Monday, August 31, 2009

My review for Timmy time

I love this cartoon. It is about a Timmy Lamb, which goes to his playschool. Timmy is going to nursery!

Url : Timmy Time
Have a look at the photo.

Small Black lamb, Timmy
Yellow duckling
Yellow Kitten
One porcupine (Could be)
Owl’s baby
Blue lamb, which always eats everything. Even a book. Can you imagine?
One little puppy
Pelican teacher
Owl teacher

STORY— The title song starts with Mamma sheep dropping him to school and in the end also Mamma sheep comes to receive him. (I like this the best, resembles my life)

The school is composed of a Pelican and an OWL as teachers. The other charcters are the students. Yellow duckling and Timmy ends up fighting mostly.The show ends up showing the activities that I do in my school; painting, cycling, playing with puzzles, sleeping, eating food, and so on.

Everytime one cucckoo clock props up to indicate the time. During lunch time, the cuckoo clock comes with a spoon and fork. During sleeping time, it comes with a pillow.

I can very well relate this cartoon with my life…me going to school and handling the situations alone. Friends, I hope you understand. Once they showed about how Timmy wants everyting in "blue color" and it exactly fits into my character.

Negative—it only comes on Saturday and Sunday or rather my Mom shows me only on those days. the other days it comes after I got to school. I wish I could see Timmy’s antics every day.

Can anyone recommend to Timmy, so that it can come before I go to school?


Swaram said...

Oye Sweety that looks so colourful :) I am gonna watch it on Saturday n Sunday too ;)

So, Timmy wants everything in blue just like u :) Hw sweet :)

Swati said...

wow ..that looks like a nice show ..let me find more details ..about when and where

SVD said...


I am happy dear...You wait for timmy time and I will wait for Tillu meet and be with you


lostworld said...

chooo cute!! i had a big smile when i read this. I love that cartoon too :) same pinch Aryan.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks everybody...if all of you like the show, let us do a recomendation to dismey channel for telecasting it before 9:00 AM....
Lostworld Aunty, even you see it...see genious do sensible stuffs....

Monika said...

Sounds wonderful. I've seen it a couple of times but we don't watch it regularly. Here it's more of Tom & Jerry & Doremon :)

Smitha said...

Oh we love Timmy here too :) I watch it with my three yr old and enjoy it as much, I think :)

Very sweet post :) Jumped over from Swaram's :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Monika Ansh and Smitha aunty—Welcome to my blog....good to hear that you have also watched this show a couple of times...

Anonymous said...

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