Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wonder 6 School

The world is wonderful and you can learn many things till the age of 6, good theme for my first school “Wonder 6”. Today was my first day in school. Mama was more tensed than me. She was behaving as if it is her first day in school. I guess not all Mamas are of this tension category. .. . .anyways.

For a week, she needs to assist me in getting used to the school environment for one hour and then she drops me in Rays daycare and then goes to office. I don’t like to leave my Mama. Why can’t she take me to office????

Weekend update:
1.Yesterday, my new friend of my age, K, and her Mom came to my house. K’s mom is my teacher in Wonder 6 School. I am always deceptive if any new kid or any new faces drop in to my house. I make sure that my toys are in place and I simply sit in my chair and observe them rather than talking with them. My Mom starts her hostess behavior and yesterday she advised me to assist her in giving snacks and water to the guests. I took the task of taking snacks and my Mom got water.

K’s mom had come for a house visit and wanted to spend some time with me to see how I get adjusted. My mama was nonstop chatter box explaining about me and my habits to my new teacher, while I was busy observing the surroundings.

After a while they were about to leave and they reached near the main door.

I went and asked Mama.: “Mama, did they take her Cap?”

Mama said: “I don’t know”

Then Mama asked K’s Mom: “K’s Mom did you take K’s cap”

She replied:” Yes I did. Thank you Aryan for reminding. ”

Then K’s Mom said to my Mama” Your kid is a good at grasping the things……”

Mama looked at me and smiled.

K’s cap was so attractive, with a shining blue lace….that I couldn’t keep my eyes out from it. Why do only girls have such good caps/hats?
Sometimes isn’t it boring to be a boy? No hats, No Bindi’s, No hairbands, No earrings, No lipsticks……..

2.Yesterday, my Mama took me out to buy a Lollipop. Mr Pop lollipop is totally out of stock in every shop ….We went in a city bus, because of the following reasons:
-For a long time I was craving to go in a city bus. I feel so good to sit in a city bus and travel. Why can’t Papa get on Bus for me?
-To buy Rs 2 lollipop, my Mom did not want to hire a Rs 20 auto. According to her it is not a bad logic, but I neither understand logic, nor maths….so the first reasons is the best for me.

3.My Mama didn’t want any jazz purchase before going to Wonder6. She simply sensed that my sipper needs a change and thus just got a sipper that suits me the best. Thank you….and hope she also senses that I need a belt, a watch, a sandal…etc etc like Papa….because I like to get dressed like Papa.


SVD said...

Oh Sweet Aaru,

Ur looking sooo cute in Wonder6 dear. We will get a good attractive cap for u too dear, dont worry.


Swaram said...

Oh! U hv already started school? Gud boy and u r really quick at grasping things :) Njoy school and hope u get to eat lollipop soon.Hugs :)

Preethi said...

such a cute pic dear.. have good fun at the wonder 6 school.. sounds like a fun place :) and hope you got to eat your lollipop!

mnamma said...

SO you have started going to shool Aryan ?? You look so chamathu, all neatly dressed up and doing your work. All the very best.