Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Special

1. Stones are erecting on my head. Mama said it I because of summer and she advised me to drink more water. The after effect: I am always in the rest room…..

2. Oye Summer Summer Oye : I am in summer camp and have made a mouse, a caterpillar and a fan. Thanks Uma madam. My Mom is yet to see my master pieces; I can bring it home at the end of summer camp only.

3. I am a “Banian chaddi wala” at home…no fancy dresses….the temperature is shooting up high. It is 45 C.

4. I am in the mood of frequent hair cuts for an ease feeling. (Though I cry and try to run away when I reach the Saloon).

5. Last but not the least: I have been enrolled for Montessori System of education and will be attending the classes from June 15th. My Mom says; selecting a school is tougher than selecting a MBA college? True? False?


SVD said...

Hi Sweetheart,

Yes, what ur mamma said is true. Finding a good school is difficult than finding a B-school, especially for you as you are such a genius..kisses to u chakudu


Swati said... are too funny Aryan and your mom is so right!

POst pics of your creations

Indian in NZ said...

Hey Aryan, that was a looooong break ! Nice to see you writing again :-)

You are already starting school ?? Wow !! Lots of best wishes to you from 2Bs mommy.

Preethi said...

“Banian chaddi wala” IS THE BEST... :)

mnamma said...

Nice to see your updates Aryan after quite a while. Haven't been on the blogosphere much. Do post pictures of your masterpieces.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Hi everybody..Thanks for dropping..
Will post the pictures as soon as Uma madam gives a go ahead signal to bring it home..