: What is bothering you? Did you do anything wrong that you feel afraid to share?
I was like: How do you expect me to share something for which I will for sure get a scolding!!!
Anyway I gathered some courage and told about the bad grade that I got for not writing cleanly.
I was prepared to withstand her screaming…….however, like a magic she didn’t scream. Did she change? Did she forget???
She just said: Good or bad, you should tell us. Don’t get scared and hide such things in future”
What happened to her???? Anyone knows?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Arjun as Krishna!!!

 Arjun as Krishan

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Tamarind Tree

This Saturday it was “The Tamarind Tree, by Tulika Publications"- A story about four kids basking in the afternoon and climbing the Tamarind tree. My mom selected this story, as we did not know what Tamarind was!!!!.

Book Reading/ Discussions on Book

Anyways, the best part of “The Tamarind Tree” book was the bond among the friends and Mallikarujuna's natural flair to help his friends. I liked Shivappa, the most. I could relate him to me. He knows his body doesn't agree to what he wants and is very clear that if he climbs he will fall. He didn't want to even try climbing but was generous enough to help his friends climb!!! Well, I am not generous like him, but I also get feared about jumping, climbing and all those stuffs. I refrain myself from doing, though my friends are good at it.

We could extract few new words; Clambered, Perch, Dive, perspiration and so on.
“Clambered” being the best, as I got to act it!!!

Throughout the story, we were worried that they would fall from the tree. Probably my Mom created that hype while reading it. However, it was a happy ending.

Different Ending:

When she asked about a different ending to the story; Subha, the 4th grader, was the first to reply that all the other three friends should have helped Shivappa to overcome his fear and made him climb. Good thought.

Sharash, Ashutosh, and I were of the opinion that probably the branch must have broken and everyone must have fallen down. Devils we are!!!!

Preeti was saying, probably the Gardener must have come and shooed them away!!!

Break (Not exactly a break, only my Mom claims it is a break!!!)

By now we were tired and my Mom thought about a game. She said, let us associate the first letter of our name with an action word. Again, we started racking our brains to think about action words.

I said Acting Aryan
Preethi said, Purchasing Preethi
Ashutosh needed some time to think
Murali said Murmering Murali
Subha said, Singing Subha- Mom told to find another word, and she came up with Stamping Subha
Janvi said, Jumping Janvi.
Sharash said, Singing Sharash- Mom told to think another word.


We had three speakers of the day:

Murali: He told a story about, a king and his three sons. The lesson we could decode was: No matter whatever happens we should move on and face any situation. He was very clear in his narration.

Ashuthos selected s story, where we had to listen attentively to answer his questions. He was planning to read, which my Mom objected. She made him narrate and he narrated very efficiently.

Preethi’s story was well know-A woodcutter and Axe, however the way she narrated was good.

This time we missed Sahithi and Aditya.

The sessions completed with distribution of homework sheets and do a follow up research about Tamarind…... You know what, she never allows me to live peacefully!!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Raja Vikramaditya

During the reading time, it was good to listen about the brave Vikramaditya who goes to the graveyard in the night to catch hold of Betal-the corpse/ghost.....

Thank god this time, my Mom selected a non-technical story….Thanks to Vani aunty for the book.

All of us enjoyed the story and discussed all the new words used in the story. The one that I liked was
“dazzling”. (Proabably I can use, when I see a nice good looking girl!!!!)

After the story, we discussed on the clause laid by the Betal. On the first go, we could only decipher that Betal would go back to the Tamarind tree, if Vikram utters a word.

Upon repeated keen reading we could decode more:
1. If Vikram utters a word, before he reaches his destination, then Betal will fly back to Tamarind tree.
2. The Betal would tell story to reduce the tediousness of the journey, and at the end Vikram should answer the puzzle. Knowing the “RIGHT” answer and keeping quiet will cause bursting of Vikram’s head. As usual Vikram being the knowledgeable man, knows all the answers and he ends up answering.

We were discussing the ways Vikram can get hold of Betal once in for all:
1. Ashutos was saying, Vikram need not utter a word, instead he can take a twig and write his answers on the mud. Good thought.
2. I was saying, probably Vikram should do some Gymnastics and reach the destination before the story ends.
3. Preethi was of the opinion that Vikram should not know the right answer. Probably that can also happen.

