Monday, March 25, 2013

Bob the Builder and Chota Bheem

Bob-the builder is my favorite cartoon. I keep watching it over and over. I keep singing the title song throughout the day, “Bob the builder, can we fix it…..”. Dada is bored with it. He tells me to keep quiet…However, I enjoy playing with all of Dada’s construction toys. If you happen to come to my house you can see, Scoop (Dumptruck), Lofty (Crane), Muck (bulldozer), Travis (Tractor), Rolley (Road roller), and Dizzy (concrete mixer) scattered all over, I,the Bob, along with "Wendy" manage every one of them. Lofty is my favorite vehicle. Between, who is Wendy? It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I imagine my Mom as Wendy, and sometimes it is DADA. Dada says, “I don’t want to be Wendy, Mamma. Why is this boy making me a girl?”

Even for Chota bheem, I have my own imagination…Whenever I see Chota bheem, I imagine:

Mamma- As Chota bheem
Me-As Raju
Dada- As Jaggu monkey (Dada gets angry)
Pappa- As Kalia (Suits him?)
Aayi –As Chutki
Baba- As Dholu !!!

Well, what I think is what I think. Can anyone change?

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Swaram said...

Hehe u think well. Don't change :)