Friday, December 14, 2012

Sports day

I felt good being a part of sports day drill. The theme was “drillz and Frillz”for PPII and 1st grade kids.

My parents came to school and witnessed the gala event. I was part of the mass class drill. Dressed in white and red, I looked handsome. Girls out their, did you notice !!!

The best thing was: We got to eat Sandwiches, cookies, and marble cakes.

“Looking forward for next sports day”…oh no…not again!!!.My mom maybe looking for it…. I have no excitement for such events……doing mass drills in hot sun!!

After the whole episode, I felt more good coming home, having lunch and amusing myself watching TV.

Probably this thought may change next year!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pappa you are Sweet-Reloaded

At the age of two Aryan Dada was crazy in his own ways. He used to hold one piece of toy/blue crayon/Mamma's blue nighty/ biscuits etc etc and timepass his whole day.

One day he was so cranky for his blue crayons, that my Pappa came from office and gave him one and pacified him.

Here is the link

Well, I am different. As I said before, I don't know colors, but I know different types of Boodha (Ghost). Also for any toy I play with, I need two more of same types. If I play with giraffe, I need Mamma Giraffe and Dada giraffe. If I see a book, I need two more. Sometimes I get pacified by different type of books, sometimes I need same type of book.

Friday was the day of Bob-the Builder.

I arranged Mamma concrete mixer, Arjun concrete mixer, and Dada concrete Mixer
Then I arranged Mamma Dump truck, Arjun Dump truck and Dada Dump truck. Then when I opened the Bob-the builder book, I wanted two more of same types now. I started blabbering--- bob-theebuil, bob-theebuil...boook book...

My mamma tried to pacify, showed me some other books with construction toys. To surmise, she kind of fooled me!! But Bob-the builder book was still chewing one part of my brain. I kept asking Mamma again and again, though I was not very cranky.

Anyway Pappa's office is not near like before and he can't come during his lunch time like how he came for Dada's blue crayons. However, in the evening Pappa got Bob-the Builder book...

I was very happy and elated..I was squealing with delight. Thank you Pappa. Pappa you are the sweetest....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Boodha Saga

On 26th October(Arjun’s Birthday), we were at Shiridi, hence cake cutting happened yesterday. It was fun to invite all my friends for Arjun’s birthday. Arjun was elated to wear the new suit that Baba got for him. He calls himself Maharaja…. Just completed 2yrs..and he claims to be a Maharaja. One funny fellow he is.

He can parrot everything he listens and can respond well. One such instance:

Mamma: “Who is there at Shiridi?”

Arjun: “ Sai baba”

Mamma: “ What does Sai Baba do”

Arjun: “ okkacchi pannuva (Will be sitting)

Mamma: “ So what do you want from him”

Arjun: “ GIP GIP (gift)

Mamma: “ And for Mamma what you will ask Sai Baba”

Arjun: “ Kammal (Ear ring)!!!”

Aryan: “ and for Dada”

Arjun: “ Boodha (Ghost) for Dada”

Aryan: What!!!!

Boodha AKA Ghost is an eternal part of his conversation.

He likes Boodha a lot, he likes Shaaka (My neighbor Akka) as well. Any connection? !!

If he sees any lady covering her face with duppata, he calls her Boodha and that too goes near to her and shouts at her. Sometimes, few akka’s open the mask, seeing him shouting.

Every morning he points the window and says, “ Abba, anga boodha ukkachi pannarudu. (Amma, ghost is sitting there.)” (Is he dreaming something?)

He is not at all scared of any Boodha (probably he has not seen my Mamma's true colors), but tries to scare others by saying Boodha..Boodha…Boodha…

He has different types of Boodha as well. Out of all, black and snake Boodha are his favorite. He tries to scare us in between, by applying all of Mamma’s cream on his face and makes some funny noise saying Boodha Boodha..Well seeing this Mamma gets scared for different reason!!!

Morning he wakes me, by saying : “ Da get up boo” (Dada get up Boodha is coming). What he speaks god only knows!!!

Let us see how long his Boodha saga continues. At this age I used to think about cars and colors and here my bro is thinking about colorful Boodhas!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Real Birthday/Fake Birthday

My birthday was on 27th August. I woke up with full zest and enthusiasm. I was feeling all excited and good. I got ready without any fuss or fury. The feeling of distributing sweets to my friends was good. My mom was happy that now I understood the concept of sharing, which she was inculcating all these years. I had already planned to give 5 chocolates to “N”(The Kolaveri Di girl). Though we are in different sections now, I try to meet her in school bus. God knows how long she will choose to ignore me!!

