Monday, June 28, 2010

The Balloon Episode

Every Sunday, Balloon vendor comes to sell balloons. We have a look at his balloon collection from our balcony and decide on the one that I want. Then my Mamma gives me money. I climb down alone and give the money to him and get the balloon of my choice.

By looking at the balloon from balcony, my Mamma understands the cost of the balloon and gives me the exact amount.
This Sunday also he came. I wanted a small blue balloon. My mamma gave me Rs 5 and told me to go and get it.

When I went there, he said

“Tum jaho, Ek rupee kum hai. Balloon nahi hai” (You go, one rupee is less, so no balloon.)

Saying this he went away not giving me Balloon.

I felt very humiliated. I climbed upstairs crying. My Mamma and Papa ran down to talk to the Balloon vendor, but he was gone.

I cried for 10-20 minutes and my mamma pacified me somehow saying she will get more balloons in the evening.

The unanswered question that my Mamma has is:

“ Every Sunday we buy Balloons from him, even if the balloon rate has increased with the increased petroleum charges, the Balloon vendor should have told Aryan to call mamma and get more money, instead of saying No to a kid.”

But my papa thinks differently:

He says, It is OK Mamma, atleast you son will learn to cope with rejections and he will understand the value of money. Next time you give him money, he will think whether this is enough or not. With this example we will teach him the value of one rupee.”

But what I think and told Mamma after this episode is:

“Mamma, Balloon wala did not give me that small blue balloon that I wanted. Mamma, you buy that balloon for me. But from next time, we will not buy any balloons from the Balloon wala. We will go to shop and buy it directly.”

Which conclusion is better??


SVD said...

Oh Aaru,

Dont be sad dear. By the way, I also agree with mamma.. he could have asked more money na

Dont worry..we will buy baloon from another baloon wala..


Asha said...

Clever boy :)

Swaram said...

Oh ho! I think all of u hv a point there :P
Pappa knows whatz better for u in the long run and Mamma is rt abt the balloon wala's behaviour :)

U r so smart Aryan :)

Anonymous said...

You are so clever Aryan :) :) Why don't you buy balloons a lot and stock it in ur home???

ambulisamma said...

You know how to handle things,as your papa says,u have learnt to handle rejections.Well done dear.