Monday, October 28, 2013

Arjun is 3!!!

Arjun is growing!!!! He is already three. My mom thought of skipping his birthday party as he was not keeping well, however Papa was determined to celebrate his birthday he made sure he got the best cake and cookies from Karachi Bakery…

Anyway Arjun was clever enough to invite everyone whomever he met, especially MY friends….He simply says, “ Come for my birthday and give me gip…(Gift!!)”

Evening the cake cutting was done and he enjoyed being the hero…..He loved the Teddy presented by “ShaKa- My Neighbor”

My Mom presented him a craft book. Out of it, we made a firetruck.


Mama’s bugging never stops…..All of sudden she asked me write a Poem (Archana Aunty’s Idea!!). Coincidence or what, my Madam also asked all of us to give some write-ups/drawing for the school magazine.

I wrote a poem….my Mom helped me a little. Not sure whether it will be selected for school Magazine; however it is selected for my Blog!!!

The funny star

I am a funny star

Having a funny shape

People call my Sun

But I am a hot hot bun

I like yummy ice-cream

I look at it every time

But as I look at it

It melts like a snow

My palace in the universe, me being the King

Moon is the queen

Little stars are my children

The Planets are my soldier!!

by Aryan Vishal Karmore


arch said...

Oh that's a beautiful Poem !!
And a super fire truck...
Happy Birthday Arjun !!
Am terribly sorry I forgot :(

Sahithi adventures said...

Nice poem . Happy birthday Arjun