Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Conversations

1.Papa and Aryan talking

Papa: Do you want to become an Engineer, when you grow big?
Aryan: NO
Papa: Do you want to become a Doctor, when you grow?
Aryan: NO way Papa
Papa: Then what do you want to become?
Aryan: I want to become a Prince. That is it.
Papa thinking: ??? Which century this guy is in???

2.Aryan and Mama watching TV
Mama: Aryan, see this is “Vishal”. See how he is dancing.
Aryan: No mama, this is not “Vishal”. This is “TV Vishal”. Vishal is my Papa. Mama, you don’t know this much also????

3.Aryan at his Day care
Aryan in a sad tone: “A”, why did you cut your hair? (“A” is a girl of his age)
A: ???
Aryan: Did you cry when you went to Saloon?
Aryan: You are a good girl, but I will cry if a go to Saloon. Mamma says, that is why I am a bad boy.

Somtimes it is good to be a Bad boy. Isn't?


Swati said...

Does he really talk like this :O

Swaram said...

That's such sweet talk. Love to Aryan :)

Preethi said...


Emaan said...

its always good to be a bad boy buddy.. trust me ;-)

Preity Angel... said...

How sweet.. Aryan is great..