In the school, everyone wished me. The best part is; I got the “Good Job” badge for being Good (Not sure though)

Evening, all of us went to temple and was back at 6:30 P M for the party. The party was super doper, and all my friends enjoyed dancing and playing little games. My Pappa got strawberry cake and infact he didn’t go to office on Monday, just to make all arrangements for the party in the evening. That is sweet of him indeed.
Some progress in me and Arjun.

Me: Being a 6 yr old boy, I decided to sleep alone in my room. I decorated my room the way I want. (All pictures scribbled here and there, that is what my mom says, though I thought I did a good job) I put a danger sign on the door of my room. People should think twice before entering my room!! I shifted all my toys and clothes in my room. Though initially I was feeling scared and my mom sits in my room, till I sleep. Now I am getting used to it.

Arjun: The boy is funny indeed. For some reason, my parents wanted to celebrate my birthday on 26th (Sunday). They were trying to convince me, saying we will buy cake, decorate room, gifts this that…..I was not convinced and did not agree. Arjun was listening to all these talks and he decided to celebrate his birthday. He was non-stop behind my Mom and Pappa, saying Arjun Birthday, Arjun birthday today.

Papa: Arjun, what do you want for your Birthday?

Arjun: ccakke

Pappa: Then what else.

Arjun: Baboon (Balloon)

Pappa: Then?

Arjun: Gip Gip (Gift)

Papp: Whom all you want to call?

Arjun: Shaaakkka (My neighbor)

Pappa: Ok, we will celebrate in the evening

Arjun: eeeeveening (repeats whatever we say)

In the evening he stared again, “Pappa, cake, baboon, GIP Gip, Shakka.”.He was even banging my neighbor’s door to come for birthday.

At last, we got a cake and celebrated a fake birthday. Indeed he got GIP from Shaakka, me, and my Mom for his fake birthday . Hhis real birthday falls on 26th October not 26th August!!!!

Another point is: He understands and response well to everything..He was trying to fill water in a glass and couldn’t close the tap when the glass was full. Aayi was scolding him for spilling water. Hearing this he managed to close it, went near to her and kept his pointer finger on her lips and said “Chup”(Quiet). Then he went back and filled his glass again and drank water. Not sure this deed is applicable/except able for a “yet to be 2yr old kid”.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aryan-Growing as a Dada

Not sure what to say friends, now that I am in 1St grade

•I feel like playing always, but my Mom bugs me to study.
•I bring all my friends and order my Mom to make Dosa for them, sometimes she does. Sometimes not. It is topsy-turvydom when all my friends barge in the house.
•I tend to run away from doing homework….and Mom tends to chase me with some funny logic and makes me do the homework.
•I like to role play a super hero.

Those who know me till now, will find this not “ARYAN TYPEs”. People change you know!!!!!
The other day, we went to TH for Berenstain bear treasure hunt. It was a family program; me and my Mom could make it. It was fun and I made a yummy veg sandwich for her. This is Aryan Type probably.

Another change in me is about the love that crops now and then. Don’t misunderstand me folks, I am talking about the love towards Arjun..not towards “N” from my school!!
I love him so much. If he does anything wrong and if I sense that my Mom will scold him, I already go and tell his pranks to reduce her anger.

The other day, he forgot to pee in the rest room. He did it on my Mom’s cot. My Mom has a big stick by which she pats/beats Arjun and scares him. When she saw this, she came with that stick. I ran near to her and said, Mom it is water not pee…

Both of us got one little whack, me for lying and he for not peeing in the restroom!!!:-)

He talks more now. Few words like Eetatata (elephant), aipappa (air-plane), abba (Amma) , touchy baba (Sai Baba), shaaka (Saranya Akka, my neightbor) are his default words.

Talking about Shaaka, she is my favorite neighbor. Me and Arjun loves to play with her. Everyday Arjun needs to meet her once and spend some time with her. If Arjun gets to eat anything interesting, he tends to give her. Anyway Shakka is his best friend.

Another point to ponder is about his ability to grasp and react to a circumstance.

If my Mom goes to pooja room, he will go behind her and pour oil in the lamp. He shouts fire fire…

If my Mom scolds him, he will come and hug me crying Dada Dada..and pointing fingers on her.

If my Mom plays with him for a long time, he gets so excited and hugs her so tightly.

When my Mom goes to office, he needs to go out with Baba. Baba bribes him with Gems.

He understands, Marati, Tamil, Hindi, and English. Even if my Mom says something to me he listens. When she says; Aryan go for bath, he would remove his cloths and be at the Bathroom door, waiting for me. Aryan come here, he would be invariably there near to her. Aryan bring my mobile, he would run and get it for her.

Well, it is good now for me. I have him as my assistant.

