Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oil Pouring Activity

Anyone who came to Aryan’s household (Swaram Aunty) knows about one old cane type sofa that we display in our living room. I still don’t understand why my papa tries to be very careful with that outdated piece.

Yesterday I was massaging my Mom’s hair with oil. After taking the oil, I gave her the bottle. She kept it on sofa and the oil fell down. She immediately wiped it.
Later on, I asked my Mom,” Can WE tell Papa that Bad wolf poured oil here?”. (Note the WE)

Mamma, “No way Aryan, don’t ever lie. We will say that we did it”
Aryan, “NOT WE, it is “YOU”. Tell Papa that you poured it, OK????”
Mamma……in deep thought.
Pappa, “Who poured the oil here?”
Aryan, “It is Mamma, not me. I gave the bottle to her only.”
Papa did not say anything.
Why when it comes to Mamma; Papa doesn’t scold?????? Partiality!!!!


Swaram said...

ROFL :D He did say that! This kid doesn't fail to leave me dumbstruck each time :P

SVD said...

oh my god...

Wondering how u are understanding the basics so soon dear...Im still imagining how you would have said that “NOT WE, it is “YOU”.

Very pround of you darling.


Swati said...

can't believe he can talk so much :)

That reminds me to upload one pic on Aryan's ..let me do that tomorrow :)

Smitha said...

That was so funny! He is the cutest!

Btw, Happy Onam to you too! Hope you did something fun :)

As for your questions at my blog - please come over for the sadya :) I am originally from Palakkad , but my grandparents settled in Wayanad - and parents were in Jamshedpur - so we have been brought up there - very complicated :)

Indian in NZ said...


Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks every body. Smitha aunty, will come to onam sadya soon ...may be next yr?