After this, Me and Saharash got to act the words; Corpse, Tedious, Utter, Dazzling…

Then the speakers of the day presented their modules:

Sahithi was the first speaker who said a story about the “Holes in Fence”- a very good story to learn and understand the essence of controlling anger. She asked good questions, which we had to think and answer.

Aditya was the next speaker who talked about the “Hawk and the Crow: The moral being not to imitate others in a foolish way, without knowing the strength. He had narrated it well.

Overall it was good. Let us see what my Mamma has in store for the next session.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Magic School Bus-Inside the Human Body

My Mom’s ideas always lead to reading sessions!!!! This time we chose Magic school bus, “Inside the human body”
We had senior kids who attended the reading session and they are in 8th, 7th, 6th, and 4th grades. All of them were above my age group and were very attentive. Very impressive. Me and Saharsh were the jokers of the slot!!

It was a “long book” with so many internal organs….but somehow 1.5 hr swept away in a magical way.

Me and Sharash were constantly bothered about why the BUS was not detected as waste particles and about the CO2 gas that comes out of the lungs!!! Well… was fun and we were rolling with laughter throughout the session.

One another fact that amused me was, “I was actually thinking that visiting Arnold’s brain would make me more wise and typical Arnold type. I love Arnold’s role in every Magic School Bus series!!!!!! Sometimes I feel I should be the Arnold in Mr Frizzle’s class.”

Next time, probably my mom should select a shorter book for including more activities than simply reading and understanding…the internal organs!!! The brain gets twisted by reading heavy stuffs….god knows when she will understand this …??????

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The teacher asked the whole class, “Who is the most obedient student in 2 F?”

Everyone shouted, “Aryan Aryan Aryan….”

I felt immense joy when I heard this….but was not sure that it will lead me to the “GOOD JOB BADGE”.

THANK YOU very much MADAM for encouraging me…..

My Mom on the other hand is worried. She is always worried. (I bet she will also be worried, if I don’t get the Badge)

She says; I should not be obedient … everyone.

Nowadays she is changing her ways. She keeps saying, gone are those days, when good deed pays you. Now, it is time to be a little bad and smart. All her preaches about sharing, being nice, being obedient, being calm, following the rules etc etc …are not needed anymore it seems…

Sometimes she says, it is ok to be bad/smart and do what you feel. . rather than listening to everyone around the world, feeling compelled, getting bullied, and others taking us for granted…..What do you say friends…?

Probably, she should change first....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Did it work???

Did the Performance Improvement Plan work? I don’t know. Anyway my Baba couldn’t see me crying all the day! Thank god atleast he understood what I felt.

After the school hours, he brings me home. He doesn’t wait till 5 PM. ….
School is getting little easier….
Once in a while, I crave for a particular type of food….it would invariably be the food that we don’t store at home always. Be it Laddoo, Kaju katli, Gulab Jamoon, Chips, Banana…

My private secretary listens to all my needs…the moment I say Gulab jamoon… is ready in front of me!!!! Thank you Baba
It is raining in Hyderabad. My mom has not yet got me a raincoat. The other day when it was raining, Baba made a raincoat with plastic cover and we fended ourselves with it...When my mom came from office,

Arjun: Abba, “Arjun don’t have a raincoat also”

Abba: “Oh darling I forgot. I will get it now.”

Arjun: “Can you please get two ”

Abba: “Why two?

Arjun: “One for me and one for Bhoodha (Ghost)!!!”

Abba wondering: When will the bhoodha vanish from my thoughts!
Today morning when I work up, I made a plan to bunk the school. I cried, fussed and then asked Mamma to go out of the house. I locked the door from inside. I was not afraid, was not bothered, and happily was watching Mickey Mouse Club House.

If my Mom is gone, no one can send me to school. It is better she stays away from me!!!!

After 15 minutes, my Mom pleaded me and somehow managed to come inside. She fooled me….I forgot about everything after listening to her talks…until she made me wear my slippers and put me in the car.!!!!!

