Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aryan is Big Boy now

Today I am three yr old, but do you think I am big now. No not all. I am not big enough to brush my teeth alone, take bath alone, wear dress alone, eat alone, sleep alone, blah blah….Hope my Mama understands that these tasks cannot be mastered by a three yr old boy and hope she stops insisting me to do such stuffs alone.

Random Conversations
Aryan: Is today my Birthday?

(I asked the same statement to my mama atleast for some 20 times. Later on I myself got convinced that today is my Birthday, because my Papa, my Reshmi atthai, Shruti Thayi’s papa, My patti, My Kuttu mama, My periyamma, and My Swaram aunty (aka beautiful aunty) called me to wish happy birthday. Most of the calls got missed, because my mama’s ring tone has very low volume. Thanks everybody.)

Mama: Aryan, yes today is your birthday.

Aryan: Then mama, where did that papa go?

Mama: Aryan, not “that” papa, say “my” papa. Papa is not in town. He is out for an official trip.

Aryan: So we only have three people. Aryan, Mama, Aayi, and Baba.

Mama: Not three, it is four including you.

Aryan: Ok mama, come let us cut the cake.

Mama: Aryan we will go to Wonder 6 and then cut cake. All kids are waiting there.

Aryan: No, I am not sharing my blue gems cake with anyone.

Mama in a bemused state and hoping everything goes well there.

Then the team marches to my school, to see the surprise that they have at Wonder 6.

Here is the glimpse of the birthday cake.(NB: Cake got smashed little, but see the beauty of the blue gems.)

Birthday cake was sponsored by my Baba.

We reached the school at 10:00 AM. Radhika madam told us to wait for some time. I was incessently telling my mama, “no office no office…don’t leave me and go”. Deaf ear she is…..

As soon as we entered the school room, the kids started singing” Happy birthday to you….” I was the center ofattraction and I liked it. Ballons, Chocolates, Cake, and Mama…All of these pleased me.

Mama helped me blow the candle. Baba helped me cut the cake. I ate the piece with blue gems.!!!!

After that, no turning back ….suprises after surprises…

Surprise Number one: The greeting made by all my friends with their Thumb impression on it. Thank you my dear friends and thanks a lot my teachers.

Surprise Number two (not new): Before cutting the cake my Mom promised that she will stay with me, but after cutting the cake, she helped me eat the cake and went away to office. :-(

Surprise Number 3: My Periyappa and Periamma sent roses to me. Bunch of 12 yellow and red roses. I was marvelous. After some time, they became the scapegoat for my number counting activity.

Surprise Number 4: Papa came home at night along with a Tent. For me, it is my “Mickey Mouse Club House”. When you come home, now you know where to find me and my animal toys. I will be glued to this vicinity for some time, I guess...

Surprise Number 5: Today morning another set of fresh assorted rose flowers got delivered at home. That was a real surprise, because the order for these roses was never placed by my Periappa. They had placed one order and we got two. My Mom is following up with it and figuring out what to do with it…

So ended my birthday with merry and joy.


SVD said...

Wish you a very very good happy birthday dear. May god bless you with sound health.

Your cake looks very good...eagerly waiting for details about ur cake cutting.


Swati said...

Happy Birthday Little Aryan ..even I tried calling you but your mum's phone is unreachable :(

Cake is don't share

Swaram said...

Happy Bday Darling!

The blue gems are really sweet .. nthg else matters ;)

N am scared to meet u nw :P What is this tag which comes with me ;)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Periyamm

Thanks a lot swathi aunty...I am so so happy for your wishes and prayers....Yes mama's phone is like this only many times...I think she should change her phone. Evening I will tell mama to call you.

Thanks Swaram aunty...Hope you like this or not...eagerly awaiting to see you ...

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

Happy birthday dear !
The cake looks sooo delicious :)

Swati said...

The card is extraordinary..a gift for life nice of your school :)

mnamma said...

Happy Birthday Aryan!!

K3 said...

Happy Happy Day!!! Glad to hear you had loads of fun and surprises! Here's wishing many many more ... all year round.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Lavanya aunty. Welcome to my blog.

Swathi Aunty, yes my schools seems to be wonderful...some reason for me to go..

Mnamma and K3 aunties...thank you thanks thank you...I loved the whole affair...

Swaram said...

Hey totally cool! Just read the remaining post :P

What a gr8 time sday na :)

Thanks so much for the invite :)

Unknown said...

Lil P has the same tent!!! :) Choo cute! its lil P's bday on 11th sept :) she has started talking abt her bday n what all she wants rt from now.. at 3 they are soo adorable rt?? Glad u dropped by.

Nova said...

You are an adorable little kid Aryan. But, I am just wondering who writes these blogs on ur behalf??

Aryan-Arjun said...

Shruthi Aunty— I am a big brother to Li'l P now...HEheee

Thanks Nova aunty for wishes and visisting the blog. I have one crazy lazy mom, who writes this...