Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Of Sandwiches and supreme status….

Aryan, “ Oh God, please shower some cooking interest in my Mom.”

Mom, “Why are you saying that?”

Aryan, “Otherwise, when will you learn to make sandwiches?”

Mom, “You know what, I have a friend in my office who can give me some ideas about making good sandwiches.”

Aryan, “Google first mom and try to learn something on your own!!!!!”

Mom thinking, “My little lad has grown beyond my thought!!”

The other day when we went out we ordered for a cheese sandwich. For some reason, it didn’t happen and we cancelled the order. That is the time, I felt very sad as my Mamma is incapable of making such things at home. However, she promised she would do. Immediately, she picked up the stuffs that are required. The story doesn’t end there…

Throughout our journey back home (while she was driving), I was skeptical about her cooking skills and kept bugging her. I kept saying, “you don’t know to make sandwich, burger, pizza etc etc..you don’t know to make different vegetables for me…I will never ever eat what you make. It is not going to be good anyway….”

Soon she started fuming with anger “Is this a way to encourage your Mamma? When you know your Mamma has no expertise in cooking you should allow her to try once and you should eat it. Instead you keep discouraging me. Even your Pappa doesn’t say a word about this.”

Aryan, “That is because Papa doesn’t eat sandwich and anyways you don’t cook at home!!!”

Pappa enters the scene, “What is the problem”

Mamma, “He is simply irritating me.”

Aryan, “But papa, can you make a Sandwich for me”

Pappa, “ Yes ofcourse”

So that is how Pappa gains his supreme status from me and I loved the sandwich made by him. Mamma is thinking to enhance her cooking skills!! Hope she succeeds!!


arch said...

Good for you Aryan... Atleast someone makes a sandwich for you !! and yes... High time your Mama started cooking, you can't escape anymore Subha !

Swaram said...

I luv sandwich too Aryan. Same pinch :)

Florin said...

Is there a Subway sandwich shop in your town? Anyway, how come that everyone loves burger, pizza, sandwich?! The best thing that happened around here lately is that I discovered this Chaat Cafe, right around the corner... :-)