Monday, November 9, 2009

PTM and Celebrations

My Mamma Papa's marriage Anniversary celebration started with my Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM). We planned to go to temple and reach my school by 11 AM. But we got late and thus we twisted the plan and went to school directly. In my school, my Mamma and Pappa got to hear some information about Phonetics and language games that will be introduced in next month lesson plan.

My Overall Assessment:
Strengths: I am very good at expressing my thoughts, I wait for my turn to do the activities, I am a good team player, and I am more interested in observing others.
Weakness: I am lazy to write. I need to improve more on it. Sometimes, I am very uninterested to do some activities. They are very true about my weakness; I am lazy to write.

Another point was: I am over matured for my age. It can be strength and weakness I guess.

After the PTM, my parent’s anniversary celebrations started. I really enjoyed the food at Eat street, the Merry go round horses and other games, our family sketch, the next day breakfast buffet at OKRA restaurant etc etc.
Overall, I had great fun at Marriot.

Sunday afternoon we came home, the anniversary celebration ended with a movie “ Ajab prem ki…..” which was running in the nearby theatre. Neither I understood, nor I liked the movie.

My Mamma’s dress:

Mamma: Aryan, How I am looking in Jeans and shirt?
Aryan: Not at all good, Mamma’s don’t wear jeans. Only boys wear. Can you wear some Salwar please?
Mamma: Girls wear jeans Aryan. Have you not seen you school madam wearing one.
Aryan: She is my school madam not my Mamma. Mammas don’t wear jeans.
Mamma: Well, she is also your friend, K’s, mamma.
Aryan (thinking what to say): You don’t wear, it is uncomfortable for you. OKAY?

Note: Friends, My Mamma needs suggestions and ideas for a Fancy dress day, held by my school on 14/11/09.


SVD said...

Hi Tillu,

So u became the official dress decider for mamma...soo cute darling...

BTW for the fancy dress, you cud turn to a mahavishnu, krishna, vamanan..whatever u wear its cute only dear...


Swati said...

wow ..awesome ..pat on the back Aryan :)

Let mumma wear jeans na ..she would look great in jeans :)

Fancy dress , is there a theme ? Want easy ideas or grand ?

Become a doctor , tailor , milkman
or become sun or star or become king or freedom fighter :P

Swaram said...

Wow! So, u saw the movie too :) Superb celebrations :)

So, u wore jeans and he told u they r nt comfy ha ha ha :D

Already a team player! Gr8 gng Aryan sweetie :) Muaaahs :)

Timepass said...

Belated anniversary wishes Aryan's Mamma and Papa..
Aryan dear, nice to read abt ur school report..
My suggestion for fancy dress is a priest..i remember seeing a pic of Aryan in dhoti and vibhuti am i right??

lostworld said...

Finally a post !!! Was wondering what happened to lil Aryan :-) Wow. Can't imagine naughty Aryan behaving so well in school. High-five.

Fancy dress? - How about a BLUE whale ;-)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks periyamma. Vishnu sounds good.

Swathi mommy—Wow you have bunch of Ideas....Star is appealing one. How is my freind?

Swaram Akka—Missed to meet you this weekend also..Next weekend let us plan after fancy dress

Timepass Mommy—How are you? Punch is keeping you on toes? Wow you remembered my vibuthi cute of you....

lostworld akka—My mamma was behaving busy bossy...what to no posts..I need to see what is happening at your end also...
Now BLUE Whale is something that I cannot deny....I think I will go with this.....Mamma needs to google and see how she can make me blue whale now???

Deeps said...

Kudos,Aryan! You're a team player!
and also do wish you mom and dad a Happy Anniversary from my end too :)

So you all had great!!

Shruthi said...

you are so cute Aryan..
and please wish Mamma a happy anniversary from me, will ya :)

and for Fancy dress , hmm how bout a Pirate :)

Unknown said...

Good going lil aryan!! But tell ur teacher u r too small to write!! Next year wait n see, u'll b better than the rest of the class.

Fancy dress - try hanuman.. The makeup & dress is easy & u can buy those balloon gadhas from the market.. Hmm.. what abt the tail??

Unknown said...

n ohhh... happy anniversary aryan's mom n dad!!

K3 said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, Aryan's mom. Here's to many more wonderful years ....

Has your mommy found the blue whale dress? Hope you have loads of fun.

Happy Childrens Day!