Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformations in me!!!

I myself didn’t know about the transformations that happen to me:
Here goes the story
From Daycare my Mama picked me in the evening and we went home.

After sometime I asked Mama for “Votai”
Mama : “What”? You want “Vada”
Aryan: “No, Votai”
Mama:” What is it? Is it some eating stuff?”
Aryan in an irritated tone: “Yes, Mama!!!! Give me Votai”
Mama: “What is that Aryan?”
Aryan crying: “Mama please give me some votia”
Aryan shouting and running here and there for Votai
Mama scared not knowing how to handle
At last Mama:”Aryan, when I come from office tomm, I will get it”. (Thinking that she can decode my mind in the night)
I am extremely bilious and runs near to water filter and ask for Votai
Mama at last decodes it: “Aryan you want water?”
Aryan: “Yes”.
Mama: “You little boy, why can’t you tell “Water, Mum, thanni, pani, neeru, neelu…anything to express your needs. You could have asked me in one of those names, instead of saying VOTAI for Water…..!!!!!!

Yes, that is true!!! I could have thought about different options….Bad memory!!!
Atlast after 45 minutes, I got come votai to drink!!!!! (the point is: I asked Votai, before taking bath, that time my Mama ignored my needs)

You see friends; I cannot pronounce “R”. So this is how it is for me:

For “Water” I now say “Votai”. I cannot say a decent “Wate (without R)”

When will I overcome this problem?

NB: Another transformation is about the change in my opinion that I had about my previous day care. The day care is far better that the new school…For the first time in 1.5 yrs , I urged my Mom to drop me in my old day care rather than dropping me in a new school…..


SVD said...


I was laughing aloud hearing at Votai...Even i was not able to decode it. So funny..


Swaram said...

Me too wants Votai now. So sweet of Aryan :)

Preethi said...

Votai is soooo cute!! Dont you stop saying that Aryan cutie!!
AM - Cherish this, they grow up and refuse to lisp :( I still say Badab for Rabbit and Patteet for Parrot

mnamma said...

LOL at Amma's ignorance.

mummyjaan said...

How cute. I hope you will like your present daycare as much as the last one. Say 'hi' to your mom for me.


Swaram said...

Hi Sweetu Aryan,

I hv tagged u. Will u do it for aunty when u r free pls :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks everybody for visisting ...I hope I come out of these transformations...