I had to go. No escape……

Any other ways to escape!!!!!

See how my Dada combatted the school/daycare saga here

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Me and my Madam...

Arjun's Teacher, " Arjun come here."
Arjun, " Wait, I will come after sometime."

Arjun's teacher, " Should we sing Incy -Wincy Spider?"
Arjun, " NO, I will only sing BOb-The Builder"

Arjun's teacher, " Time for snacks."
Arjun, " I don't want. I already had it. You eat."

Arjun' Mom, " Why are you crying in the school?"
Arjun, " The teacher only asked me to CRY !!"

Performance Improvement Plan

It is been three weeks since I have been with Kangaroo kids. No change in my schedule whatsoever.

I cry throughout the day…..looking for Abba everywhere…

When Abba told me about Prahladh story…and how he says that Vishnu Bhagavan is everywhere……I wish even my Abba was like Vishnu bhagavan and be with me everywhere!!!!

People are surprised about my crying skills and the associated Abba saga.

The whole point here is “how my Abba is combating this crying skill of mine?” She believes she is handling professionally, by putting me on Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). The plan is to have one on one with me and have a dedicated person to take care of me the whole day, till I get settled. God knows how the PIP succeeds.

Anyway giving shivers to my caretaker is guarenteed from my end!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swaram Akkka..Where are you??

Where are you Swaram Akka...Dada keeps boasting that you are his friend...When will you be my freind?

I remember that you have seen me when I was 4-5 months old. Now, I am 2.7 yrs old!!!! Probably I will come to your office and meet you. Oh Mom, please take me to her!!!!

Anyway, this post is dedicated to the lovelist akka in this world...hats off to all your deeds. My mom admires you and even Dada admires...

Happy birthday to you Akka!!!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All said and done…

When I come home with my mom, I feel the best. Yesterday, when we were returning home, I was singing “ Kadal Vandalae Kallu irundum” song from Singham movie.

Dada was saying, “ Rommbahthan kadal vanduthu unaku….ennnada, love Kangaroo kids mellaya?” ( ahh so much love is coming….what man you got love on Kangaroo kids?)

Btw, I don’t even know what does the Tamil word “Kadal” means….However, Mamma was wondering how did Dada figure this out???

Monday, June 17, 2013

What kind of Mom you are??

It is my turn to go to school now. After school I will be in Day care till the evening. My Mom is not bothered much about this….probably she is ready to part me …and drop me in unknown hands. Probably she trust the people whom she drops me….But I am scared….worried….annoyed…and tired..

Mom; why are you like this? I listen to you, I share my snacks with you, I play with you, I am always behind you like a tail, but still you drop me to unknown hands. Of course they try to pacify my shrieking and yelling, but still I miss you Abba….and remember you after every 1 hr.

My eyes look for you…My ears wait for your call….My brain thinks about you….

Today morning, anyway I knew you would drop me, so I took a Handkerchief that had a picture of Mamma Bear and Arjun Bear.
Whenever I think about you today, I will look into it…!!!! Waiting for you to come fast…..:-(

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Arjun, “I don’t want to sleep…..if I sleep, I may wet the bed.” (Mamma scolds me if I wet my bed)
Arjun, “ I don’t want to go to Kangaroo is very very spicy!!!! (Kangroo kids is my pre-school…)
Arjun, “I don’t want to play with Dada…because he is a Boodha (Ghost).”
Arjun looking at Mamma, “I don’t want to see are very scary.. (Papa nods yes to this statement)
Arjun, “I can’t hold a glass of water also…Mamma make my hand big!!!”

Aryan, “I don’t want to drink boost…what one glass of boost will give me…10 hands or what?”
Aryan, “I don’t want to play with Arjun… because he don’t follow game rules”
Aryan, “I don’t want to read books…reading is a pain in my brain.”
Aryan, “ I can’t dance…dancing is girls job…”
Aryan, “I can’t write Hindi Matra words Mamma….You write the words, I will put only matras!!!
Aryan, “I don’t want to swim…I am not a fish!!!!”

Mamma wondering how to deal with Nos/Can’t/Don’ Aryan Arjun's household.....

