Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 2

My first day at new school was memorable. After getting down from school bus, we had snacks time, where everyone ate their packed snacks.

I played a lot with sandpit and construction toys.

In the classroom, when they called my name; I was simply sitting.

The teacher told me that, whenever she calls me, I should acknowledge her by saying, “Yes, Madam”. Then I went near to her and she gave me my ID card, with Tigger tiger picture on it. I am in Tigger team.

I ate little food, as it was spicy. (I told my Mamma, to tell them to give me curd rice from tomorrow. Hope she tells and hope they listen)

After food, it was nap time. Everyone needs to take their own pillow and bed sheet and sleep for an hour. I think, I also slept…not sure….

The whole school is like one Jungle. We have ducks, aquariums, lots of animal pictures, and also ocean of kids around me…..

When it was time to leave, the kids boarded the school bus. I was waiting for my Mom. She came and picked me from school and I was glad to see her.

Now, at home I tend to play role play with my Mom. I, by default become the teacher and she a student - meekly listening to me.

Swaram Akka.... when you plan to come home, be prepared to be my student, OK?


Deeps said...

Aryan will you be my teacher too..I will be a good student, I promise! Please please!

Swaram said...

Oh Aryan .. I am dying to meet u too. Some story every weekend :( We ought to do it soon.

I so feel like joining ur school now :D

Swati said... all sounds so exciting ..good going Aryan !

Aryan-Arjun said...

Deeps mommy—Me and Namnam can be your teacher, provided u listen to us!!!
Swaram akka—U would look super in the blue school uniform i guess...!!!!

Swati mommy—How is Chubby aryan and his school going on?

kanagu said...

Wow... the school sounds real good... :) :)

what an atmosphere.. more than that I love this school for an afternoon nap... bliss :) :) I love that... hope they give that in higher classes also :) :)

Anonymous said...

Aryan.. what happened?? No updates... :(

Aryan-Arjun said...

Kanagu anna—Even I love the school for afternoon nap..but it is only for one hr..I have a habit to sleep for three hrs. In my previous day care, i used to do sleep more...
Regarding new post...what to write yaar...same boring school...same old mamma..same old pappa....I am feeling I should think about changing my Mamma now...what do u say? Let me come up with a post on this lines...