Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In lieu of teacher's day, my mamma helped me to make two greeting cards for my teachers. She was inspired by Shruti Aunty idea. Thanks Shruti Aunty for your creativeness

Now the photos of my Birthday party:

It was my Baba's effort.

A card from Wonder 6. Swaram akka, Kanagu anna, Sharash, and Ablilash's gifts:


SVD said...

wow..what a nice card darling...hats off to yu.

your bday decorations are simply rocking dear...baba deserves credit really.. amazing decorations in the midst of Tom and Jerry haha

Let all your bdays be fun filled like this one

Swaram said...

Aww the card is so beautiful Aryan. I never knew this creative side of ur Mamma. U r awesome Aryan's Mom :)

kanagu said...

thats a nice set of gifts Aryan :)

and your card is so nice :) :)

Anonymous said...

Card seems very nice.
Gifts are all looking fab.

Unknown said...

wonderful :) send it in for the artsy-Craftsy

Jyoti Dhamija said...

happy birthday aryan..sorry that i forgot to wish you...wishing you lot more such birthdays...

mnamma said...

The card is beautiful!!! Looks like you had a sooper dooper birthday!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Periyamma

Swaram Akka—Not sure whether the card is that good!!!

kanagu anna and ambulisamma—Thanks a lot.

Shruti aunty—Next time when I make something, I will tell mamma to send u.

Jyoti Aunty—Thanks for your wishes. How is aarushi?

Mnamma—Yes..it was very good