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gajendera-The Elephant

Our mom told us the story about the Gajendera elephant and Vishnu Bhagavan.

We thought of enacting the same. I was the Gajendera, Dada was the crocodile, and Mamma was the Vishnu Bhagavan.

The story goes like this: When me, the elephant goes to take bath in a river, Dada, the crocodile bites my leg. I am supposed to call Vishnu Bhagavan and he appears before me and sacks the crocodile’s neck. Vishnu Bhagavan saves me from the crocodile.

Action, Scene 1 start:

I am taking bath; Dada is crawling and is acting like he is biting my leg. As soon as he bites, I beat him back and say, “ go crocodile go go crocodile go….”

Mamma is prompting from behind, “ Arjun call Vishnu Bhagavan.”

I said, “ No mamma, Arjun will beat the crocodile myself!!!!”

Dada (In a crying tone), “ Mamma, this guy is not acting as per the rule!!!!”

Pappa, “ Boys, it is fine to break the rules sometimes.”

Action, Scene 2 start:

I am taking bath; Dada is crawling and is acting like he is biting my leg. As soon as he bites, I say, “ Vishnu come here.”

Mamma prompting from behind, “ Arjun , you should say Vishnu Bhagavan help me. Not Vishnu come!!”

Arjun, “ Vishnu if you don’t come, I will beat you also”

Pappa, “What is happening here!!”

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mom At Home

My mom being at home is a two edged sword.

One side, she keeps bugging me.
“Aryan, practice cursive writing”
“ Aryan, do your Hindi matra words”
“Aryan, TV time is over”
“ Aryan, read this book”
“ Aryan, make an entry to the new word in the vocabulary tree”
“ Aryan, take care of Arjun”
“ Aryan, concentration is the key for perfection..Blah blah blah….”

The other side, she keeps organizing parties!!

She organized treasure hunt for the kids. It was awesome. Me, Krithi, Sanjith, Saharsh and Arjun worked a s a team to crack the clues. We did find the treasure at last, however at the end we had to listen to her preaching about importance of team work!!!

Then she organized a reading session, followed by a potluck party in my house. Come-on give me a break!! Organizing a reading session in midst of potluck party????? I swear she needs to mend her thinking!!! The reading session didn’t turn well. We were busy eating …and chatting..rather than reading …

Now she is thinking of organizing a dance party at home. Well, I feel shy to dance. Though she was teaching the easy steps to “Jumping Jumpang…..IPL song”, I think dance is not my cup of tea. Arjun is coping well with her weird ideas. He danced well and was not missing the steps!!!!

Whatever said and done, I feel peaceful when my Mom is at home!!!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Aaru katthara….(Who is shouting)

Aaru katthara….. is my best phrase throughout the day.

If I hear a dog shouting, I would say this phrase, get one ladle from the kitchen and mimic as if I am beating the dog..
Addi Addi…Rombathan kattharai …Doggy Arjunuku bhayamairukka!!! (beat are shouting too much… …Arjun is feeling scared!!)

For any noise that I am scared, I do this and get rid of my fear!!!

So when it is time to play hide and seek after dinner, and if my mom is seeking me and Dada.….she applies the same logic.

My Mom simply asks, “ Aaaru Katthara….”

Then I suddenly get scared, I run from my hiding place and start doing addi addi…She ends up finding us. This is one of the reasons Dada doesn’t want to hide along with me….

Another reason is my names….From 10 names of Arjun, we use four in our household.

My mom always says…Arjuna, phalguna, paratha, keerthi vahana….. Instead of keerthi vahana, me and Dada use “mooshi”..

So whenever she says..”Arjuna, phalguna…”

I say, “ Partha..mooshi…”

then Dada says, “ Moosi ballu ..ballu mooshi!!!”

