Monday, December 2, 2013

Updates so far

I love my Sameena Madam. Often, I keep blabbering about her to my Mom.
Whatever I have learned in the school are the effect of Sameena madam’s teachings…Thank you Sameena Madam.

My Mom’s role in teaching me was seldom as compared to what she did with Dada.

She is still busy with Dada, making him read chapter books, making him do long division, making him write cleanly, making him read Hindi books (oh god some mercy please), making him participate in every dumb CCA activities…..ahh poor Dada.
Not sure how I will handle so much pressure from my Mom when it comes to me!!!


Saturday, we had relatives at my place. Apparently they are my Uncle and Aunt, who recently moved to Hyderabad. I tried to behave well, except for the fact that I wanted to go to their house the end!!!

As usual Mom cooked some convincing story and made me stay back…I am wondering when she will relieve me from her clutches!!!

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