Monday, March 4, 2013

Random updates

So many stuffs happening..I again went to Trivandrum with Arjun and Mamma. Mamma was very busy, sad, and weird during all those days of our TVM stay. I was of great help to her in taking care of Arjun. Though I missed two weeks of my assessment period, my presence in TVM was inevitable. Mamma keeps saying that Thatha (My Mom's father) is a star in the sky now...

Back to Hyderabad: My school is fun, as it is half-day school now. I come home by 1 PM, have a nice elaborate lunch, and then my TV time follows. Once Arjun wakes up from sleep, we play play play......I wish it was always a half day school!!

I am waiting for summer vacation to start, probably my Mamma is NOT. She is already pondering about the things I can do in summer vacation...Her list is never ending: Chess, Swimming, cycling, crafts, reading…… Oh god, when will Mamma stop thinking for me!!!!
Summer vacations are for playing and seeing TV.....not for any scheduled activities or disciplined path!!!!


Swaram said...

Hugsss S!

Florin said...

Very bright observations.