Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Magic School Bus-Inside the Human Body

My Mom’s ideas always lead to reading sessions!!!! This time we chose Magic school bus, “Inside the human body”
We had senior kids who attended the reading session and they are in 8th, 7th, 6th, and 4th grades. All of them were above my age group and were very attentive. Very impressive. Me and Saharsh were the jokers of the slot!!

It was a “long book” with so many internal organs….but somehow 1.5 hr swept away in a magical way.

Me and Sharash were constantly bothered about why the BUS was not detected as waste particles and about the CO2 gas that comes out of the lungs!!! Well…..it was fun and we were rolling with laughter throughout the session.

One another fact that amused me was, “I was actually thinking that visiting Arnold’s brain would make me more wise and typical Arnold type. I love Arnold’s role in every Magic School Bus series!!!!!! Sometimes I feel I should be the Arnold in Mr Frizzle’s class.”

Next time, probably my mom should select a shorter book for including more activities than simply reading and understanding…the internal organs!!! The brain gets twisted by reading heavy stuffs….god knows when she will understand this …??????

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