All in the game of Hide and Seek…At the end, we ourselves don’t know who is hiding and who is seeking….!!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bob the Builder and Chota Bheem

Bob-the builder is my favorite cartoon. I keep watching it over and over. I keep singing the title song throughout the day, “Bob the builder, can we fix it…..”. Dada is bored with it. He tells me to keep quiet…However, I enjoy playing with all of Dada’s construction toys. If you happen to come to my house you can see, Scoop (Dumptruck), Lofty (Crane), Muck (bulldozer), Travis (Tractor), Rolley (Road roller), and Dizzy (concrete mixer) scattered all over, I,the Bob, along with "Wendy" manage every one of them. Lofty is my favorite vehicle. Between, who is Wendy? It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I imagine my Mom as Wendy, and sometimes it is DADA. Dada says, “I don’t want to be Wendy, Mamma. Why is this boy making me a girl?”

Even for Chota bheem, I have my own imagination…Whenever I see Chota bheem, I imagine:

Mamma- As Chota bheem
Me-As Raju
Dada- As Jaggu monkey (Dada gets angry)
Pappa- As Kalia (Suits him?)
Aayi –As Chutki
Baba- As Dholu !!!

Well, what I think is what I think. Can anyone change?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Of Sandwiches and supreme status….

Aryan, “ Oh God, please shower some cooking interest in my Mom.”

Mom, “Why are you saying that?”

Aryan, “Otherwise, when will you learn to make sandwiches?”

Mom, “You know what, I have a friend in my office who can give me some ideas about making good sandwiches.”

Aryan, “Google first mom and try to learn something on your own!!!!!”

Mom thinking, “My little lad has grown beyond my thought!!”

The other day when we went out we ordered for a cheese sandwich. For some reason, it didn’t happen and we cancelled the order. That is the time, I felt very sad as my Mamma is incapable of making such things at home. However, she promised she would do. Immediately, she picked up the stuffs that are required. The story doesn’t end there…

Throughout our journey back home (while she was driving), I was skeptical about her cooking skills and kept bugging her. I kept saying, “you don’t know to make sandwich, burger, pizza etc don’t know to make different vegetables for me…I will never ever eat what you make. It is not going to be good anyway….”

Soon she started fuming with anger “Is this a way to encourage your Mamma? When you know your Mamma has no expertise in cooking you should allow her to try once and you should eat it. Instead you keep discouraging me. Even your Pappa doesn’t say a word about this.”

Aryan, “That is because Papa doesn’t eat sandwich and anyways you don’t cook at home!!!”

Pappa enters the scene, “What is the problem”

Mamma, “He is simply irritating me.”

Aryan, “But papa, can you make a Sandwich for me”

Pappa, “ Yes ofcourse”

So that is how Pappa gains his supreme status from me and I loved the sandwich made by him. Mamma is thinking to enhance her cooking skills!! Hope she succeeds!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Random updates

So many stuffs happening..I again went to Trivandrum with Arjun and Mamma. Mamma was very busy, sad, and weird during all those days of our TVM stay. I was of great help to her in taking care of Arjun. Though I missed two weeks of my assessment period, my presence in TVM was inevitable. Mamma keeps saying that Thatha (My Mom's father) is a star in the sky now...

Back to Hyderabad: My school is fun, as it is half-day school now. I come home by 1 PM, have a nice elaborate lunch, and then my TV time follows. Once Arjun wakes up from sleep, we play play play......I wish it was always a half day school!!

I am waiting for summer vacation to start, probably my Mamma is NOT. She is already pondering about the things I can do in summer vacation...Her list is never ending: Chess, Swimming, cycling, crafts, reading…… Oh god, when will Mamma stop thinking for me!!!!
Summer vacations are for playing and seeing TV.....not for any scheduled activities or disciplined path!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Activity Demonstration

In my school; the activity demonstration was on Jan 19th. We are supposed to demonstrate the progress of the activity that we have enrolled for. I am in Taekawondu and Skating. My Mamma-Pappa along with Arjun came to witness it.

Arjun was blabbering throughout the activity, "Arjun wants to do taekawondu, Arjun wants to do skating........" and he wanted to come to the stage along with me and perform the Taekawondu.."

He even went to my skating sir and told, " Arjun wants to do skating".

When my sir lifted him, he started crying....and landed in Mamma's arm. One funny fellow he is...

Here are the pics:

Me performing straight kick..

Arjun thinking, " Will I ever get to do this!!!"