Thursday, February 1, 2007

Time for Solids- Formula Food is Boring- Jan 27th

Today I am five months old. I think it is time for solids now. I am too much bored of drinking milk.
Calcium is not the only mineral I need!!!! Isn’t? With this motive in heart, I was taken to doctor. He examined me carefully and said I am an amazing kid. I am smart, active, alert, naughty. . . . Forgot it, it is a long list.

My mom and dad were extolling the virtues of me, while I was basking in my grandma’s lap and overhearing their conversation.

The Food Chart prescribed to Aryan (5 months old) - Then he came up with a food chart. Starting with tomato, sweet lime, and orange juice for 15 days, I am supposed to swallow semisolid foods like ragi and rice kichidi with little Nacl (Salt). Slowly he wants me to eat baked potatoes and carrot. By the time I am 8 months old, I can enjoy some biscuits and bakery products followed by egg. By the time I am one year old I should eat whatever my Mom and Dad eats. This is what he lectured.

After listening to this entire list, my mom was very happy. I feel little fear in this happiness. I hope they follow the thumb rule "Watch the Baby - Not the Calendar!" My intestine is tiny and small. I hope they give me small quantity before they make it a habit. Oh god, what all I should bother?

Before leaving from the Doctor’s room I wanted to remind my Mom, to ask the doctor about my water intake. That is the reason I cried before leaving from the Doctor’s room. But the attempt was in vain. As usual they guessed that I am being fussy and tried to console me.

Now my next question is will they ever give me water? Wait and watch for my water intake experience.

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