Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is this real!!!!!

School is a place where Mama should sit with me and help me to play with the toys…..Isn’t it?

For the past three days that is what she was doing, but today suddenly she is saying she needs to go and be away from me….leaving me all alone in the school environment.
Beads, blocks, sandpit, toys, crafts, stitching, sketching, coloring, gardening, tower making, chapatti making..…nothing nothing is interesting and no longer exciting me without my sweet Mama….

Today I was running behind Mama to hold me and take me with her, to her office.
Seeing this melodrama, such a grave sympathetic looks I get from the surroundings…but no sympathy from my Mama…

Mama, please don’t drop me or leave me alone…I will come with you to office…I know to play with computers also, are you aware of that????
Next week; Mama is saying she will drop me alone in school bus!!!!! Gosh can someone help me???


Swaram said...

Oh my dear Aryan. U will be just fine. In some days from now, u will love the company of friends.

U know what? My grandma tells me I used to get a stomach ache everyday as soon as the school van arrived. See, I was a drama queen from right then :P

Preethi said...

uhoh.. I bet you can play with computers too.. ask mommy to take you to work with her.. they have lots of fun toys to play with there..

Swati said...

You would soon love it sweety!