Monday, September 7, 2009


Aryan and Mamma, while playing puzzles.
Mamma: “Where is K for Kite?”
Aryan: “Inga illai (not here)”
Mamma: “Irukku , nee naanna paaru.” (It is here, see properly)
Aryan: “Mamma, andha “K” chatthu poyidothu?” (That “K” died?)
Mamma: “No puzzles ellam chatthu pogathu. (Puzzles don’t die)
Puzzles don’t die or what?
Aryan and Mamma during bedtime.
Mamma: “Aryan, sleep otherwise that nocturnal bird that is in god’s room will come here. Shall, I call it here? Listen, how it is making noise.”
Aryan: “Mamma can you call that watchman mama and tell him to shoo that bird away. “
How long Mamma wants to scare me like this? She should find solution to problems right???
Mamma: Please eat everything. You should finish it fast.
Aryan: No I am not eating it now. Enough for me. You eat
Mamma: Eat some more Aryan.
Aryan: No, it is “dangerous” to eat.
Mamma wondering, “What? “dangerous” to eat?” “From where you learn this Aryan?”


svd said...

sweet tillu
periyamma is laughing out loud with ur vocabulary..nee nanna paaru
and dangerous..where did u get that dangerous word...anyhow choo chweet


Swati said...

WOW..he surprises me .."dangerous" ..he can speak such long words..amazing

Swaram said...

He is just unbelievable na! The dangerous thing takes the cake! Where on earth did he get to know something like that :P

Aryan-Arjun said...

My papa na...he always uses that word. When I run behind a lizard, he says it is dangerous........
I need to tell Papa not to use such words I guess...
And about Chatthu Poyiduthu (Died), I saw mamma saying that some big shot died recently...god knows...anyway My mamma was at home with me...that is what I want....

Anonymous said...

Lolzzzz!!! :D Kids these days can drive you nuts with their arguements.. They have answers for everything! :)

lostworld said...

Eating is dangerous !!??!! :D LOL
He sure knows how to get his way..

Indian in NZ said...

get the watchman to shoo the bird away=get problem solving; classic !

Smitha said...

Oh he is so cute!!! Puzzles die too :) Just as you have to put all the toys to 'sleep' :)

Dangerous - oh that is one of the first my daughter picked up - she tells me all the time - Amme, thats dangerous , ok? Don't do that' for anything she does not want me to do :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks everybody for your views...this mamma na..she needs to learn lot in terms of language.....

Anonymous said...

“Mamma, andha “K” chatthu poyidothu?” ---ooooh,how innocent???
"“Mamma can you call that watchman mama and tell him to shoo that bird away. “--and how intelligent!!Cannot stop wondering! :)

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

He is sooo cute..:)