He loves my pappa lot and always tries to stick with him after he comes from office. (Not my type, you know..I am still a Mamma boy)

He knows and recognizes, almost all animals, fruits, vehicles though he gets confused with colors. His fav rhyme is: My Red Balllon and Johnny Johnny..Silly Rhymes!!! Sometimes I see him making some odd noises and running here and there. He feels himself a Lion I think. Funny fellow.

He knows to say Thank you and sorry. But keeps saying it every time. I need to train him a lot now.

Oh so much to do at this age!!!!!! Whatever, I enjoy being a big BRO…

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Patti’s House

Trivandrum trip was an amazing trip I had ever had. First of all, I was so excited travelling in flight. I slept the first one hour and the second hour I was busy shutting and opening the flight window. I smiled whole heartedly at whomever I saw and tried to grab their attention. In fact, Aryan Dada was behaving matured. First day, I was cranky, from next day I was totally different roaming all around and playing with my cousins. I was at the garden, running behind butterflies and ants, plucking flowers, leaves, playing with ball, playing with water …. I saw peacock, mynah, crow, pigeon, canary, parrot, and woodpecker, cuckoo…..jackfruits, coconut trees, banana trees, banyan tree, temple elephant…unending list. The best part of my trip was Navvya- My sweet little sister. I get so fascinated when she tries to call me Dada. At least when my mom says I am her Dada, I feel so big…..I love my periamma and Navvya. I just miss my patti’s house now. It was such a wonderful trip. Even now when my Mamma says, where is butterfly…I just try to see everywhere. Off late I am fascinated by all construction toys. I play with Aryan Dada’s construction toys, wear his shirt. I just like to do whatever he does. Whatever he eats, I also need it. If he goes to pee, even I will go. If he jumps, even I will jump. I just have been imitating him. I am also an ardent devotee when I go to temple. I do namaskaram everywhere and anywhere in the temple premise. I extend my hand for Prasad. I say Sai baba, Sai baba…All gods are Sai Baba for me. Last but not least…..I call my Mom- Abba..Abba..”M” pronunciation out of Arjun’s Memory card!!

Monday, April 16, 2012


There are no words to write about TH- My fav Library.

It is a complete solace to be there during weekends and this weekend was the best. It was summer kickoff program that commenced with a story telling event. My mom was mesmerized by the way it was presented. I loved it and thanks to Treasure house for this event...Hats off to them.

Monday, March 19, 2012

MY Vocabulary

Things that I know are:

Vehicles: Car, Concrete mixer, bus, train, Autorickshaw
Nature: Flowers, plants, ants, and caterpillar
Fruits: Apple, banana, pappaya..(All my mom's efforts to teach me more fruits are in vain)
Veggies: Potato, Tomato (though that is apple to me)
Toys: Ball, Balloon, bat, books, Mickey Mouse, giraffe, tiger, turtle, dog, cow, stag, elephant, cookie..bookie (all those soft toys that Aryan Dada has)

But the funny part is: I can only say few words like car, flower, plant, and ball. Whenever I see anything else and if I cannot say them…..I shriek and shout pointing my fingers, until Mamma tells its name.

So 24/7..I get to shout!!! Oh god, when will I start pronouncing these names!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So far So good..

My mom keeps telling she will post, but she is extremely lazy. Lot of things happening in Aryan-Arjun’s household for the past two months…

Now My mom is working from home.So she end up working 24/7.

On Jan 26th, I became Bhagat Singh

On Jan 28th, I went to Ramoji Flim city with my cousins Divya and Shiv.

On Jan 29th we got Arjun’s hair cut from a temple called Yadagirigutta. Arjun cried lot, and seeing him crying I also cried. I was feeling very sad for my brother and was scolding Mamma for putting Arjun into trouble. But Arjun looks smart without hair….

During mid Feb, Arjun got admitted in hospital for fever. I cried seeing him being pierced with injections…Bad Doctors. (Now you know who is the cry baby in our house)

When Arjun was discharged, I got fever, somehow escaped getting admitted in hospital.

Now my Mom’s eye is infected with conjunctivitis….

Of all these stuffs, I am happy that my school closes next week and in between I participated on one story telling and poem recitation completion.

I Also got one “good job” badge from school!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Our first Bon-fire was indeed an experience to be noted. Treasure House is the best place in terms of organizing such events for the kids. It was on Saturday at 6:00 PM.

We made sure we reached on time as TH tends to starts activities on time. Usually mamma decides on the books that I read, hence she went to get the new set of books. Pappa was playing with Arjun. I was getting all excited with the whole concept of Bon-fire.

We all sat around the fire and it was such a great experience. Swetha aunty told us about fire god and his wife. She also told us the story of Vikramaditya. Arjun was at his best. He just wanted catch hold of the fire. He ran here and there and was squealing with delight. After the story telling session, we barbequed marshmallows and they roasted the corn for us.

Anyway kudos to TH team for organizing this event.