Monday, December 16, 2013

School, Number, and Avatars…


My Mom’s principle is to put both of us in same school. Hence, we tried in Dada’s school.

We went for the orientation and interactive session. During the interactive session they asked me few questions.

Teacher: Which fruit you like?

My reply was: Papaya

Teacher: You don’t like Banana?

My reply: Cough will come if I eat Banana

Teacher: Ok, tell me which vegetable you like?

My reply: Cabbage!!

Teacher: You really like it?

My reply: I don’t like it!!!! I simply told you.

At the end, teacher gave me a chocolate, I asked for two. I wanted to give one to my Dada. However, I ate it myself.

Anyway, I got admission in my Dada’s school!!! Dada is so happy and acting like a big bro now!!

Number Invention

Dada: Arjun, you don’t know numbers also correctly!!!!

Arjun: Dada, I know everything

Dada: Tell me what comes after 10

Arjun: eleventeen

Dada: Come on, it is eleven. There is no number called eleventeen….

Arjun: Eleventeen is there Dada…you go and check in your books!!!

Dada: Mamma, why this Arjun is inventing his own number?

Mamma: Arjun, we don’t have eleventeen number.

Arjun: Mamma, if it is not there, then you add it fast….. I want eleventeen number!!!!

The story never ends….


Nowadays…..I go so much into my avatar that I forget my real name …..and chose not to tell others..

The other day, one Aunty asked me: What is your name?

Dada replied: Arjun is his name.

I replied: No Dada….. I am spider – The Boggie Woggie spider!!!!!

Ideally anyone should ask me, who I am on that particular day and what my name is!!!!

Anyway as my mom cannot predict what name I will tell others on that particular day….I can keep her at muse always!!

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K 3 said...

Hey there!! How are you doing? Hope the boys are doing well. I haven't been in the blog-o-sphere for a while .... send an email if you can, I think I lost your email.