Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WoodCutter Story

When Dada was 3 yrs, papa told him a story similar to the woodcutter story. The story of” Mama falling in a river”. Here goes the story:
One day my Mom was standing on the bank of a river, suddenly she fell down in the river. Then, out of the river, a god came and asked.

Aryan, is this your Mamma? God was showing a woman, whose name was KK (Kareena Kapoor). Aryan said No.

Aryan, is this your Mamma? This time the god was showing a woman, whose name was again KK (Katrina Kaif). Aryan said No.

Aryan, is this your Mamma? This time the god showed his/my Mamma, wearing her blue nighty. Aryan dada said Yes. He ran and hugged her it seems.

For his honesty god gave him all the three Mamma’s …ahh what a bad story. God is planning to give him three Mamma’s where he is not able to manage with one. And moreover, whatever said and done, deep in his heart, Aryan Dada just like this blue nighty Mamma.

Dada hoped this story never comes true… even my Mamma wished the same, however Pappa was of the different opine!!!!!!

Anyway the moral of the story: Mama should not stand on the bank of any river.

When I am 3, my mamma thought she would say the same thing.

Here it is:

Mamma, “ Arjun’s Mamma fell on the river”

Arjun, “ WHYYYYYYY?”

Mamma, “I don’t know why. She just fell. Listen now. So a god came out of the river. He showed KK and asked, is this your Mamma?”

Arjun, “ I will tell God to go back. “

Arjun, “ God …….you don’t know how my Mamma looks also? I will myself jump in the river and find her out. I will find you Mamma, I will find you…Don’t worry…You are good na!!!”

Hence, I choose to save my Mamma myself!!!! I didn’t wait for god to give me all the three Mamma’s…..

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Swaram said...

Haha! Arjun is a rockstar :)