Sunday, September 13, 2009


For a long time, I have been longing to travel in Blue Bus. This Sunday my Mom and Grandparents decided to full- fill my wish. (For a change). The price I had pay for it was my “hair”. They bribed me a tour on bus, if I agree for a haircut. Ok, agreed.

Sunday morning; me, my Baba, and my Mamma went to Salon. The first salon owner said that I cry too much and he denied my entry. (He has learnt a lesson from his past experiences. Good job). I wished all Salon owners do the same. Deep in my heart I was rejoicing this entry withhold.

The next place was a new one. So he agreed to cut my hair. I thought I should teach him a lesson too. As soon as he sprinkled water, I started my crying saga, not only crying, it is kind of screaming and beating the hair dresser. Somehow I should carve a niche about my capabilities and teach him a lesson so that he doesn’t cut my hair again.

Well, soon he finished job of cutting and I finished my job of crying. All of us, garnished with tiny hairs, went home for a shower.

As soon as the shower was over, my Mamma changed her stand.

Mamma: “Aryan, You cried so much that now we are not taking you in Bus.”

Aryan: “Please Mamma, I will not cry again.”

Mamma: “Every time you say the same thing.”

Aryan: “Next time I will not cry Mamma, please mamma take me out in Bus.”

Mamma: “Let us see next time. Moreover, it is raining outside.”

Aryan in fully angry: “Mamma , take me out Now.”

Mamma: “No, not now.”

Aryan, extremely angry: “Mamma, I will throw you out and beat you. Wait, I will cut your hair now.”

With my threatening, she got convinced and they took me out in the evening in a Bus. Bus safari requires a new post altogether.

NB: After haircut, I feel I am more handsome now. Like Snow white’s step mother, I keep looking at the mirror atleast 10 times a day.


Swaram said...

I want to see the handsome Aryan nw :)

So, u got to travel by ur fav blue bus :)

SVD said...

oh chakudu

if u dont cut ur hair, you will be looking ur looking smart na..thats why mamma took u for haircut

Deeps said...

Aryan,dont worry you're not alone..even Namnam does the same...she goes on a wailing spree the minute she enters a salon and once she sees her new hairdo,she beams with pride as though it was what she wanted always!

and Aryan's mom,I'm blogrolling you rightaway,so now make sure you fulfill all of A's wishes,else Namnam & I will barge in here,the minute we know abt it,to give you a blogmouth-ful,ok???

Swati said...

But where is the pic ?

lostworld said...

I go to sleep everytime I get my hair cut.. :)
Where's a pic of the 'handsome' Mr. Snow White??

Aryan-Arjun said...

Swaram aunty and Swathi aunty, picture tomm..My mom is one cinderalla, she leaves exactly at 6 from office.....

Deeps aunty, good I have a company. Tell my hi to Namnam. Thanks a lot for undertanding me. I have people to support me now.

Lostworld aunty—you go to sleep after hair cut!! May be you are crying too much during your haricut...relax and be brave.

periyamma—After all your tillu na, I will be smart...

Uma said...

Aryan, Talk to Pattu who also had a haircut yesterday (quite a coincidence) - she'll empathise completely! The Saga has been updated on the blog :)

Shruthi said...

give me hi5 Aryan, I used to cry too when I had to get a haircut. so once my dad took me to a local barbar. After one look from the barber I shut my mouth :(

p.s. picture please :)

mnamma said...

Post pics Aryan! Been long since we saw you.

Ashwathy said...

deadly threat eh? :D

Uma said...

Aryan, there's an award for you on my blog...please collect it and pass it on...

Smitha said...

Oh you sweetheart! Now I know why you got named Mr Snow white :)