Friday, January 15, 2010

I am back.

Me and my mamma went to Trivandrum, my Mom’s native place.

On Jan 1st I reached chitti patti’s house at Coimbatore by 10 A M. I played with Chittappa and Ramya akka. By Afternoon Mamma’s shopping saga started and I accompanied her. On our way back home chittappa got some ice-creams. I took the honors of holding them. When I was about to enter the house, the vegetable vendor asked me to give one ice-cream to him. I was confused. I went near to him. He asked me again. I slowly took one and gave it to him along with an ice-cream stick.

My mamma was happy for this and she said that I should continue to share with others. Well, she doesn’t understand that; Not all the time, I like to share………
Evening we went to Marudhamalai temple and at night took a train to Trivandrum.
At Trivandrum, Chella patti, thatha, kuttu mamma, Achu akka, Kannan anna, Deepa mami, everyone were waiting for my arrival. Soon my periyamma joined us from Chennai. Altogether it was so much fun.

My periyamma plays with me a lot and thus I named her “Fun periyamma”.

Going to temple and visiting relatives were our main tasks. Not that exciting for me, but for my Mamma, yes it was exciting.

But Kuttu mamma’s house visit was fun. I saw two cats named “Kunju and Chakki”. I was busy running behind them and also playing with Achu akka and Kannan anna.

At night, suddenly I woke up.

Aryan: “Mamma, Where is Kunja cat, is it outside the house?”

Mamma: “Yes.”

Aryan: “Mamma, Where is Chakki cat, is it outside?”

Mamma: “Yes Aryan, you sleep now.”

Aryan in a scary tone: “Mamma, then which cat is this?”

Mamma: “No, there is not cat here.”

Aryan: “Can you please look here?”

Mamma: ahhhh….yes, how did this cat come here?

My Mamma sleeps like a log, she didn’t even realize that a cat came inside the house. You see how much I should take care of my Mamma.

The next day my Mamma’s school best friend, with whom she studied for 12 yrs dropped in along with her husband. They are meeting after 10 yrs….You can imagine how much they must have talked!!!!! I also did my little talking part with them and they gifted me a giraffe…Thanks to them and to this blog, by which they know that I love giraffe….:-)

On my Mom’s birthday, we went to beach. My periyamma had got me a sand castle toy. Almost for two hours we were at the beach making sand castles. Initially I was scared of water, but later on I wanted to jump and swim in the sea!!!!

Days passed so fast….and it was time to pack my things. I felt sad leaving them, but no choice.
When returning back to Hyderabad there was a break journey at Chennai, At Chennai Airport, I was feeling very tired and sleepy. I saw one empty chair. I went and sat on it.

Then I asked my Mamma: “Mamma, where will you sit?”

Mamma: “I will stand, you sit. It is fine with me.”

Then I got down from my chair and went near to a man who was sitting one chair away from me. Some bags were kept in the chair next to me.

Aryan: Uncle, Can you please keep this bag down and give space for my Mamma to sit?
Uncle: He smiled and he removed the bags.

He himself got up and told us to sit. Thanks to him. Somehow I secured a seat for my Mamma also.

After 12 days we reached hyd……..


Unknown said...

wow!! what a trip! aryan u r such a good boy! :)

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

How very sweet of you Aryan to get a seat for your mamma also...Good boy :-)

noon said...

Awn - going back home must be such a lovely feeling for your Amma. So glad you secured a seat for her. Way to go little prince!

Swaram said...

Fun Periyamma -- sooooper name Aryan :)

Wow! U hv hd so much fun na .. I will also come with u next time and build sand castles :)

So nice of u to give ice-cream to the veg. uncle :) God bless u li'l boy who is no longer so little :P

Swati said...

wow Aryan you amaze me every single time ..very responsible and grown up of you to secure seat for mumma ..good to have u back

SVD said...


So cute of you..waiting for ur next arrival....Ask mamma to send photos of ur sandcastle building..


Meira said...

when's the next trip? :p

K3 said...

WOW!!! Such a great kid. God bless!

bird's eye view said...

aryan - how lovely of you to find a seat for mamma, very nice of you.

I'm glad you had such a nice holiday

lostworld said...

what a great update! sand-castles & lots of toys can never be boring.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Shruti Aunty—Thank u thank u thank u

Kavya's Mom—What Can I do, I need to take care of her...

Noon Aunty—Yes, it was so good for me and My Mom. Thanks for calling me a prince..

Swaram Akka—Yes you should is so much be build sand castle

Swati Aunty—Even I am happy to be back

Meira—Will you join me for my next trip?

K3 Aunty—How is Kochunni?

Lostworld Akka—Ahh I am hearing about your driving classes from my mamma....will u teahc me driving now?

BEV Aunty—Thanks and very very happy new year...Sometimes my Mamma gets amazed by the way your manage your time

Anonymous said...

not yet, but I would love to take you on a drive & buy you chocolates while listening to stories about fun periyamma :)


Tan said...

Hi Aryan,

First time in your blog. Really cute posts!! So sweet and soothing to the mind. Happy Blogging!!!

Shruthi said...

Building sand castles must have been fun. I totally enjoyed reading about your family and also those kitty-cats :) and you are such a good boy ARyan. big big big hug to you :)

Deeps said...

Aryan,pat on the back to you! You shared your ice cream and not just that you ensured your mamma was given a chair to sit. You're a very loving child,Aryan!
Children like you are a blessing :)

So glad to know you had a wonderful vacation...and your mamma had a blast shopping :))

Aryan-Arjun said...

Lostworld akka—I love it a the time you drive me, you will be well versed in it....

Tannu Akka—Thanks and Wlcome to my blog

Shruti Aunty—a big hug to you too...kitti cats are funny right?

Deeps Aunty—what to do, I need to take care of my mamma a lot.....