Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Performance Improvement Plan

It is been three weeks since I have been with Kangaroo kids. No change in my schedule whatsoever.

I cry throughout the day…..looking for Abba everywhere…

When Abba told me about Prahladh story…and how he says that Vishnu Bhagavan is everywhere……I wish even my Abba was like Vishnu bhagavan and be with me everywhere!!!!

People are surprised about my crying skills and the associated Abba saga.

The whole point here is “how my Abba is combating this crying skill of mine?” She believes she is handling professionally, by putting me on Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). The plan is to have one on one with me and have a dedicated person to take care of me the whole day, till I get settled. God knows how the PIP succeeds.

Anyway giving shivers to my caretaker is guarenteed from my end!!

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