Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It was so nice of Kanagu anna and my other blog friends for constantly reminding my mamma of her laziness. She likes to hibernate. She not only remains disloyal to my blog, but also doesn’t read any blogs. She keeps me oblivious of the blogosphere. Anyway how much I can crib about my Mamma? Leave it!!!

Regarding my Nagpur trip— It was a fantastic vacation. Most of the times, I was busy playing with my cousins. I am the only boy in midst of three girls. So I learned to talk Hindi with feminine tense.

Now I say, “Mein Karungi”, instead of “Mein Karunga”. So my Mamma is teasing me by calling me a girl. Let her do whatever she wants. Who cares!!!

Another huge change in my life is about my new school, Chirec.

My grant entry into the school will be on June 14th. Last week my Mamma and Papa went and met my class teacher.

As usual my Mamma is more excited about my school than me.

She is asking one hundred questions one hundred times:

“Aryan, will school go in the school bus without crying? Will you be brave to talk to new faces? Will you tell them when you want to do potty? Will you talk with other kids?”

She is getting butterflies in her stomach, thinking about my first day AT SCHOOL. Poor old creature, she got used to taking tension.

Anyway I will not go to new school, if she doesn’t get me NEW bag and a pair of shoes.

I am more excited about the new school, because of the following reasons:
1.I like to wear BLUE school uniform.
2.I like to board the school bus and go to school like a big boy.
3.I like to feed ducks. The school campus has a duck pond, with three ducks in it. I am excited when I think about feeding those ducks.


Asha said...

LOL at the Karungi! A relative of mine (boy) learned his Hindi from his elder sister and ended up with similar usages. It was always so funny. :))

Swaram said...

Wowwww Aryan ... duck pond! Pls take me to Chirec .. wil u?

And Blue uniform .. awesome! Yay to the new school :)

Congrats Sweetie-pie :)

Shilpa said...

:D All the best Aryan for your new school...
And do say my hi to the duckies too...

kanagu said...

yeah.. she is really disloyal to your blog... take over soon :D :D

/*So my Mamma is teasing me by calling me a girl. Let her do whatever she wants. Who cares!!!*/

thats the attitude... ;)

all the best for the school life Aryan.. you will do well.. :)

Enjoy :) :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Asha Mommy—Yes, people may think I have one sister at home...

Swaram Akka—Yes, I will take you for sure. YOu come to my house soon, i will take u then.

Shilpa akka—Yes akka, will say your HI to cute duckies...

Kangu Anna—Thanks for understanding me and the gravity of my mom's laziness...Hope I like the school...

Smitha said...

Aww! Aryan, Hope you are having a lovely time feeding the duckies and wearing your new smart uniform! All the best!