Friday, November 19, 2010

New-Entry: Arjun

Swaram akka already announced about a new entry in my household. My brother, Arjun.

He is kind of odd. He always cries and sleeps. The sad part is; I cannot spend much time with my Mamma after this new entry.

I don’t even bother to spend time with my brother, but I make sure my Mamma spends time with me and makes me ready for school.

November 13th was children’s day carnival at my school. My thatha got on fish costume, my Mamma found it girlish and thus she and Pappa made one shark mask for my face. Will post the picture later.

Mamma’s office friends visited my house. It was nice talking with them. But, after they left, I started crying as they didn’t get any gift for me. They got lots of gifts for Arjun. They got one big bed, dresses, mittens, socks, cap, baby gift set…..etc etc…I felt very sad. My Mamma had already anticipated this scenario and she had already got one Kinderjoy chocolate. She knows all the ways to pacify me and make me happy!!!!! I love you mamma